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Funny wishes of good morning

Funny wishes of good morning Morning may be good in absolutely different ways. His goodness can be simply in a good mood, in good weather, in the future pleasant events, the attention of the loved ones and the surprises that they bring to us. Moreover, pleasant surprises, perhaps, are able to make the greatest impression on us.

Moreover, when they come from people who are far from the last place in our lives. And if you are not too tormented by complexes, if you are a loose person and ready to, to some extent, reckless actions, something funny wishing a good morning is exactly what you need. With their help you will be able to reveal new faces for your beloved person and open it, in turn, for yourself.

One-only wish will be able to bring in your relationship completely new, very bright and savory notes, which will only benefit you. This will be your peculiar game, which you will start with, and you will set a high level for the content and frankness of wishes. And if you feel any difficulty with writing, you can simply take one of the ready-made wishes directly on our site.

Vliо.ru will help you to surprise, rejoice and even capture your loved one.

Funny wishes of good morning
Good morning! Get up, wake up!
Clean the teeth, dress faster.
Take the phone, dial my number there,
So that without you I did not die at all here!

Funny wishes of good morning
Good morning! You are - charming
And in the gust of hot passion,
You're charming, sweetheart!
Without me, please do not bored today!
Good day and mood for you -
A quick encounter I'm looking forward to!

Funny wishes of good morning
Decided to see how you get up!
Opa, and you're so good. ..
And what you do not wash is not a problem!
You're always beautiful!
Here sms decided to write,
To be kind to first of all wish!

Funny wishes of good morning
Wake up to you I want,
Harm for long sleeping,
If you do not want to get up -
I'll pour water on the bed!

Do not be afraid, it's a joke,
A blanket hugged
And a good tasty coffee
With a croissant I'll be happy!

Funny wishes of good morning
Good morning, bright light,
More emotions, smiles, greetings,
Good luck, more warm,
Good morning my pussy!

Funny wishes of good morning
For the morning to be as good as in the child's fairy tale,
Remember the joy, love, caresses.
Remember the sun, a great day,
In general, just, dear, remember me.

Funny wishes of good morning
I'm simpler, quiet and slow,
And gentle as if in Angola
Kissing, I embrace, of course,
And quietly on the ear: Good morning!

Funny wishes of good morning
The sky is shining brightly -
Get up, my Light!
Get up, work awaits you!
Rather than breakfast and - ahead!

Funny wishes of good morning
Good morning, dear!
Happiness of joy wishing!
I want to hug you,
Flip and kiss!

Funny wishes of good morning
Let angel keep you
On all your way!
I wish you a happy day!
Wake up, it's time to go!