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A simple honeydew: a recipe at home


  • Method of cooking honeydew
  • Preparation of leaven for plain honeydew
  • Simple recipes for preparation of honeydew
  • Simple honeycomb - Basic rules of preparation
  • Unusual recipes for cooking simple honeydew
  • Simple and delicious preserved honeydew "Dry"

Since ancient times, the honeydew is an alcoholic beveragebased on honey. Gradually changing the recipe, the most valued is simple, which does not need to spend a lot of time, it requires yeast, boiling. Honey belongs to a small amount of alcohol, it can be obtained at the expense of honey fermentation. Having a recipe at home, a simple honey is easily prepared.

A simple honeydew: a recipe at home

Preparation of a simple honeydew

Method of cooking honeydew

Separately cook a solid kind of beverage, it is made in a simple way, without fermentation, add the required amount of vodka or alcohol. If you count everything, you can get a honeydew with 75 turns.

The fermentation method began to use beekeepers when they left a lot of honey that could not be sold and stored for long-term. To make it possible to process such honey, yeast was used to bake bread.

Before you prepare a honeydew, you need to find a simple recipe for yourself, then exactly pick up all the necessary ingredients. The quantity should be calculated correctly, only a quality product will be produced and a sufficient amount of beverage will be obtained.

The main component is honey, the other components depend on which recipe. To taste, honey can add cinnamon, ginger, raisins, dried apricots, cardamom, anise. The classic recipe suggests using water, hop cones, yeast.

Preparation of Sourdough for Simple Honeyworm

This is an important stage, due to fermentation, fermentation will take place. In order to prepare it, you need to follow the following recipe:

  • Take water, add honey to it, it should dissolve in it.
  • Experienced beekeepers recommend taking some honey and plenty of water.
  • The mixture needs to be boiled in a slow flame to interfere 10 minutes.
  • When boiling do not forget to get rid of foam.
  • Should not boil too much, the third part is allowed.
  • Cool, optimum temperature 40 degrees.
  • A simple honeydew: a recipe at home

    After you need to take yeast, they are necessary for sourdough. Enough 5 grams per 10 liters of mixture. Hope to take a little more. In the end add spices, it is important not to overdo it.

    So that the honey is tasty and high-quality, the recipe says that it needs to be insisted for as long as possible. It's ready in a week, but it's better to wait longer. To check the readiness you need to pay attention to hiss, which is released through gases.

    Carefully cover the drink so that it does not squeak. When the honeyworm is ready, it should be poured into glass bottles, barrels, to insist. Remember, the longer the beverage is pushed, the more delicious it is.

    Simple recipes for making honey juices

    You can use the following simple recipe at home:

  • You need an enamel pot, it needs to fill the water - 2 liters and honey - 400 grams.
  • All put on a slow fire, while cooking constantly need to interfere and remove foam.
  • When boiling, you need to give him another cook for about 5 minutes.
  • After the hops are added, you do not need much, just 5 grams, cinnamon and nutmeg at the tip of the knife.
  • Separately in 100 ml of water dilute a teaspoon of yeast, to stand for about one hour.
  • Add yeast leaven to the main recipe.
  • Prepare the water seal and put the honeydew on the waves.
  • Ready to drink when a match near the honeydew does not go away when it rises. If not, then wait for the fermentation process to continue.
  • A simple honeydew: a recipe at home

    Photo of a simple honeydew

    Natural Slavic honeydew

    You need yeast. It will take a long time to insist on it. To prepare it, you need to follow the following recipe:

  • 800 grams of honey.
  • Juice - 2 liters.
  • Everything is mixed up, and humped cones are added.
  • Fertilization will take a very long time to 10 years. Not everyone suffers from this recipe.
  • A simple principle of manufacturing has a fragrant honeydew. It has a pleasant aroma, it contains a large amount of spices. It is also cooked as natural, but before you put the drink to ferment, you need to add cinnamon, cardamom, berry juice. The result is a delicious and sweet drink.

    Fast Classic Honeycomb Recipes

    If there is no time to wait 10 years until the beverage is wandering, tense. You can use such a simple lemon recipe, it will need:

  • Lemon - 3 pieces.
  • Honey - 500 grams.
  • Raisins - 200 grams.
  • Limon is ground and lie in an enameled pot, after all you need to pour boiling water, stir and cool.
  • Add yeast - 25 g, flour - a tablespoon.
  • Insist more than three days in the heat.
  • The classic recipe is very simple, it is often used for home cooking. There is no need to adhere to special technologies:

  • Mix honey with water, boil for 5 minutes.
  • Cool to 30 degrees.
  • Add yeast, insist.
  • A simple honeydew: a recipe at home

    Recipe for hot honeydew

    Recipe is popular. It's easy to cook at home, often before it's wandering, add ginger, a bit of St. John's wort, coriander, mother of orange, basil, nutmeg. It has a pleasant aroma and rich taste.

