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Linoleum Leroy Merlin - a wide range of quality coatings


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Linoleum Leroy Merlin - a wide range of quality coatings

One name only one can say about the sophistication and originality of materials

represented in this network of shops engaged insupply of building materials for home. More than 285 outlets offer consumers a variety of processing products, and Leroy Merlin linoleum is represented by several dozen types.

What can I buy on this network?

At retail outlets you can always find any necessary repair items: from building materials, screws and nails to various household furniture and tools. Today, Leroy Marlen's stores are fully operational in 9 largest cities of Russia: Moscow, Krasnodar, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don Omsk and Novosibirsk.

Undoubtedly, all presented products of Leroy Marlen's chain of stores are quality products from time-tested manufacturers. Most consumers, choosing floor materials, such as linoleum, may not have to worry about selling a cover, an unknown brand. Here are the most famous brands "Tarkett", "Grabo" and many others.

In the catalogs of the store you can find various products, as well as their description and some recommendations for use. There is also a need for literature, which provides advice on the appointment and care of linoleum. This will allow longer coverage, pleasing you with its natural beauty.

Linoleum Care

For all the advantages, this coating needs some attention, given that the surface of some types of this flooring material line is subject to mechanical influences. Therefore, the elegance of the appearance will depend on how well you care for her.

First you need to understand that household coverage is more used in residential buildings and apartments. The material used in their manufacture has average performance and, as a rule, devoid of protective properties.

In such cases, maximum protection of linoleum from damage and prolong its life, will allow the surface treatment of polymer mastics. When performing such procedures, an imperceptible film is formed on it. It gives the material resistance to wear and creates additional protection against mechanical influences, aggressive media and contact with ultraviolet light. Also, such care will help protect the coating from traces remaining from furniture or shoes.

Apply mastics to linoleum with two layers, and then withstand the surface without giving it a load for 8-10 hours. There are also special protective films, which are distinguished by a variety of color shades and different density values.

To prevent cracks from forming on the surface, every two months, it must be treated with flaxseed oil. It is sponge and then rubbed with a soft cloth.

These procedures allow us to provide the strength of household linoleum. Leroy Marlene's chain of stores has a large assortment of such warehouses and protective coatings for this material. Therefore, you can always buy everything in one place.

Variety of models

Linoleum Leroy Merlin - a wide range of quality coatings

Linoleum for home

In addition to household linoleum, in the Leroy Merlin stores, commercial and semi-commercial linoleum are widely represented. These are more durable coatings that can be used for stacking in intensive work areas.

Despite the high wear resistance of this material, there is still a need for preventive measures to maintain it in aesthetic form:

  • To prevent linoleum from wearing out for longer, put it at the entrance to the apartment, a rubber mat for cleaning from dirt and small stones, shoes. These small particles can get stuck in the sole, and thus damage even a hard coating.
  • Furniture is desirable to put on wide legs, or plastic wheels. You can also nail them or put under them small pieces of felt, felt. Do not use rubber substrates, they may leave stains that are not washed away from the surface of the coating.
  • It is necessary to try to protect linoleum, from contact with a cream for shoes, burning matches or cigarettes, even if it is the most durable coating.
  • Do not pull drape furniture on linoleum, it can break. To move it you need to raise and gently rearrange.
  • Try to immediately remove any contamination from the coating so that they do not clothe in its upper layer.
  • It is not strongly recommended to use linoleum abrasive compositions, solvents and bleaches for cleaning linen. Do not expose it to sunshine or protect it from the long exposure of direct sunlight to curtains or blinds. The sun is the main enemy of the cover.

You can get all these recommendations from consultants at Leroy Merlin stores. In addition, with any product, as a rule, additional certifications and instructions for the use of floor coverings are supplied. But such documentation is provided only by proven manufacturers, whose products are widely represented in the catalog of Leroy Merlin networks.

Things to Think Linoleum

Linoleum Leroy Merlin - a wide range of quality coatings

Linoleum Liner

It would seem that nothing is easier than cleaning a smooth material. We take a rag and clean everything. However, there are some features that will keep the surface clean for a long time. First, it should be noted that immediately after the laying, linoleum is cleaned only in a dry way, it is in the rooms. If you need to wash the material in the hallway, you can use a water soap emulsion.

First, it is better to list what is better not to use to clean the coating. Given the specifics of the material, linoleum can not be washed with soda, alkaline compounds and abrasives. In addition, hot water is not recommended, it can affect the structure of some coatings.

Well cope with ordinary contaminants, water with dissolved laundry detergent or liquid soap. This is to say about the tools. In household shops you can buy specialized warehouses.

Looking forward, let's say the Leroy Merlin chain of stores offers various linoleum cleaners and care products to its customers. Therefore, monochrome coatings should be treated immediately so that traces are not left on it.

Now let's see how it's best to wash it out.

Wet cleaning

First, remove all dirt with a vacuum cleaner. Then, dilute in warm water powder, using a cloth or a special mop wipe the surface, twice, first soak it, and then, wiping dry.

Using the

Chemistry If ordinary soapy water can not handle dirt, then you can buy special supplements that are sold in stores. But you need to use them carefully and not often. Then they will allow to clean linoleum qualitatively, without causing harm to it.

Care Products

If you need to disinfect, then buy specialty stores. They are widely represented in Leroy Merlin stores. Please read the instructions before purchasing. Some of their types are used for various coatings.

Interesting. The old coating, you can change a little, rubbing it with water mixed with milk in a proportion of 1: 1.

How to remove a stain from the surface of the

Linoleum Leroy Merlin - a wide range of quality coatings

My linoleum with the hands of the

There is one clandestine rule that any spot from the surface should be removed as soon as possible so that it has not time to suck. Traces of various liquids, rubbed with a special solution of gasoline, sold in stores. Stuffed pieces of wax or asphalt, gently fitted with a spatula, and if there is a trace, then, also cleaned with a solution. In the same way, remove the heel from the shoe cream.

To get rid of more complex spots: a children's marker, food colorants, iodine or zelenka, use a solution of turpentine. Just be sure to remember that such a substance is very dangerous for the surface in large quantities. Therefore, when cleaning, you need to drip a little cloth at the little liquid. It is very difficult to wash off the ink stains from the surface. To do this, at the beginning they are gently cleansed with fine sandpaper or pumice stone, and then this place is rubbed with linseed oil.


Lenoleum in Leroy Merlin is presented in a huge assortment. Any types of coatings, from ordinary household to specialized materials, which are used for stacking in sports halls and dance floors. Here are all the companies occupying leading positions in the market of finishing materials. Therefore, coming to the hypermarket, everyone will choose exactly the material that he needs.