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Design and architecture of wooden houses in different styles


  • 1 Basic rules
    • 1.1 Russian style: convenience and eco-friendliness
    • 1.2 Country: national traditions in the spirit of modernity
    • 1.3 High-tech, modern: modernity in combination with sophistication
    • 1.4 Retro style as an echo of the past
  • 2 Conclusion

The tree is special

is nobleness, so the interior design of premises in such plans should contain a minimum amount of artificial materials. In this case, it is necessary to focus attention on the naturalness, emphasizing the natural drawing of wood.

However, a house made of cylindrical logs allows you to walk around fantasy to the fullest. Before beginning the upgrade, you should get acquainted with what professional designers offer.

Design and architecture of wooden houses in different styles

The interior design of a wooden house may be different in style

Basic rules

Any idea will become harmonious only under certain conditions:

  • The interior space of the house from a log or beam opens up a lot of opportunities to show their imagination in the interior design, andthe price of the work will not be very large. However, unnecessary modernity and the use of the style of minimalism should be avoided.
  • Since the tree is a natural material, after a few years it begins to darken. Therefore, please note that if the pine was used in the construction, the walls will acquire a brownish-yellow tint, if the fir - white and yellow.
  • Design and architecture of wooden houses in different styles

    Interior rules in a wooden house

  • Although a wooden house does not require interior decoration, its walls can be painted or covered with any other material.
  • One of the most important elements of decoration is light. Since over time the interior of the building becomes darker, it is necessary to think in advance the design of all interior elements of the premises, including ceilings, floors, windows and fireplaces.
  • Tip: Take the time to display the correct light.

  • Visually increase the space in the house will help high ceilings.
  • In a wooden structure everything is perfectly fitted, without which modern man can not do:
    • kitchen set;
    • plumbing;
    • household appliances.

    Russian Style: Convenience and Environmentally Friendly

    A Russian-style home is a popular designer style that is used not only by us but by Europeans as well.

    The interior space of such a house should be appropriately executed, as facilitated by the use of such techniques:

    • establishes a real Russian stove, or its imitation, for example, a fireplace, designed properly by their own hands;
    • if there is an oven, there should be a stack, or rather, its imitation, for which the logs are used, fixed on the wall with the help of glue;
    • requires the use of textiles, including:
    • white lace curtains;
    • homespun carpets;
    • tablecloths, towels;

    Design and architecture of wooden houses in different styles

    Designed inside a wooden house in the Russian style

    • wooden furniture, which can serve as a dining table, as well as all kinds of benches and benches.

    Tip: Use a plethora of small accessories, including pillows hanging on a hook and grass bundles.

    Country: national traditions in the spirit of modernity

    Application of the style in the interior design allows you to combine the naturalness and simplicity that is important inside a wooden house, as well as to indicate the ownership of the home to a certain national group. The most commonly used Scandinavian variants, including Finnish and Russian.

    Design and architecture of wooden houses in different styles

    Country house design

    A country-style interior that emphasizes indigenous traditions.

    The following techniques are used for this:

    • residents of the North have a peculiar hide of the skin on the floor and a fireplace;
    • wide verandah, which has rocking chairs, will emphasize the identity of the peoples of the South;
    • residents of Britain and Scotland love chic, so even in a wooden house they will not be without luxurious carpets, lacquered furniture and glass - wide window frames, glass furniture;
    • but if for the soul the heroism of the Vikings, the interior can be decorated with natural stone, imitation of torches, placed on the walls, and the heads of captured animals.

    High-tech, modern: modernity combined with sophistication

    The interior of a wooden house does not necessarily have to emphasize the identity of the Russian people and its original affiliation with the village. Even notes of ultramodern can be present here.

    That's why the style of high-tech is the same as among the inhabitants of wooden houses, and the modern one is the opposite. The corresponding situation will help to create the following instruction, which combines several techniques:

    The space

  • High-tech, modern look for indoor space.
  • It is necessary at the stage of development of planning of the house to take care that the premises in it were full of air.
  • There should definitely be high ceilings and matching decor items.
  • Light Despite the fact that for both styles is characterized by a large amount of light, this effect is achieved in totally different ways:

    • high-tech - characterized by artificial lighting, with a large number of many metallic objects, reflecting it;
    • modern - provides natural light that is achieved by wide window openings.

    Functionality The main difference between both styles is functionality. First of all, it is inherent in a dining room - kitchens. No matter how modest it was, its function must be fulfilled. And although the furniture in both styles is completely different - one of them is inherent in wood, and the other - in metal, these materials can perfectly be combined with each other. Design and architecture of wooden houses in different styles

    Design of houses made of cylindrical logs inside the house in Art Nouveau style

    Retro style as the echo of the past

    Its use helps to assemble in the interior everything bright and memorable that was in the past. This style can rightfully be called the most favorite and widespread flow in the interior, which will appeal to people, with a reliable looking in the future.

    To emphasize, certain techniques should be applied:

  • Old walls will emphasize the nobility of the tree of the last century. And although this work requires certain skills and skill, it can justify itself.
  • The introduction of vintage accessories into the interior will help to mitigate the extraordinary retro style.
  • Different ones can be used:

    • chests;
    • headsets;
    • chairs;
    • wicker grilles.
  • Popular candlestick chandeliers in the past should be slightly fused, which will emphasize their belonging to the last century.
  • Design and architecture of wooden houses in different styles

    In the photo - retro style in a wooden house

  • Interior doors can replace drapes and curtains, falling down the folds. This will not only decorate the room, but also create a unique cosiness.
  • One more indispensable accessory in the retro style will be an oak desk, decorated with imitation of old writing accessories.
  • Conclusion

    Now you can precisely tell which style is closest to your home. However, one should not be too fond of applying one of them. Each family is distinctive in its own way, therefore it is desirable to come up with something, to emphasize traditions, to connect different directions in the interior.

    The video to this article will allow you to find additional information on the above topic.