Care For Bees

A stipulate for bees instruction


  • Characteristics of the preparation
  • Permissible dosage of

Bees, like other living creatures, are susceptible to viral diseases. Smoothing agent is used for the purpose of their treatment or prophylaxis. Of course, it's better to prevent a disease than to treat it.

A stipulate for bees instruction

Streams helps

accelerate the growth of bees

Product Characteristics

The range of action include:

  • paralysis in a sharp and permanent form;
  • cyto bacteriosis and others.

Stiromat helps to accelerate the growth of bees, make their development more correct. The composition and consistency of the drug characterizes it as a powder, which color is gray or brown. It's hard not to distinguish it, since it has a specific garlic odor. The structure of the drug is a combination of various active components, amino acids and useful substances. It consists of a pollen of flowers, garlic, and others.

The use of a slurry in beekeeping makes insects resistant to illness, increase their ability to work and increase the outcome of work.

A snake is given to bees in order to avoid possible contamination with the accompanying conditions of the feed. As well as slurry is provided in the diet of passive bees.

Sweeteners are a kind of vitamin toppings for your apiaries. Its regular use makes bees active.

A stipulate for bees instruction

Add the drug to a syrup of sugar at a rate of five grams per liter of floor

Permissible dosage of

In accordance with the instructions for use of the drug, it is recommended to use it from the beginning of the spring and ending in the summer. In order to increase the productivity of bees and increase their effectiveness.

First, prepare a syrup with sugar, in proportion to each other, there is added a preparation in volume of five grams per liter of the previous drink. At intervals every two or three days, the solution is sprayed onto a beehive in a volume of maximum 500 ml per family.

For the entire period, each family is provided with two liters of the drug in accordance with the instruction. There are no libel effects and contraindications with the required dosage.

Due to the environmental conditions and domestic beekeeping, insects are able to withstand the disease independently and their resistance is low. For this and other reasons, it is important to feed bees, in order to increase the level of their immunity.

The main cause of the vulnerability of animals, insects and plants is now the state of the environment. Throwing chemicals and similar human activities made them weak and prone to various diseases. The productivity of their activities has decreased. The bees, however, are the most sensitive to changes in the environment of insects.

The main part of beekeeping is the production of products of their livelihoods, so it is important to properly care for the apiary. The drug produces a fertilizer course designed for plants. It is a complex of vitamins and minerals for plant growth and its adaptation to a new environment.