What is common and what a rabbit is different from a hare

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  • Differences in appearance and lifestyle
  • Reproduction and attitude towards offspring are the main differences of the

For most people, the answer to the question of what a rabbit is different from a hare is very simple: almost nothing, the first one is a pet,and

the second one is wild. In fact, it's quite different animals, although wild rabbits and rabbits have a similar structure. The homeland of hares - the continent of Eurasia, and to other continents they were brought by Europeans.

What is common and what a rabbit is different from a hare

The difference between a rabbit and a hare.

Rabbits are more likely to come from the North American continent. At least, their bones, which date back to the late Pleistocene, were discovered there( about 15,000 years ago).From the modern wild rabbits, their ancestors almost did not differ. With the help of man, they have spread throughout the world today, with the exception of Eurasia, where they are found only as pets.

Common in wild rabbits and rabbits a lot:

What is common and what a rabbit is different from a hare

The rabbit hare difference table.

  • they relate to a general harester;The
  • rabbit and hare are very similar to each other;
  • is about the same food: grass, bark of trees, tubers and vegetables;
  • common opponents: predatory animals and birds as well as individuals;
  • similar methods of protection: jumps, sharp change in the direction of running, kickback, bites.

This is what brings them together. What is the rabbit different from a hare?

Despite the external resemblance, the biological difference between these animals, including the genetic, significant - they have large differences in the chromosomal set. These differences are so great that they can not be crossed. Below is a more detailed description of the other differences.

Differences in appearance and lifestyle

Despite the appearance of the germ, the differences are quite noticeable: the

  • is larger than rabbits;
  • if the color of the rabbits changes in one way or another, then the rabbits are unchanged;
  • in hares, which are excellent runners, stronger and long legs, and rabbits that live in burrows, paws are short, with strong claws;
  • for the same reason, the ears of the rabbits are tender and neat.

Different from them and ways of existence. Hares are single animals. They do not even live in pairs, let alone flocks. And they live where there will be unlike the settled rabbits, burrowing for themselves holes. In them, they spend most of their lives, constantly upgrading and improving. They leave their homes for rabbits only in emergency situations. Family ties are very strong.

Due to the fact that even in wildlife rabbits lead a calm and sedentary lifestyle, successful were already the first attempts to tamper with. Today, many different breeds of these domesticated animals are derived. Today, they are breeding not only villagers or farmers, rabbits can be found even in urban apartments.

But all the many attempts to tamper with the rabbits did not produce any positive results - this animal is not adapted to life in conditions of captivity. In addition, the habit of freely moving animal breeding does not undergo long coexistence with other hares. Therefore, there remains the only way to get hay skin and meat - hunting.

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Reproduction and attitude towards offspring are the main differences of

What is common and what a rabbit is different from a hare

If rabbits multiply for six months, from mid-April to mid-October, then the rabbits appear year-round.

If rabbits multiply for half a year, from mid-April to mid-October, then the rabbits bring the offspring to the world year round. The duration of pregnancy is also different - in a rabbit one month, and a bunny carries cubs one and a half times longer.

Different of these animals and the attitude towards their offspring. The rabbit, whose cubs appear helpless, naked, blind and deaf, for a long time feeds them, carefully caring for their babies. Alien rabbits she does not take and can even eat. In exceptional cases, it can slip bids, but their age should be at least about a week. In the light of one female, as a rule, there are several cubs at the same time.

Hunts are different from the rabbits that appear to light almost completely formed - they see, hear, cover, and can almost immediately eat food for adults. They begin to pinch the grass in 5-7 days after being born. Zachiki gives birth to more than one, at least two beggars.

After feeding his baby's appearance, with a thick and rich milk, his mother leaves him often under the same bush, where he gave birth to a beggar, an independent life begins. When starving, he begins to produce inflexible vibrations for predators or humans. But they hear and understand any passing by a bunny, which immediately runs the maternal instinct. She finds a goose, feeds him just like his mummy, and then leaves one. And so does everyone who has recently given birth to a bunny.


Thus, despite the fact that rabbits and rabbits belong to one squad, similar to the outside, they have not only general taste preferences, but also common enemies are different animals. And the differences between these two species are much larger.