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How to properly paint a beard at home


  • How to color the plant's vegetation
  • Beard coloring characteristics
  • Beard coloring process
  • Properties of modern colorants and their preparation
  • Watch for beard health
  • What you need for a beautiful and dense beard:

How to properly paint a beard at home Not all representatives of the strong sex with

easily decide to paint a beard. Often they have to persuade friends or relatives. Coloring a person's hair seems like a simple procedure, but it needs to be approached very carefully.
A simple black hair dye can not be applied here, because its use can cover the skin on the cheeks, chin and neck. Only a specialized remedy is suitable for coloring beard. It is better to ask for help with one of the professional salons. Especially since the cost of the process is not high and lies within five hundred rubles. In order that the color of the beard is constantly uniform, its color should be carried out not rarely than once every seven days.

How to color the plant's vegetation

Some of us do not like the color of the beard, its violation can be caused by several factors at once.

The color of the facial hair may vary due to the following factors:

  • With age;
  • Harmful habits( cigarettes, alcohol, etc.);
  • With Breaking Hormonal Background;
  • With the change of seasons;

Most often this results in uneven coloration, and gray hair may appear with age. In order to solve all the unpleasant moments and give a beard a homogeneous color, similar to the natural, you can apply a good paint. How to properly paint a beard at home

Any person can choose a color for himself, from the brightest to black. The main factor to take into account is the color of the beard, the color of the hair. The bristles should not be too bright or dark. The man who paints a beard, will give her a uniform color and remove gray hair, will immediately look much younger.

There is even such a factor when a man who has shrunk his beard begins to feel a surge of strength and desire to work. Sometimes the changes affect even the character.

The specifics of beard coloring

As we have already mentioned, you can paint a person's hair in the cabin or directly at home. But it should be remembered that if you shave your beard every week, it's best to avoid the services of salons, since the total cost of procedures can become very high. Paint your beard at home so you will save your money. Just keep in mind all the nuances associated with painting.

First of all you need to buy the appropriate paint. A good tool is not cheap, besides finding it is not so easy. If your goal is to paint gray hair, you should choose a bright paint, for example, ash or red. The paint applied to the beard will look different than on the head. She is likely to become darker. So if you decide to apply a black paint, the result may look darker than you would like. This result is highly undesirable, because after the reactions of others, you may want to even shave the whole vegetation on your face. How to properly paint a beard at home

You can paint a black beard at any place in your home. Each box provides a detailed instruction. It should be noted that it is possible to use and colors for women, they are identical in their properties.

Bead Coloring Process

To prepare a paint, you need to mix the main active ingredient with the dye. Both components are in the bags in the box. To mix the ingredients you need to use a plastic or wooden stick. Pour both components into a container and mix.

Finally, apply a dye on the beard, rub it and wait for about half an hour( according to the instructions).Then we rinse the hair color with running water, cold water, so that its remains are not in the eye.

Use a protective rubber gloves when mixing hair colors. Possible coloring of the skin.

One tube of black paint is designed to color the top of the head hair. Since you will paint a much smaller area( beard, mustache), the tube will last for several times. Once one dye package is opened and you take half of it, you need to ensure that other content does not spoil. Wrap the bag in a cellophane bag and put it in the box. Yes, it is guaranteed that the hair dye does not dry up. How to properly paint a beard at home

You can also buy at the pharmacy two swirling jars, which should be poured dye. In order for the drug not to lose a couple of alcohol, you need to connect the lid and jar with vaseline.

Properties of modern dyes and their preparation

When mixing components of high-quality paint, there should be no ammonia odor, only such a dye can be applied to the beard. Another ammonia odor can cause the wrong proportion of oxidant and paint. When the time passes, most often for 3-4 days, it is necessary to repeat the painting. In the same way you can paint gray hair. As a result, you will get a harmonious picture, when your hair will have more light on your head, and the beard will become darker. One tube with paint will suffice for two aisles full of beard coloring, or a few painted gray hair.

Modern black dyes for hair and beard are harmless, they are made on the basis of ammonia. To conduct experiments with dyes of natural origin, such as henna or basma, it is not worth it nothing good will come out of it.

There are also professional paint paints, their main difference is that they are able to paint even the most coarse hair. Professional dyes are presented in a wide range of colors, so you can get as accurately as possible to pick any color that is closest to the natural color. In addition, such paints are kept for a very long time. The color of the dye depends directly on the color of the dye, which is why it needs to be treated with maximum care.

Watch for beard health

Permanent beard coloring makes it dry. Washed and dried natural oils contained in the bristle. In order to neutralize this effect, it is necessary to take a number of measures.

Apply Aromatic Oils. They possess all the necessary natural type fats and help the beard to stay in tone. Moreover, such oils will deprive your hair of unpleasant tobacco smell, because cigarette smoke is heavily ingested in his beard. Trust the choice of a doctor's butter, but you can pick up something yourself. For example, very good properties have such oils as:

  • tea tree;
  • chamomile;
  • pink tree;
  • ylang ylang;
  • incense;
  • orange;
  • mint;
  • lemon;How to properly paint a beard at home

Recently, more and more men are beginning to give tribute to fashion and watch what they look like. And this is understandable, because the person who follows oneself has always enjoyed success both at work and in everyday life. In a series of measures on the observation of its appearance includes and beard coloring. She can not just update your look, but also deprive gray hair, change the image, raise self-esteem!

What you need for a beautiful and dense beard:

  • use oils and aerosols from the pharmacy, for example, the same minoxidil. He will fit the most impatient;
  • observing the schedule of the day;
  • to forget about smoking, alcohol and other bad habits;
  • use only the right nutrition, rich in fruit and vegetable diet;
  • moisten and moisturize your face several times a day;
  • Think of sport; it raises the blood's content of the male hormone - testosterone, which affects vegetation;
  • Avoid nerves and stress situations, they have a detrimental effect not only on hair growth but on the whole body;The
  • spends more than eight hours a day. A healthy dream is the key to a beautiful beard;