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Glaze the skin on the fingers, causes, treatment with folk remedies

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  • Why the skin cleaves on the fingers: the main causes of
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The appearance of a woman largely depends on the state of her hands, since

they are always in sight. If there are any problems, then they will be disguised as problematic. That is why care for the hands should be given enough attention. Often, women are faced with the fact that the skin of the hands begins to peel.

Glaze the skin on the fingers, causes, treatment with folk remedies

What is the reason?

According to recent research by scientists, the causes of this phenomenon may be different. And before you start treatment, you need to eliminate those factors that cause peeling of the skin in your hands. To do this, be sure to consult a doctor. For such reasons include:

  • 1. Insufficient amount of vitamin A and E. In order to fill vitamin A deficiency, it is enough to regularly eat carrots. But do not forget that this substance can be assimilated only with oils. Therefore, the best option will be the introduction of carrot salad, seasoned with some oil, into your diet. To get rid of avitaminosis will also help the use of eggs, cabbage, oatmeal and pumpkin. They can be eaten both on their own and cook delicious dishes from them. Vitamin E is especially rich in cod liver. An excellent option is a salad of liver, eggs and green onions. You can also fill the shortage with special vitamin complexes, which can be easily purchased at any pharmacy.
  • 2. Allergic reactions. Today, more and more people are suffering from allergies. It can be manifested in various ways, including scaling of the skin of the hands. Unfortunately, it will not get cured of it completely. But you can find the product that is allergen for you. Avoiding it, you can solve the problem with your hands.
  • 3. Long stay in a stressful situation. Everyone knows that stress is often the root cause of many diseases, including peeling of the skin of the hands. Try to relax more and avoid stressful situations.
  • 4. Long-term use of potent medicinal products.
  • 5. Use of household chemicals without protective gloves. Modern detergents often contain a large number of substances that have a very aggressive effect on the skin. If you notice that some kind of remedy has caused you a negative reaction, you should completely refuse to use it. Be sure to do cleaning in protective rubber gloves. After you have finished, rinse your hands thoroughly with soap and apply a moisturizer on them.
  • 6. Diseases of the skin. Among the frequent causes of such a problem are: dermatitis, psoriasis, lupus, chronic eczema and erythroderma. In this case, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor and start treatment.
  • 7. Disease of the skin of the fungal origin. The effect of microbes and excessive sweating can lead to fungal diseases. In this case, it will not solve this problem without the use of specialized medicines.
  • 8. Infectious diseases such as ARIs. If the skin of the hands gets scalded, it can be a sign of health problems. Therefore, you must undergo a medical examination and pass all the necessary tests. In some cases, treatment with antibiotics may be required.

Glaze the skin on the fingers, causes, treatment with folk remedies

Hand Damaged Skin Care

To ensure that the skin is not obstructed in hands, it must be properly nourished and hydrated. Getting rid of the problem can be by following the following recommendations:

  • 1. Wash hands thoroughly after washing. Try to minimize contact with water. So you can avoid dehydration. To clean the skin of hands, use only soft non-aggressive soap.
  • 2. Regularly apply a moisturizer to your skin. Before going to bed, it is necessary to steam the skin and rub it in a cream enriched with vitamins. It is worth choosing such creams, which include natural ingredients, such as chamomile or aloe.
  • 3. If the cause of peeling is allergy, then you will need special antihistamines. In this case, it is necessary to completely exclude contact with the allergen.

Glaze the skin on the fingers, causes, treatment with folk remedies

Application of

special trays

In order to eliminate skin peeling on your hands, you can use different trays. They should add natural ingredients that have a healing effect. One of the most effective recipes is:

  • 1. With the addition of starch. In one liter of water should be brewed a table spoon of potato starch. Hold hands in this bath for fifteen minutes. After this procedure, the skin must be thoroughly wiped and greased with any nutritious cream.
  • 2. With the addition of potatoes. Cook one medium sized potato. Clean it from the skin and scrape thoroughly. In the resulting puree, pour a glass of milk and two glasses of warm water. In this bath you need to hold your hands for 20 minutes. At the end of the procedure, grease the skin with a nourishing cream.
  • 3. With the addition of gelatin. One teaspoon of gelatin dissolve in a glass of warm water. Leave for 40 minutes. After gelatin has swelled, pour it into a saucepan and put on a slow flame. After boiling, remove the contents from the heat and cool to a comfortable temperature for hands. Such baths will help to get rid of peeling and make the skin soft and velvety.

Glaze the skin on the fingers, causes, treatment with folk remedies

Homemade Ointment Recipes

Helps handicapped your skin with ointments that are easy to prepare at home:

  • 1. With added celandine. This medicinal plant is able to effectively heal cracks in the skin and make it softer. To prepare a healing ointment, place the celand leaves in a saucepan. Pour them a glass of vegetable oil and put on a slow flame. After the mixture boils, add to it a tablespoon of wax. Mix thoroughly and continue to heat until the wax is completely dissolved.
  • 2. With the addition of honey. Mix honey with flour and a small amount of any animal fat. As a result, you have to leave a mass resembling a dense dough. Wash hands thoroughly and dry before the procedure. On the affected code, put a small piece of the prepared composition and gently smear it all over the surface. Wrap your hands with a clean cloth and wrap a woolen scarf.

Prevention Methods

In order to prevent skin peeling on your hands, you need to first accustom yourself to proper nutrition. Enter in your diet as much as possible vegetables and fruits. In your menu must be present cabbage, tomatoes, parsley, green peas, prunes, potatoes, carrots and corn. Useful also is the use of porridges, such as oatmeal and pearl barley.

Fill deficiency of vitamins will help regular use of vegetable juices. The best option will be carrot juice with the addition of several drops of vegetable oil. You can also cook drinks from several vegetables at the same time.

Following the simple recommendations, you can always get rid of this problem. Then your hands will always look well-groomed and attract the attention of others.