Nurofen: Instructions for use

Among the most effective drugs, which are quite capable of eliminating pain and inflammation in the short term, without having a negative effect on the liver and other organs, the plays an important role in the nitrofen .This drug has a lot of positive reviews about

results of application. Despite such a moment, before you buy this drug for your purposes, you must necessarily familiarize yourself with the instructions for use to clarify the information on contraindications and the various peculiarities of use.

As a rule, narrofen is prescribed by a doctor for headaches, inflammation of the teeth, rheumatism and other joint pains, with migraines and various inflammatory processes in the body. The summary of the drug contains information that indicates the form of the application of this agent for a specific type of pain. For example, narrofen( gel) is used as an external drug, which provides a local anelgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, namely, the gel is recommended for use as an analgesic, used in arthrosis and neuralgic problems, pains caused by muscular trauma and ligamentafter sports lessons. Nurofen( tablets, pills and capsules) are recommended for all types of pain. For children who are problematically swallowing large pills, it is recommended that nurofen( syrup or suspension) be used. The syrup does not contain glucose and various dyes, therefore it is a sparing kind of preparation and is also suitable for children who suffer from diabetes mellitus.

Nurofen: Instructions for using

Nurofen belongs to the category of anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal drugs. The mechanism of action is based on blocking the synthesis of prostaglandins( substances that contribute to maintaining the inflammatory response in the body).The main drug component of the drug ibuprofen. Nurofen effectively removes the inflammatory process and eliminates the fever, in the further finally suppressing the action of inflammatory agents. Significant analgesic effect of the drug is achieved, due to the fusion in the drug of the main active substance ibuprofen, with auxiliary: sodium lauryl sulfate, silicon dioxide and others. An important point in the action of the drug is the ability to neutralize platelet adhesion.

After taking nurofen, all components of the drug are actively absorbed in the intestine and spread through the blood throughout the body. The positive effect of nurofen comes about about half an hour after the completion of the admission and lasts for a third of a day.

Nurofen is for children, in almost the same way as all variants of this medicinal product containing the main active ingredient ibuprofen. One of the medical forms of this money, "Nurofen plus", additionally includes such a component as a codeine.

Contraindications for use of nurofen:

  • heart problems;
  • ulcers and other lesions of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • low blood coagulation, leukopenia;
  • phenomena of asthma;
  • last third of pregnancy, breastfeeding( use of nurofen during pregnancy should be strictly instructed);
  • Children under 6 years old;
  • allergy to the components of the drug, etc.

Nurofen as an independent, serious drug is undesirable to combine with vitamins and various dietary supplements. It is quite dangerous to use it without consulting your doctor and other medicines.