Features of rafting

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  • What are the requirements for rabbits for producers?
  • Mating Preparation
  • Mating Process How long can rabbit be manufacturers?

Partial rabbits at home have many nuances - the age of rabbits of producers, their characteristics, the

frequency, the peculiarities of feeding in different periods. Breeding of rabbits is now engaged not only in farms, but also in private entrepreneurs - people living outside the city in their own homes and cottages. Crocodiles will have to study genetics to avoid the degeneration of the breed and the birth of weak and non-viable crowns.

Features of rafting

Two weeks before the ration the rabbit diet should consist of: vitamin-mineral complexes, oats, beets, carrots, potatoes, and chalk.

What are the requirements for rabbits for producers?

Before you buy rabbits, you need to learn how to distinguish males and females. After all, in the store or in the market you can slip those that you need. This skill will also be useful when distributing grown-up rabbits. In advance determine the breed of rabbits - meat you need or decorative( with good fur), but may be combined. You need to know in advance about all the features of the preferred breed. Naturally, all individuals must be healthy, active, and fed. Note that the rabbit can become a worthy producer only after the second molting( approximately at the age of 6-7 months), and the rabbit is after the first( 5-6 months).Although larger and more healthy offspring are brought by rabbits after reaching the age of 8 months or years. They produce more milk, and this is very important in order to feed the rabbits to 1.5 months of age and, once pregnant, to reproduce a good offspring.

Features of rafting

A combination of breeds of rabbits at industrial breeding.

Pregnancy of rabbits lasts about a month. It is better when the brood breeding occurs simultaneously in several females, so that it is possible to transplant rabbits to another rabbit if milk is lacking. Therefore, the number of rabbits in your nursery must prevail, but do not expect to try one single rabbit. Put the second in stock, suddenly one of them will not grow relations with some rabbits.

In case of keeping animals in warm heated premises, reproduction of rabbits can take place all year round. If there are no such conditions, then avoiding worms in winter frosts, as rabbits can freeze immediately after birth.

For paired animals, animals of medium fatness are taken. Obesity animals are too slow - males are not active, and females do not immediately get pregnant. Extremely thin animals can bring poor and disease-free offspring. For this reason, you need to systematically inspect them and adjust the diet.

By the way, in order not to get confused, it is necessary to make special informative signs with the name of the animal, the date of birth, the names of the parents, the terms of pairing, the number of hens, the total number of rabbits in the litter and the number of stillborns in the cages with rabbits. However, you can keep a journal where you will describe and list other characteristics of rabbits you need for you and their rabbits.

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Preparation for mating

Features of rafting

Determination of rabbit sex.

The rabbit conjugation has a preparatory period. In rabbits, a couple of weeks before the joints change the diet - add vitamin and mineral complexes, oats, beets, carrots, potatoes, bone meal, chalk. Animals with trauma, scratches, non-life, spirochetosis or scabies are not allowed to mating. In addition, from the cycle of reproduction, the females are sick with mastitis or suffer from them now. Moreover, this same fate concerns the rabbit, whose mother has become ill with mastitis during feeding.

Male producer must be active and healthy at the time of mating. As rabbits grow, males often fight, so they need to systematically inspect their childbearing organs for scarring, germs and testicles. It is because of fights rabbits at the age of 1.5-2 months is better to plant. This is done not only to avoid fights, but also to eliminate related reproduction. After all, the rabbits are mating, starting from the age of three months.

Rabbits multiply throughout the year. Rabbit during the period of sexual hunting is better to plant in a male cage. In warm season, the rabbit is ready for pairing every 5-6 days, and in cold weather after 9-10 days. At this time, it becomes more annoying, refuses to eat, pours out the fluff, pulls in the mouth of the hay and actively moves around the cage. When viewed by her so-called "loop"( genital organs) it is noticeable that they became bright pink. In addition, when it is stroked along the back, the rabbit falls on the stomach and tightens the hind leg. All this suggests that she is ready to meet with the male. The male should not be moved to another cage for joining, because he will look back and sniff a new place, and may lose confidence.

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Mating Process Before mating from a male cage, clean the drinking bowl and feeder so that unnecessary items do not interfere with the actively moving rabbits.

In winter, it is better to combine rabbits in the afternoon - from 11 to 16 hours, and in the summer - early in the morning or in the evening.

Features of rafting

Rabbit Structure.

It's normal if the rabbit joins in one day with 3-4 rabbits. After two days of pairing, he needs a rest day.

Sows had posterity planted in a rabbit cage for a short time. After the successful completion of the pairing, the rabbit flushes to the side and pours. Even in this case, it is worth waiting for the repetition of the conjugate, and only then sow the rabbit, but the long stay of the females drains the rabbit. Most often the rabbit is re-fed in a male cage after 5-6 days. If it is toughened, it is a sign of pregnancy. If you let go, then most likely she is not pregnant, so after 5 days it is brought back to the rabbit. Of course, you can gently scrub the lower part of the rabbit's stomach for pregnancy, but it can be difficult for an inexperienced rabbit. Incorrect manipulation can cause abortion.

An inexperienced female for the first time, maybe, have to withstand. Although it happens that a non-pregnant inexperienced female does not tolerate any males - not after 6 hours or every other day - beats and bites. In this case, you need to pick up a spare manufacturer. The female may enter hunting the very next day after shaking, but pregnancy will weaken milk production, so it is better to postpone breeding for 10-15 days.

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content How long can rabbit be producers?

Features of rafting

Domestic rabbit breeding cycle

Good keeping conditions and diverse feeding can quite quickly accelerate the speed of rabbits. The first sex hunt in a rabbit can take 3-4 months. However, these terms the organism of the animal has not yet fully formed, therefore the offspring may not be viable. The terms of the final ripening of the rabbit for the birth of a strong and healthy offspring vary depending on the breed. Female sheep breeds( gray or white giant) are considered adults after reaching a weight of over 3.5 kg, usually occurring in 6-7 months. For fur breeds a sufficient weight of 2.5 kg

During the first year rabbits from the first and second rabbit rabbit - the producers can bring offspring themselves. By the way, if a rabbit has refused to feed its cubs or ate some of them, it is rejected. As practice shows, poor maternal qualities are inherited. If a female after a spill pounded rabbits or they are scattered over the cage, if there is a complete drink, it is replaced. Another problem of females is listeriosis. In this case, the pregnant rabbit aborts or gives birth to dead rabbits.

For reproduction, rabbits have been marked by good fertility and rabbits bring numerous offspring. These producers have a role of no more than 5 years. Additional males are used for up to 3 years, and females - no more than 4, then they are sent to slaughter. If you will practice frequent shoots and an accelerated pairing schedule, individuals will have to be replaced every 2.5-3 years. Naturally important individual approach, but it is believed that over time parental and childbearing qualities weaken.


Paralysis of rabbits for breeding purposes is not easy. However, the reproduction of animals for meat and peel is not a very labor-intensive process. The main thing is to understand some of the features and rules of running a rabbit farm. Be careful about the selection of individuals for breeding, avoiding related breeding, do not expose animals to stress, feed well and take care of them - then you will be able to receive good offspring and return your money.