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Furunculus( chirak) of the nose: how to treat at home

Nasal furunculus is an inflammation that occurs in the field of the hair follicle and sebaceous glands of the nose. Sometimes the furuncle appears on the tip or wings of the nose. Breast often appears due to various inflammatory processes of the skin.


  • 1 Symptoms of
  • 2 Diagnosis and prophylaxis of the disease
  • 3 Therapeutic therapy
  • 4 Therapeutic ointments

1 Symptoms of the disease

Causes of the appearance of furuncle on the nose can be diverse. Most often, chyrobacteria appear due to various exogenous and endogenous factors. Doctors believe that in most people the furunculus of the nose appears due to the genetic predisposition to the inflammatory processes of the skin.

The leading role in the development of irritation is staphylococcal infection, which exhibits resistance to phagocytosis. Sometimes the furuncle appears on the nose due to streptococci. Typically, pathogenic bacteria, which provoke the appearance of abscess after the nasal disruption of the integrity of the skin. Sometimes insufficient hygiene also provokes the appearance of a boil. In many people, cheery appears through hypothermia.

Furunculus( chirak) of the nose: how to treat at home

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An important role in the development of ulcers is provided by various pathologies in which a person reduces the bactericidal properties of sweat. Hormonal failure or impairment of the immune system can only worsen the situation.

The signs of the boil appear not immediately. Over time, the inflammatory process occurs in the mouth of the hair follicle, which subsequently leads to the formation of a boil. The skin at the site of irritation becomes swollen. The patient has seals on the skin. Pain sensations, as a rule, increase when chewing or palpation of the affected area.

In case of untimely treatment, the patient's condition deteriorates. Often, body temperature rises, migraine appears, weakness. After a few days, the patient's condition improves. From the hearth of inflammation there is a small amount of manure. If therapeutic measures are carried out on time, the tissue necrosis area will increase significantly. A patient may experience fluctuations. Often the skin becomes more subtle.

Symptoms are characteristic of complications of the disease - severe redness, occurs around the vessel, chills, lethargy. In most cases, the body temperature rises to 38-39 degrees. Subsequently, a person may have conjunctivitis or chemosis. Often, the complicated course of the disease is accompanied by the appearance of exophthalmos.

2 Diagnosis and prophylaxis of the disease

In the event of the characteristic symptoms of a boil, an immediate medical attention should be sought. Diagnostic measures in most cases are reduced to the collection of anamnesis and external examination of the affected area of ​​the skin. If necessary, a patient must undergo a general blood test. According to the results of the diagnosis, the physician should determine how to treat the boil in a particular case.

In order to prevent the onset of oppression, timely prevention is required. First of all, the microtrauma must be avoided, since in most cases, pathogenic bacteria enter the body through them. Doctors advise when even small scratches occur to treat the affected area with hydrogen peroxide or iodine. It is still very important to adhere to all the basic rules of hygiene. It is desirable to arrange wet cleaning at home several times a week. If possible, use special skin care products.

Furunculus( chirak) of the nose: how to treat at home

If you have different skin problems, you should visit your doctor regularly. In addition, physicians believe that it is necessary to conduct an active lifestyle and stick to the diet. There should not be a lot of flour in the menu. It is also better to exclude from the diet sausages, semi-finished products, smoked food and sweets. If you are caries, sinusitis or tonsillitis, you need to adjust the carbohydrate metabolism and timely treatment.

3 Therapeutic Therapy

After reviewing the patient's history, the physician should decide how to treat the boil. Often, for the treatment of furuncle, complex drug therapy is used. During treatment, the inflamed area is treated with special ointments or salicylic alcohol. For the treatment of furuncle sometimes use special bandages with antiseptic agents.

Furunculus( chirak) of the nose: how to treat at home

Sometimes medical therapy is complemented by the administration of antibiotics. With their help, the disinfection of the excited site is carried out. In addition, antibiotics help to eliminate the pathogenic bacteria that caused inflammation. Before assigning a specific antibiotic to the patient, the doctor assigns the patient a general blood test or crops to the pathogenic flora. The best antibiotic agent to combat boils - Diclosylidine. The course of treatment is complemented by erythromycin. It should be noted that it is inappropriate to carry out treatment with antibiotics if a person has bronchial asthma, allergic reactions, diseases of the cardiovascular system and fungal diseases.

If the disease does not progress, you can treat at home. For example, prepare a special ointment that helps to remove inflammation. For this you will need 6 spoons of pork fat and boiled rhizosphere of nine pounds. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and strain. Ointment should be applied 2-3 times a day.

You can also make a plantain ointment. For its preparation you will need 2 leaves of plantain, 15 grams of peach oil and 10 grams of vaseline. All ingredients should be mixed thoroughly and put the resulting mixture in the fridge for 3-4 hours. Apply ointment from a plantain 2-3 times a day.

Surgical treatment of a furuncle is used quite rarely. Often surgical treatment is carried out in the event that the medication therapy has not given the proper effect. Before surgery, a special pain reliever is introduced into the patient. Then the surgeon removes the boom rod and manure from the excited site. After surgery, the patient is prescribed a course of treatment with antibiotics, ointments and compresses.

4 Therapeutic Ointments

Ointment of Vishnevsky can be used for treating the furuncle. The composition of the product includes the tar, castor oil and xerox. It is worth noting that the ointment of Vyshnevsky has no side effects. It is possible to carry out treatment of a furuncle using this remedy even after the furuncle is uncovered.

You can use Levomekol instead of Vyshnevsky's ointment. This tool helps in the shortest possible time to get rid of swelling and bring out pus from the hearth of inflammation. The ointment contains methyluracil and levomitsetin. These ingredients are strong antiseptics. Let's note that using Levomechel can even be used to treat children. The ointment will help protect the inflammatory site from the effects of various pathogenic bacteria. Doctors note that Levomechel helps to increase human immunity and accelerate the regeneration of affected tissues.

Ichthyol ointment is a good way to fight boils. It is desirable to use this remedy in the initial stages of the disease. For the best effect, it should be imposed along with the compress. Note that there is an antibiotic in the ointment, which accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues.