Hemorrhoid Treatment

Candles Proctozan for hemorrhoids treatment: reviews, application

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  • Rectal Candles
  • Indications for use
  • Contraindications
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Candles Proctozan for hemorrhoids treatment: reviews, application

The cause of hemorrhoids is the varicose veins of the lower part of the periosteum and the formation of hemorrhoids and cones.

The following factors contribute to the development of hemorrhoids:

  • obesity
  • hereditary factor
  • constipation
  • weight lifting( high physical activity)
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • consumption of too sharp dishes, frequent use of coffee and alcoholic beverages
  • sedentary work
  • harmful habits
  • pregnancy and childbirth.

Rectangal Candles

Currently, folk medicine offers many home-made candle making recipes, such as:

  • candles with propolis
  • sponge candles
  • ice candles
  • sea buckthorn candles, etc.

Not all have the necessary ingredients and time to cooksuppositoriesMost people are more comfortable going to the pharmacy and buying medical products, which will help to eliminate the symptoms of hemorrhoids in a comprehensive way.

Advantages of using candles for hemorrhoids

The fastest and most effective way of treating internal hemorrhoids is the use of rectal suppositories.

The advantage of using rectal candles is as follows:

  • drug products immediately enter the blood
  • painless in the use of
  • suppositories do not have a smell, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions
  • suppositories, consisting of natural ingredients, allow the use of pregnant and lactating women
  • ease of use.

P Rectosan - Hemorrhoid Candles

Candles Proctosan is a very effective medication used to treat hemorrhoids and anal fissure cracks. This drug is popular among doctors.

Candles Proctozan for hemorrhoids treatment: reviews, application

Indications for use

Proctosal candles are not a hormonal medication that eliminates itching and inflammation in the rectum. It has bactericidal and anesthetic effects on the disease, as well as contributes to the healing of wounds. Proctosan helps to remove swelling, promotes the regeneration of the mucous membrane and reduces the risk of bleeding. During inflammation of hemorrhoids, proctase makes it possible to quickly reduce pain and, due to bactericidal effects, stop the inflammatory process.

Proctosan is used not only in the treatment of hemorrhoids at different stages, but also for:

  • analgesic treatment of
  • analgesic elimination of
  • analgesic integrity in the treatment of acute and chronic anal the acne of the
  • analgesic elimination of
  • intestinal inflammation and prevention of clots.

The product contains:

  • Buffesamac. Eliminates inflammatory processes and helps to relieve swelling.
  • Titanium dioxide and bismuth. Stop the bleeding and form a protective film on the surface of hemorrhoids. These components have a bactericidal action( prevent the penetration of bacteria from feces during the act of defecation to the affected areas).Contribute to healing of wounds.
  • Lidocaine. An anesthetic, which begins to act in a few minutes after application and quickly eliminates painful sensations.

The combination of all these components of the drug promotes rapid deprivation from inflammatory processes in the rectum, healing anal cracks and accelerates the process of tissue regeneration.


Proctase Candles are contraindicated:

  • with an allergic reaction to one of the
  • components during pregnancy and breast-feeding period
  • for
  • children with some inflammatory processes( turbeculse, syphilis, etc.)

Candles Proctozan for hemorrhoids treatment: reviews, application

Side effect

Patients tolerate the drug well enough and allergies( skin itching, rash and urticaria) can occur only in extreme circumstances. In rare cases, the development of edema, redness and peeling in the place of application of the drug is likely.

Use of suppositories from hemorrhoids

Introduction of rectal candles:

  • before injecting a rectal suppository to clean the intestine or make an enema
  • wash hands thoroughly with soap and dry( it is not recommended to wipe with a towel)
  • If necessary, cool the candle in the refrigerator( in accordance with the instructions for using the suppository should be stored incool place)
  • gently pull the candle out of the package( do not hold it long in the hand as it melts quickly)
  • for free entry lie sideways, whilekeep your foot upside down, try to keep straight and top up your stomach
  • do not use your hand to spread the buttocks and enter the spiked end of the candle into the anal canal
  • to avoid spillage, you can lie on your stomach, stay in this position for at least 30 minutes
  • should be avoided tothe candle fails, you can hold it with a napkin
  • after the required time can take a position convenient for you.

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