Ventilation in the chimney with his own hands: how to do it, the scheme, the extractor


  • Why is ventilation so important?
  • First way - natural ventilation
  • Second method -
  • exhaust manifold Method 3 - mechanical ventilation

A significant part in conducting a domestic chicken farm is to make high-quality ventilation in the chicken coop. Particularly important for the

is the cold season - in winter. Have to thoroughly go deep into the study of the ventilation device, otherwise the frosty and heavy air of the room will adversely affect the state of chickens, which will reduce productivity and worsen state of health.

Ventilation in the chimney with his own hands: how to do it, the scheme, the extractor

Ventilation in a smoker made by his own hands

Why is ventilation so important?

Just like humans, birds need fresh air. Especially at the time of the year, when it comes to frost and let go of chickens on the wagon becomes problematic. The extraction is necessary because the products of the life of the birds can form in the air the so-called ammonia vapors, which badly affect the organisms of the layers. The carbon dioxide released during the breathing of the trigger also promotes the need for ventilation.

In winter you will not be able to ventilate the hen house by simply opening the door. At this time, there is a need for special pipes in the room, through which air will circulate. After all, with the open door in the hen will very quickly become cold, and for chickens, such temperature variations are highly undesirable. In this case, their effectiveness may be significantly reduced.

In order to properly arrange the ventilation in the smoker, it is recommended to follow one of the three methods provided. A high-quality device will allow you not to worry about the health of the bearers. Be careful when arranging the room, this will allow you to protect yourself from further worries.

First way - natural ventilation

The simplest and cheapest ventilation is natural. It is organized on the basis of banal ventilation of the room, without the use of any pipes. However, even during the construction of the chicken need to take into account some points. It is important to make a small window for the circulation of air between it and the door. Select the correct place somewhere above the entrance door or in the ceiling. But to make such ventilation does not mean giving permanent access to fresh air to the donkeys.

Ventilation in the chimney with his own hands: how to do it, the scheme, the extractor

Natural ventilation through the window

Such ventilation in the courier with his own hands can not be cost-effective. By saving on a ventilating shaft, you will considerably spend on the heating of the chicken. Constantly opening the entrance doors in winter to ventilate the room, you will simultaneously "heat the street."The option of natural ventilation though simple in organization, but acceptable only at first.

Second way - an extractor

Exhaust ventilation is another, more optimal way. To make a hood is quite real and with your own hands, it is important to know the main aspects of the device. The step-by-step instructions for installing the hood are as follows:

  • It is necessary to leave two openings in the roof, which will subsequently take pipes. This aspect should be taken into account during installation.
  • An overview of the basic pipe sizes is required. Since the openings for the two pipes should coincide with them in diameter - ideally they should be about 200 millimeters. The length of the pipes is also regulated, the most correct value is 2 meters.
  • Installation of such pipes will allow air to circulate indoors indoors. Above the roof, the inflow pipe should act as in ordinary wooden houses - 30-40 cm. Note that it should not reach exactly the floor, the gap should be at least 30 cm.
  • The exhaust pipe must be installed closer to the insects, so that fresh air arrives in direct access to their permanent location.
  • Correctly install small "umbrellas" over roof pipes so that rain and snow do not fall into the chicken coop.

Ventilation in the chimney with his own hands: how to do it, the scheme, the extractor

Ventilation in the winter smoker

Ventilation in the smoker is better when the pipes are not in the immediate vicinity. To efficiently circulate the air they need to be installed in opposite corners of the room.

Method 3 - mechanical ventilation

This method is often called mechanical ventilation, in reality it is not the use of any mechanisms, devices or pipes for circulation of air, and in the banal fan.

Ventilation in the chimney with his own hands: how to do it, the scheme, the extractor

Mechanical ventilation with

fan The mechanical method of this method can be called because it involves special sensors for controlling the humidity in the smoker. Their installation does not require serious expenses, but it can make the ventilation process more efficient. The fan itself should ideally be installed in the window, then the profitability will be much higher. The third way involves an increase in the financial budget to ensure the vital activity of the hen due to the increased cost of electricity.

In order for your chickens to be healthy, you need to take care of indoor ventilation. You can do this either by any of the above methods. Do not neglect the issue of fresh air in the chicken poultry - birds have high body temperature, so the heat and moisture will constantly prevail. Poor ventilation can be the cause of the disease of chickens, a sharp decrease in fertility and the inability to eat their meat.