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Celery leaf - growing seedlings and application. .

Fragrant green leafy celery - cultivation.

If during growing of root celery sometimes there are difficulties in obtaining a good harvest, then leaf celery grows easily, well, let's say, parsley or dill. But there are people in whom the dill does not grow, not what the celery is.

Leaf celery growing seedlings

It is possible to sow it in the

open soil, but in Siberia, it is better to grow through seedlings. Soil for growing seedlings of celery should be light. A good variant is a mixture of peat and sand 1: 1.You can also use peat pills.

Seeds are soaked in the day before planting and sown. I will never dig them into the ground, just spread over the surface and rub the soil with a layer of 0.5 cm. Watering is carried out with warm snow water and I cover the top with a glass.

Seeds are sown in the beginning of March, at this time there is quite enough light day and the seedlings need not be highlighted. So that the stems are not taken out, and the bushes are strong and fluffy, after the emergence of the stairs( about a week), you need to remove the box with seedlings in a cool room.

When the first leaves appear, feed should be carried out, liquid fertilizer is perfect for this. Feeding is better to combine with watering. It is necessary to water the stairs neatly, as well as in the cultivation of root celery, so that a jet of water does not break the tender plant.

When there are real leaves you can dive seedlings into individual cups. The content of essential oils in leaf celery depends on the illumination, so the place for the seedlings I choose is the sun.

Before landing in open ground, in about two weeks, take seedlings for several hours on the verandah for hardening. In early May, planting seedlings on the beds in rows through 15 cm and the distance between plants 40 cm.

A place to grow leaf celery should be sunny, earth fertile. In the autumn I put on the bed a hinged overlapping leaves, for digging.

Two months after planting, you can cut the leaves for food.

What to look for.

  • when planting and planting the plants, you can fill the root neck;
  • the soil on the bed should be constantly moist, but not damp;
  • when buying seeds, pay attention to the expiration date, the celery is getting hard enough.


Leaf celery is used in folk medicine in the form of decoctions as diuretic, if there are no stones in the kidneys and as an immunomodulator.

In cooking, it is used as a seasoning for ready-made dishes, while preserving vegetables. It can be dried, salted or frozen in fresh form.