Correct home and professional face care. Homemade and cosmetics for face skin. Folk recipes for face care

Although they say in the people - do not drink water from the face, however, the beauty of the face has always been a priority before the beauty of the body. If to believe the latest research of domestic psychologists, then the vast majority of men on the question: "What is better for you in a woman - a beautiful face or a good figure of

?", Answered that they would prefer a rather beautiful face. They motivated this by the fact that you can work on the figure, adjust it with clothes, but if a person is ugly, then he will save him as a chador! Indeed, if a woman has a beautiful, clean face, without visible skin defects, then the defects of the figure are almost invisible, especially if it has a good, positive character! What is the conclusion? He suggests himself - a woman should watch the beauty of her face, not forgetting about the figure, of course!

Correct home and professional face care. Homemade and cosmetics for face skin. Folk recipes for face care

Correct face care

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Correct home and professional facial care allow a woman to look good and look like a day out, but keep her youth for years to come! It is thanks to the wonderful means so much displaced the age limits of feminine youth - today, each of us can take advantage of the possibility of rejuvenation, without resorting to plastic surgery!

A variety of professional treatments can bring a blooming look to the skin, a tone and a healthy flush - all the attributes of healthy and young skin. Among the procedures used by thousands of women every day, the most popular are cleaning, peeling, and microcurrent therapy.

Each of them, on the basis of individual testimonies, cares for the skin and eliminates all kinds of defects. All types of cleaning, from mechanical, to enzyme, allow you to remove acne, acne, inflammation, level the skin surface, and return it to normal color.

Peelings are able to interfere with a situation where superficial cleaning is powerless, which is why a professional cosmetologist will choose from peeling types( chemical, laser, and ultrasonic) that is necessary in a particular case. All types of peeling allow you to get rid of wrinkles, pigment spots, rosacea and other age manifestations. Young girls peeling will help to overcome the problem of juvenile acne and comedones, and mature women will take pleasure to peel for a remarkable rejuvenation! It is precisely because of this that many of us prefer microtreatment therapy, a procedure that goes first in providing facial tightening services, eliminating wrinkles, both small mimic and pronounced nasolabial teeth.

Professional skin care provides for the choice of special cosmetic products, but only in accordance with the type of skin that can be normal, dry, oily and mixed. Creams, tonics, lotions, masks, scrubs and oils - this is not a complete list of everything that should be on the dressing table of a modern woman who cares about her skin!

When using professional makeup, do not forget that there are home remedies and cosmetics for skin care, which have accumulated all the experience gained by many generations of women who dream of beauty of the face. Among them are wonderful masks based on healing herbs that can soothe irritated skin such as calendula, herd, chamomile and sage, as well as nutritious masks created from natural gifts - sea buckthorns, honey, eggs, cheese, cereals, vegetables and fruits! Perfect aromatic oils, with which you can give the skin a blossoming and young look, perfectly complement the fully accessible products for home care products.

Our skin needs constant care, and for its normal functioning not only masks are required, but also cleansing - national recipes for face care allow you to clean your skin at home, using affordable products and substances. There are many recipes for cleaning the skin at home: using scrubs based on crushed groats, cleaning masks using honey, hydrogen peroxide, soda and other components that are common to us.

Support the skin tone of the face and return the youthful outlines to help with special home-made massages and exercises that you will find in our tips! This is a massage on the massage lines, and a tear-off massage with honey, exercises for tightening the contour of the face and removing fatigue and swelling of the eyelids - in general, we have tried to find answers to all the questions of exciting women! Folk recipes for face care, supplemented by the professional advice of cosmetologists, will allow every woman to achieve a stunning state of skin and good mood!