    You can experiment and prepare honeydew using the following recipes:

  • Pepper honey, it is cooked as usual, but is distinguished by its acuity. Need to put in 2 liters of water, pepper, put wandering.
  • The Ukrainian recipe differs in that it requires a lot of honey. You need to take water - 10 liters, honey - 4 kg. Put a little yeast. It is impossible to close the container at fermentation. It should be done within 5 days in the heat. You can try after one month in a cellar or a refrigerator.
  • Simple Honeycomb - Basic Preparation Rules for

  • Correctly choose honey. This is an important condition for the high-quality preparation of honey in the home, only if the product is natural, a quality and fragrant drink will come out. To make honey, you need buckwheat, lime honey. In the spring you can use honey of liquid consistency, but you need to choose it very carefully, so as not to buy a counterfeit - sugar syrup. From such a product, the honey will not work.
  • Honey is necessarily dissolved in water. Water is poured into enameled utensils, boiled. Then honey is added, everything is carefully intercepted with a spoon. When a white foam begins to form, it must be collected with a spoon. Remember that honey can burn, you need to constantly stir and watch over the pot.
  • Add spices after you get rid of foam. It is possible to put honey, cinnamon, nutmeg in honeydew. So you can achieve the original taste. Then you need to thoroughly mix and remove the pan.
  • Carefully prepare for the fermentation process. The mixture is cooled to 35 degrees, after which it is possible to put yeast. You can not add them at high temperatures, they will spoil, and fermentation will not occur. After a pot with a honey mixture put there, where the temperature is 25 degrees. Protect from flies will help gauze. The fermentation takes place in two days, then you will notice foam. When it starts to appear, the mixture pours into a special pity, where the honeydew will wander.
  • The fermentation process. This step should last up to one week. If you put on a glove, you can notice that it is swollen, there are also no bubbles that come out with the help of a water shutter in the drink.
  • Filling and filtration of plain honeydew. The last stage when you need to take a drink and carefully pour in pre-packaged containers for storage, make sure that there is no precipitate. Then you need to strain. It is best to use glass bottles, tightly close, put in a cold place. Insist for about a month, so the honey will be much tastier.
  • A simple honeydew: a recipe at home

    Unusual recipes for cooking simple honeydew

    Often quality and natural honey, when it stays for a long time, crystallises, so that the product does not throw away, it can be used for the preparation of honeydew. For preparation you will need:

  • Water - 10 liters.
  • Crystallized honey - 2 kg.
  • Humilum - 15 grams.
  • Yeast for bread - 3 grams.
  • Take a stainless steel tank, pour water into it, boil it.
  • Dissolve honey in water. Always stop until the mixture is ready. Sweet water boil for 5 minutes.
  • Once foam has stopped, you can add hops, mix and remove from the fire. To cover
  • Separately prepare leaven. To do this, sweet water is added to the yeast. When a solution of honey is cooled, it is necessary to add leaven, cover the honeydew, fermentation should occur in the heat.
  • Insist for about a week, remove hops, pour honey into bottles. Put in a dark, cool place for two weeks.
  • Re-open the capacitance, after closing and insisting another week. You can not fill the bottles completely, they can explode.
  • A simple and delicious recipe for honeydew "Dry"

    It is prepared without yeast, you will need:

  • Water - liter;honey - 2 kg;cherries - 4 kg.
  • Boil the water, put honey in a loose consistency, carefully obstruct it.
  • When the mixture becomes homogeneous, you need to tighten the fire, boil for 20 minutes.
  • In order not to spoil the drink, you must constantly get rid of foam.
  • Cool the mixture, take the cherries, wash them, clean it from the stones.
  • Place berries in a bowl, add syrup. To keep in a warm place, the drink must start to wander.
  • Syrup is poured into a bottle, it tightly closes, to insist in a dark place for up to three months. It is impossible to freeze honey, it will lose all its useful and taste qualities.
  • After honey is ready, pour over bottles. You can taste a drink after 3 months. For flavor it is recommended to add ginger, lemon peel, orange, a little pepper, it is not only delicious, but also useful. There is a large number of simple recipes for cooking a simple meadow, each chooses for itself a suitable one.