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Stable manicure. How to make lacquer stay longer?

Beautiful and well-groomed hands are always a sign that a woman follows her looks well, not forgetting that part of her body that is exposed to negative influences much more often than others. But hand care takes a lot of time, and not everyone can afford

to visit the manicure room several times a week.

Stable manicure. How to make lacquer stay longer?

Meanwhile, to make manicure at home, but also to put a cover with a beautiful design today is not a special job. Modern nail care products include varnishes, coatings, drying and fixing products that make it easy to get a stable manicure.

To make your hands look good, you need to regularly perform manicure. The basis of a stable manicure is the treatment of nails with the help of specialized means - tongs and tools, carried out both after a tray with sea salt and dry, with a gel to remove the cuticle. The cuticle is removed by a padding or tweezers, as well as the excess of the skin is cut off along the corners of the nails, the nail is pollinated, and it provides the shape that is needed - rectangular or oval.

After the pre-treatment is completed, the nail and the area of ​​the cuticle rub off the aromatic oils or cuticle oil( grapefruit, orange or conifer, added to the hand cream).Once the oil is absorbed, you must necessarily degrease the nail plate using an alcohol-based drug.

Stable manicure. How to make lacquer stay longer?

How to make lacquer stay longer?

Apply the first layer of varnish on the fatty surface of the nail, in order not to cause rejection. After the nails become absolutely dry, it is necessary to apply on them the first layer of transparent varnish - it will provide an even coating, which prevents the absorption of pigment varnish, as well as with further removal of varnish, will make it easy and without problems that arise if the varnishcontains small particles of sequins.

Then it is necessary to dry the base layer well and apply the colored varnish that is selected. If design elements are foreseen, which do not have an adhesive base, then it is necessary to apply them, until the varnish does not dry up, and then dry it and cover the top with a colorless varnish.

If the design has a duct base, it is applied to a fully dry colored varnish, and covered with a transparent lacquer on top. A stable manicure will become even more durable, if the nails from above are covered with a special drying lacquer or a fixing fixture. Today, in the arsenal of many cosmetic firms, there are similar remedies that allow "prolong life" of manicure for up to 10 days. The design fastener impregnates all layers of applied varnish, without spreading and mixing them, forming a protective coating firmly.

Stable manicure. How to make lacquer stay longer?

How to make the lacquer stay longer and do not tighten its layer on the nails?

In order to make a truly stable manicure, it is necessary to resort to a reinforcing coating with gel or acrylic. These artificial coatings make the nail more durable, and allow you to combine the technology of build-up and normal manicure.

A layer of gel or acrylic( often acrylic) is applied directly to the fat-free and opalenny nail plate, and after drying it is polished with a buff and covered with varnish.

After the varnish dries, it is fixed with drying or fixing agent, and it can last for about a month, without losing its shine and attractiveness. This is because the acrylic coating as it absorbs a part of the varnish, and they interpenetrate, and as acrylic - a very strong and resistant to external influences substance, then the manicure will be very stable.

This combination of two technologies is becoming quite popular, since it allows you to always have a wonderful manicure without any further troubles, and well-groomed hands always remain the dream of all women!