Hair over the upper lip. How to discolour hair over lip? How to illuminate the hair above the upper lip?

Hair over the upper lip. How to discolour hair over lip? How to illuminate the hair above the upper lip? The pride of many men - the mustache - to the representatives of the beautiful sex at all to nothing. To combat excessive vegetation, hundreds of different methods are involved, from shy picking up to chemical influence.

The whiskers of whiskers are hostile. ..

When it comes to the

, a light, invisible gun that naturally rests on the entire surface of the body, it's best not to bother. After removing the hair above the upper lip, it is common to grow better than the former, and once in a while they become darker and harder. Another thing is that if you remove the antennae just necessary - when they are too noticeable on the face, it literally poisons life and becomes a source of complexes, especially in young girls.

There are several causes of cariousness. ..

First of all, it is a congenital tendency or heredity. Often, such a problem occurs in brunettes or brown-haired, rarely - in blondes. Intensive hair growth can also begin as a result of hormonal disorders in the body, for example, after surgical interventions with the subsequent use of hormonal drugs, due to a violation of metabolic processes in the endocrine system, in the work of the ovaries. In such cases, the solution to the problem lies in the medical plane. After checking for hormones and appropriate treatment can come in the norm by itself. If the theme is purely aesthetic, you need to choose a competent way to get rid of excess hair. Most often the problem exaggerates, and does not require any special actions, except to discolour hair over the lip. The most common method is the treatment of hairs with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. In addition, today you can buy a special cream with a bleaching effect. But the method is suitable only for those with rare and not too hard aunts.

And what about those who have hair above the upper lip thicker than they would like?

  • There is also enough money in their arsenal, and the simplest of them is a tweezers. True, pinching is a very complicated and painful procedure that does not give a lasting effect. This is precisely the case when regrowing hair has a more rigid structure and a darker shade. For mechanical removal, better wax strips, they can be used independently, at home, and in the cabin. Any mechanical effect is threatened by irritations, so after each removal, the skin should be treated to soften the hypoallergenic cream.
  • A popular method of getting rid of vegetation on the face - hair removal, hair removal with the help of a directed stream of light. One minus - the procedure is very expensive, in addition to do it for a stable result requires at least 5-6 times.
  • Unlike photoepilation, electro-epilation is a more painful procedure. In addition, with a predisposition to irritation, a woman is not insured from small scars at places of hair removal.
  • There are other, most safe and painless salon treatments - laser hair removal and elo-hair removal.

There is another tool that you can use not for an instantaneous effect, but for the future. These are hair growth retardants. By the way, they can be used along with mechanical methods of hair removal. The root system of hair is gradually exhausted, the growing hair becomes thinner and lighter. This method should be taken into account by those women who are thinking how to illuminate their hair above the upper lip?

However, the method of discoloration mentioned above is more often used - hydrogen peroxide treatment. There are a number of slightly different methods. The most convenient and most widespread is the addition of aqueous solution of peroxide to the shaving foam. The mixture is applied to hair, after 20-30 minutes is washed off. Perhaps the effect will not make all the hundred, but it is not necessary to put such an aggressive environment a second time in order to avoid strong irritation. It's best to repeat the procedure in a few days. In the same mixture you can add a little bit of food alcohol. The effect will be the same, while alcohol will help to avoid rashes on the skin. Some girls generally simplify the procedure as a whole, simply rubbing the problem areas with a solution of peroxide. At what part, we did not stop, deciding how to discolour hair over the lip, is based on the same hydrogen peroxide.

Hair over the upper lip. How to discolour hair over lip? How to illuminate the hair above the upper lip?

For all simplicity, the method has a number of contraindications for

. It is an allergic reaction, a thin sensitive skin, a pregnancy. By the way, during pregnancy it is not recommended to use also the illuminating cosmetics - creams and stripes, because the chemical reaction that occurs during the illumination of hair, can damage the fetus.

With the features of each of the listed techniques, you need to carefully read before stopping your choice on it. Having thought about how to light the hair above the upper lip or how to remove it irretrievably, one should remember the golden rule: do not harm. Even in an impulse of despair you can not shave your aunts with a razor - then you can condemn yourself to eternal problems. Without checking your skin for susceptibility to irritation, you can not apply to it the chemical composition. But the mustache can not go, it is contrary to the image of a woman. So, we must act with caution, with wisdom. After all, it's not about a cozy area of ​​the body, but about the person.