The elbow is rough pendulum, kamperdouna and blazing. Description and photos of the yarn

The stitch stitched pencil, camperdone and batting. Description and photo of an elm

Another tree is referred to as the Elm of the Mountain, or Ilm Mountain( Latin Ulmus glabra).Trees of the genus Elm, belong to the Violet family. Field: wild growth - moderate latitudes of Europe, North America and Asian countries. Elm loves bright places. Filling Ground is suitable and fruitive.

Loves moderate irrigation. The rough elm grows up to 40 m and can exist for about 400 years. The tree breeds with seeds.

Description Knit Rough

Elm is rough, a tree with a round or semi-crown with large leaves. It can grow up to 40 meters upwards, the barrel reaches a circle of 80 cm. Bark of bark, on the surface of the crack.

The leaflet is up to 15 cm in length, oblong form, extended, with toothed edges, roots short. The color of the leaves is light green, in the autumn they are yellow.

The stitch stitched pencil, camperdone and batting. Description and photo of an elm

The elm has flowers and bears. Women's flowers are assembled into a bunch and sit on small pedicels, male bears have a violet shade. Blossom tree in early spring, the process lasts for 7 days.

Fruits of a tree are winged nuts of a small size. Maturation of fruits occurs immediately after flowering. The elm is a rapidly growing tree, grows well on a loose, fertile soil, as it is moistened. Salty soil is poorly tolerated, but calmly relates to drought. May die in a harsh winter.

The elastic elm is very well suited for greening urban areas. It can be planted both individually and in groups. The tree is quite widespread in Russia( European part) and in the regions of the North Caucasus.

The stitch stitched pencil, camperdone and batting. Description and photo of an elm

Reproduction. Multiply during autumn, fully mature seeds. Young plants can be transplanted. To obtain the right variety, the plant must be inoculated.

Growth. This is a fast-growing tree, but it's funny. Loving the sun and good fertile soil as moist. Winter, without severe cold, can easily be carried. Trees growing in gardens and parks need to form a crown. The elbow is well tolerated by the city conditions and air polluted.

Diseases and Pests. Dutch disease, the main disease of the tree. The causative agents of this disease are illive sickles. When the plant is already infected, young branches begin to fade and yellow, after they die and suffer the whole tree. To prevent such an occurrence, use of biostimulants and organic fertilizers. Thus, the tree, and its root system, becomes stronger to various stresses. Trees that hit the disease must be immediately eradicated.

The stitch stitched pencil, camperdone and batting. Description and photo of an elm

Application of Ribbon Knit. The plant has solid wood, sufficiently elastic and durable. Its hard to split and handle, but it's easy to sharpen. The process of drying occurs moderately, but there is a probability of occurrence of various kinds of distortions and cracks. This kind of wood is used in finishing works and for the creation of furniture items. With its help, lathes, carts, machines for agriculture, inventory are created. Used when decorating alleys in park areas.

Popular types of stitching

Elbow rough Pendula( Pendula). Grows in Europe and North America. It grows up to 40 meters. Bark of a tree of a bore, with peeling and deepening in the form of cracks. The leaves are dark green, the leaves are large and rough. Puchkoobraznye flowers are small, unattractive, the flowering begins in May. Fruits with winged nuts, they appear immediately after the end of flowering. Such a tree is like a loose fertile soil. Calmly relates to shaded places, but it is better if there is light.

The stitch stitched pencil, camperdone and batting. Description and photo of an elm

The crown of a tree weeping, flat-grooved with expanded in width with long branches, arranged horizontally. It is used for greening city streets, gardens and parks.

Elper roughweight Camperdown( Camperdownii). The tree belongs to ornamental plants, grows to small sizes( 5 meters).Its height is affected by the height of the vaccine. Widely weeping crown is shaped like umbrella. The branches are directed vertically downwards and slightly diluted. The leaves are large, up to 20 cm in length, rough, dark green color. Flowers are small, they do not differ in beauty, with a violet tinge.

Flowering begins before the leaves appear. Fruits, these are rounded round cores. The tree loves bright places and space. The soil should be loose and fresh. Resistant to frost, but in the first years of vaccination, in young plants, it is better to cover. The tree is used for the erection of arches, tunnels and tents.

The stitch stitched pencil, camperdone and batting. Description and photo of an elm

In a single landing looks rather spectacular. Branches are trimmed, otherwise they will be rotting in contact with the earth. An unwanted landing near a pear or currant, they have the same pest, an iliac nugget or an elm leafworm. Another tree is affected by fungal spores.

Eyebrow rough Blazing. Adult tree height up to 5 meters. The branches are dull, long. The leaves are ovoid shapes, widespread with exacerbation, the color is green, with the onset of autumn becomes brownish-green. In the period of flowering, small flowers appear in the bundle.

Fruits, in the form of small crystals, appear after falling flowers. The crown can have a width of 10 m. For each year, the tree grows 10-15 cm, extends by 20-30 cm. The tree is capricious to the ground, requiring a healthy, fruiting soil, slightly acidic and moderate moisture. For landing, a shade of grass and a lit place will fit. Quietly hibernates and not afraid of transplants. With normal content can last for 600 years. Its distinctive feature is the growing up roots. The

The stitch stitched pencil, camperdone and batting. Description and photo of an elm

Crown resembles a tent, so the tree is often used for landscaping and design of alleys in parks and gardens. Under the tree crown you can hide from the burning sun and therefore set up gazebos and benches. The plant perfectly harmonizes with roses and peonies, another good neighbor is thuja, barberry and currants. It looks very beautiful in the spring, when there are yellow-green cornices.

Elm is rough, the plant is unpretentious, universal, well suited for greening recreation areas within the city.