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Chinese New Year 2018. When it starts and ends

Chinese New Year 2018. When the

Chinese New Year 2018. When it starts and ends

starts and ends

New Year's Eve features the New Year celebrating billions of people around the world. Every holiday is good in its own way: someone likes a great feast, and someone has enough of a quiet dinner, held in the

family circle. The New Year has long been shrouded in mystery and mysticism. Each nation has its own distinct, different from other myths, customs, traditions and legends associated with this holiday. In some countries, the New Year is not celebrated on January 1, as is customary around the world, but at another time, depending on the position of the planets, the sun, and the moon. But practically in every corner of the planet the New Year is associated with magic, brings new, better moments, and takes away all the bad things that were before.

Chinese New Year 2018. When it starts and ends

Chinese New Year 2018

It is worth to say in advance that in the People's Republic of China the New Year is celebrated twice. The first New Year is celebrated on the night of December 31, 01.01, as well as all over the world. But the exact date of the celebration of the second, that is, the Chinese New Year, no one can say in advance. Calculate the date of celebration for the onset of the newlyweds after the winter solstice. As a rule, the date of celebration varies within 30 days after January 21st.

2018 The Chinese New Year will be February 16, Friday. According to legend, Yellow Earth Dog( the symbol of the year) will land on this earth. In Chinese folklore there is a huge number of different legends associated with the emergence of own New Year. Thus, according to one of the legends, on the New Year's Eve the Evil Spirit came to the land. People did not know how to drive him out. But the problem was solved by itself - until the morning after the horizon began to rise a bright red sun, which frightened the Evil Spirit and saved the lives of millions of Chinese. After this, the New Year is celebrated in a bright red dress, which symbolizes the sun. At the same time, the more red, the better. After all, the red color of Chinese folk beliefs not only drives evil spirits, but also attracts luck and prosperity.

Chinese New Year 2018. When it starts and ends

One more Chinese legend on the New Year's night, nobody should sleep - everyone should laugh, shout and sing, scaring away from themselves and from their home all the evil that wanders this night on the streets. Some traditions in modern society have been interpreted in a new way - now for the scaring of evil spirits, loud cops of firecrackers, frostbite and fireworks are also actively used.

Preparations for the New Year's celebration in China

As already mentioned, the Chinese are trying to surround themselves with a large number of red in New Year's night. Tablecloths, clothes, rugs, curtains, dishes - all this is every New Year "is painted in bright red shades. In addition, a few days before the onset of a new year, the Chinese decided to carry out general cleaning. Make general cleaning not only in houses, but also in offices, on the streets of cities and villages. All old and unnecessary at the same time thrown out, each corner of the room is carefully washed away so that the negative energy( according to beliefs it is accumulated in the corners) went away, giving access to new trends and the circulation of positive energy. In the center of the main room put a light tree - a kind of replacement of the European fir. The entrance door hangs five tapes of different colors, which symbolize wealth, luck, success, love and happiness. On the table there is practically no frills - they exhibit several dishes, the main of which are dumplings and rice slices.

Chinese New Year 2018. When it starts and ends

Also, the integral part of the New Year's table in China is sweets - they try to put as much as possible.

How Many Chinese New Year is celebrated by

Chinese - Family People. And the traditions associated with the celebration of the New Year, are celebrated here for more than one thousand years. Even in a modern way of life, Chinese people living in cities return to the New Year's home in their villages and celebrate the new year with their entire family. Most employers from other countries take this into account and plan their holidays during the New Year celebrations. Earlier, New Year's holidays in China lasted for a month( lunar cycle), but now, in the modern world, such a long vacation can not afford to anyone. That is why the Chinese authorities have done the right thing - the New Year and two weeks after it are announced as official holidays( though not for everyone). Celebrate the onset of the New Year by the Festival of flashlights, which in large numbers are released to the sky to fulfill desires.

Chinese New Year 2018. When it starts and ends