Hemorrhoid Treatment

Candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy, recommended by doctors

The use of drugs during pregnancy should be limited and carried out only under the direction of the physician and under his supervision. However, there are such pathologies when the use of drugs is justified.

One of such diseases is hemorrhoids - pathological

enlargement, inflammation and vorosity of hemorrhoidal veins with the formation of nodes near the rectum. Candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy, recommended by doctors

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are due to a number of reasons, and for its treatment the conservative method is most often used. Future mothers need to carefully choose the means of treatment, and the most remarkable way in this case is the use of suppositories( solid candles melting under the influence of temperature of the human body).

In this article, we will look at the most popular candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy, which help to get rid of an illness or to remove pain symptoms without causing harm to the fetus.

Hemorrhoids for pregnant women

It should be remembered that the use of most candles has contraindications during the baby's feeding period. Let's dwell on those titles that are prescribed by doctors.


Candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy, recommended by doctors Its active component is sodium alginate, a hemostatic agent - a natural polysaccharide derived from brown algae, has a pronounced reparative and anti-inflammatory property.

This product is harmless to the fetus, does not contain any hormonal components, and therefore, Natalsid is often recommended as a remedy for pregnancy hemorrhoids. Already at the very beginning of its application it is significantly reduced itching, discomfort and burning. There is healing morning, decreases swelling and inflammation.

Candles with Buckthorn Oil

Candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy, recommended by doctors They are used in cases where it is necessary to stop bleeding and heal wounds on damaged tissues. The candles, which contain the seaweed oil, can begin treatment as soon as the first signs of hemorrhoids appeared in pregnant women. They are fairly easily soluble in the rectum and envelop the affected area, which makes relief easier. Candles with sea buckthorn have no contraindications and are allowed for use during breastfeeding.


Candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy, recommended by doctors It contains benzocaine, seaweed oil, sulfatetidol. The drug has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and local anesthetizing effect. Accelerates the healing of the ankle fractures, stimulates reparative processes, eliminates anal itching. Vitamin K, contained in sea buckthorn oil, improves blood coagulation, has a hemostatic effect. Other biologically active substances have a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane, under the influence of which is its rapid recovery.


Candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy, recommended by doctors It contains an extract of the Beladonian leaves( Belladoni), which reduces cramps of the intestinal muscles and has a beneficial effect on its peristalsis, as well as ihtamol( ihtiol), has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and mild analgesic action. In addition, ihtamol can positively affect the inflamed skin, subcutaneous layers, thereby improving blood circulation and healing in it.

Beauty has toxic properties, so it is allowed to use Betol during pregnancy, but only if the health benefits of a future mummy are greater than the potential risk to the fetus. For the same reason, this drug is not recommended for use during lactation. Applying Betol should refrain from driving a car and refuse activities in which important high concentration of attention, good vision and speed of reactions.


Candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy, recommended by doctors The basis of this remedy for hemorrhoids in pregnant women is E. coli microbial cells, inactivated by phenol. Post-erzina is an excellent immunomodulatory drug that is prescribed not only when carrying the baby, but also when breast-feeding. Under his influence healing of cracks and prevention of their appearance occurs. Post-erection is produced not only in the form of suppositories, but also as an ointment for hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Glycerin suppositories

Their main property is the softening of feces, which facilitates their withdrawal during bowel movements, and also contribute to the healing of small wounds and the formation of microcracks. The drug has an irritating effect on the mucous membrane of the rectum, which reflexively stimulates peristalsis.


Candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy, recommended by doctors Available in both candles and ointments. Its base is shark liver oil, it is an anti-inflammatory agent with a marked hemostatic and wound healing effect. The second main component is phenylephrine hydrochloride, has a vasoconstrictor effect at the site of application, which reduces swelling of the tissues and eliminates itching. How to treat hemorrhoids in pregnant candles Relief should determine the doctor, as the instructions say that in the first two trimester is not recommended for the appointment of this drug.

Candles with papaverine

Candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy, recommended by doctors They are able to help in a fairly short time, in most cases, enough to achieve the desired effect, three applications. Under the influence of papaverine, pain and itching in the anus are reduced, puffiness is reduced and small wounds are tightened, the pressure which is subjected to the intestinal wall is weakened.

It is worth noting that the safety of the use of candles during childbirth and lactation has not been established. Therefore, the expediency of assigning these candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy should be set by the doctor.

Candles with propolis

This tool is quite widespread due to the fact that it has a number of positive effects on the body of the pregnant: Candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy, recommended by doctors

  • Antimicrobial
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-toxic
  • Local anesthetic
  • Enhances positive effect when using antibiotics
  • Increased activity of phagocytosis( capture of pathogenic microbes with their further destruction and removal from the body)
  • Reparative( healing tissue) effect
  • Anti-tumor effect
  • Improvement of intestinal motilityCountry
  • antioxidant effect

They can be bought at a pharmacy or prepare yourself for what enough to melt 10g Vaseline( to make it the best of hot steam) and add 1 g of finely chopped propolis. Then stir in a homogeneous consistency, cool slightly, divide into 10 parts and wrap it in the form of a tube in foil or put a polyethylene in a freezing chamber. Further storage is permissible in the refrigerator. It should be added that many instructions indicate that the use of propolis in the form of candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy is contraindicated. But this is due to the fact that clinical trials in pregnant women have never been conducted, therefore, pharmaceutical companies complying with the rules and indicate a ban on the use of these agents. In fact, long-term monitoring of pregnant women and women did not reveal any contraindications to mothers, therefore beekeeping products relate toquite safe.

The main goal when prescribing candles for hemorrhoids during pregnancy is to reduce feelings of discomfort, pain and itching. Apply them after defecation or cleansing enema. And most importantly - no self-medication, so as not to harm the body of a pregnant woman and her child.