Hemorrhoid Treatment

Exercises for getting rid of hemorrhoids

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Exercises for getting rid of hemorrhoids

Modern medicine has made significant progress in the treatment of hemorrhoids. It can be medications, diet, surgical intervention, changing the mode of the day and lifestyle. An important point in treating a disease is an integrated approach. It is impossible to achieve 100% of the result and to get rid of the disease forever without following certain rules. After all, even a radical intervention and removal of hemorrhoids may not be enough. When passing a passive lifestyle, the pathological condition may return.

Underlying the development of hemorrhoids is the circulatory disturbance in the pelvic region, which causes vascular weakness, insufficient outflow of venous blood and the appearance of hemorrhoids. Weak blood circulation is also the main cause of exacerbation of the disease and the transition from the chronic stage - to acute.

The benefits of physical exercises for hemorrhoids

Exercises for getting rid of hemorrhoids

The main goals of physical exercises with hemorrhoids include:

  • Strengthening the muscles of the abdominal cavity and buttocks, smooth muscles of the intestine;
  • Strengthening the walls and increasing the elasticity of the vessels of the back pass;
  • Normalization of the inflow and outflow of blood, prevention of stagnation and filling of hemorrhoids.

Exercises should be performed regularly, conscientiously, for 15-20 minutes per day .To get rid of the disease, you may need several months. The main thing is not to give up. They are contraindicated only in the acute period of hemorrhoids and in the risk of premature labor in pregnant women or the risk of miscarriage. Even elderly people can do some exercises, which will greatly facilitate their condition. The basic rule when performing exercises from hemorrhoids is slow progress. No sharp movements! Attempts to perform exercises quickly, in order to save time, will work against the body and worsen the situation.

Exercises for hemodorrhea

For fast and qualitative relief from unpleasant symptoms, you should consult with a doctor and strictly follow his instructions. Depending on the stage of hemorrhoids and the degree of his abstinence, the specialist will recommend a series of exercises that will allow not to resort to the procedure for removing hemorrhoids.

Examples of hemodynamic exercises

Exercises for getting rid of hemorrhoids Exercises for getting rid of hemorrhoids

  • The simplest form of pelvic floor muscle training - compression and dislocation of the anus( a set of Kegel exercises).Exercise Exercise - Atmosphere for others. It can and should be done at any time during the day. You must complete at least 10 slow and 50 quick exercises. For other exercises special conditions are required. They are better to do at home.
  • It is necessary to lie on the mat, on the back and to raise straight legs at an angle of 45 degrees. We distribute our legs and cross them, as if we work with scissors. Exercise includes 50 horizontal and 50 vertical movements.
  • Body position - Lying on the back, feet raised 45 degrees from the floor level. It is necessary to keep this position for 30 seconds. You can repeat the exercise 3 times. Over time, it is necessary to increase the time keeping of the feet to 3 minutes.
  • The body position is lying on the back. It is necessary to slowly raise the pelvis, fix it for a few seconds at the highest point, slowly lower it. Repeat 50 times.
  • Body position - standing on all fours. Alternately we bend and flex our back slowly( simulating the movements of the cat).Must do at least 100 repetitions.
  • We sit on the floor and pull out our legs. We begin to simulate walking on the floor in the buttocks. An additional plus for women - exercises miraculously helps to get rid not only from the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but also from cellulite. To avoid discomfort and bruises, it is desirable to wear soft pants."Walk" takes at least 7-10 minutes.
  • We sit on a hard chair without upholstery, slightly bend the body forward, strain the muscles of the anus and stay in this position for a few seconds( as much as possible).Relax, repeat the exercise 10 times.
  • Another simple and effective exercise against hemorrhoids: several times raising your knees, standing in place. You can also walk around the room, winding one leg for another( the course of the model).
  • Let's face it down the floor. We take the knee-elbow position. In turn turn the pelvis to the right and to the left, we try to get the buttocks to the floor. Exercise must be done at least 10 times.
  • Exercise, familiar to everybody from childhood. It is necessary to do this: we lie on the floor and carry out the legs of the movement, repeat the ride on the bike. To achieve maximum muscle development, you can first perform the exercise on the natural course of motion, then - against it.
  • If the physical capabilities, condition and age of the patient allow, we recommend to do "birch" - we lie on the floor, on the back, stick with the elbows on the floor with our hands and try to keep the straight legs and buttock raised upwards.

To prevent the development of an acute stage of hemorrhoids and even cure its chronic form, it is possible to combine these exercises with hemorrhoids with bicycle and massage walks. There are many ways to fight hemorrhoids, the main thing is to do everything right and on time!

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