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How to change the faucet in the bathroom with your own hands?

Have you started repairing in the bathroom or your old mixer has cracked and you need to replace it? What shall I do? The easiest solution is to call plumbing, whose many years of experience will allow him to easily solve the problem, but not for free. If you do not want the

to spend money, then you will have to wonder how to change the faucet in the bathroom on its own.

It can be changed by everyone, if you know certain nuances and sequence of actions.

A bath mixer is a device for mixing hot and cold water and feeding it directly to consumers in a mixed form. It can be of two types: ball and double-sided, but regardless of the type in the stores, they are sold in already assembled form. Therefore, you only need to remove the old one and properly connect the pipes with a new one. So, how to change the mixer?

How to change the mixer in the bathroom with your own hands?

How to remove the old

To stop, stop the hot and cold water in the bath. Also pack up with a container and a cloth in case of drainage of water residuals from pipes. To ensure that the required part does not reach the sewage during the work, close the drain hole of the sink and bath with unnecessary cloths or dense paper in advance. Bring the tools, you will need FUM tape and a set of keys.

Now you can begin to unscrew the old mixer, because there is no need to disassemble it in details. You just need to unscrew the nuts, with which it is connected to the eccentric ones, with the corresponding key size. Eccentrics, they are also branch pipes, - small curved tubes, connected with pipes supply water, they are sold in complete with a mixer, so they also need to be unscrew. Unscrew the nuts much easier than the pipes, since the latter are of two types - with special faces under the screwdriver key and without them, which are easier to unscrew with the help of pliers inserted into the inner hole of a rectangular shape. If you've managed to unscrew everything, go to the next step.

How to change the mixer in the bathroom with your own hands?

How to connect a new: instruction

Now, place a new mixer in place of the old one. The inter-axial distance on the pipes and the mixer is standard and equals 150 mm. True, there are errors in this, but there are also branch pipes for their solution, with which you can adjust this distance to the required. To do everything correctly, you need:

  • to put on the new nozzles of the mixer nuts;
  • for a few turns to screw the pipes into the pipes, so that there was an opportunity to correct the generated errors;
  • lift the mixer and see how the whole design will look, whether there is any distortion, whether the distance is adjusted;fix all the disadvantages to the desired position and remember it;
  • further using a FUM tape or a special linen thread to complete the threading of the nozzles in the desired position so that there is a sealed connection( for this thread or the FUM tape, wrap in the opposite direction to the pipe connection);
  • if the pipes are ready, install the mixer on them, for this purpose it is necessary to use large rubber spacers between the pipes and the mixer;
  • simultaneously or alternately manually tighten the nuts so that the mixer is flat;It is not necessary to twist strongly, so as not to damage the gaskets, the wrench can be used only for a final final scroll.

Now you need to check the work. We feed the water and see if there is a leak. If there is no flow in the branch pipes, you can finish the work, if there is - we process it more qualitatively. And finish work by joining the mixer pipe for pouring and shower hose.

The job is ready, leaving only the tools and unnecessary cloths worn. Now you have a new bathroom faucet.