How to care for a drazen compact: rules

The Dracena compact came to our countries from the hottest Africa and became popular among the florists due to its exotic form and unpretentiousness in care. This flower is great to decorate the apartment as well as the office.


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Plant Description

Dracena is a perennial evergreen leafy plant that fits perfectly in any interior. One of the most popular types is the Dracena Compact. This plant has a narrow dark green, and sometimes even almost black-green leaves collected in a bundle. In detail, it is noticeable that the leaves shine much, as if they were covered with varnish. The plant looks very elegant and elegant.

Conditions for growing

Unlike other colors, the dracaena of the compact does not like bright lighting and it is well suited to the angle away from the window. The plant likes constancy, so choosing a place for it, try to move it as rarely as possible.

How to care for a drazen compact: rules

Despite the fact that the compact does not like bright sunshine, it's also not necessary to hide it in the ever dark corner, otherwise the leaves may start to turn yellow. Great place to get a light diffused light. In the summer, it is recommended to bring it to the balcony, but make sure it does not stretch out, otherwise the leaves can begin to roll into a tube.

As the country's fate is considered to be hot countries, its love for high temperatures and high humidity is quite clear.

Flower should be placed in the warmest room and ensure that the temperature does not fall below 18 degrees. Fatal for a plant is a temperature below 12 degrees.

In the summer, the compact perfectly tolerates the heat in 25-30 degrees. If the natural humidity of the air is not enough, then increase it artificially. Regularly spray the leaves with water at room temperature, you can also pour a little water into the pot of the pot, put the grill and put a pot on top. Sometimes you can arrange the old soul drazenu, it is incredibly enjoyable to her. But make sure that there is no water remaining in the axils of the leaves, which can lead to rotting.

How to care for a drazen compact: rules

It is often necessary to water a dracena of a compact unit and it is quite plentiful. In the summer, it can be done daily, in the winter, reduce the frequency to 2-3 times a week. All depends on the temperature and humidity of the room indoors. Keep in mind: once the top layer of the mail has become completely dry, watering is required. Water for irrigation should be warm.

Transplant adult dracaena is required no more than once in 2-3 years, young can be every year. The best approach for this procedure is spring, when the plant wakes up after the winter and begins active growth. When transplanting the pot, increase by 2-4 cm in diameter. The pot is best chosen from natural materials that are good for air and do not allow stagnant water. The soil is best purchased in a flower shop, there will first be all the necessary nutrients. But you can make such a substrate and yourself. Simply mix in equal quantities leafy ground, peat and sand, add a little charcoal. It is good for preventing rotting roots. Do not forget to put a good drain on the bottom of the pot so that the water in the pot does not stagnate, it is very harmful to the flower. A couple of times a month, so that the air is better for the roots, it is worth loosening the ground.

How to care for a drazen compact: rules

It is absolutely necessary to feed the dracaena from spring to the beginning of autumn. It is best to buy liquid fertilizers with a high percentage of phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen, and add to the water. Such water should be watered 2-3 times a week. To achieve the desired form of the plant, it is worthwhile to cut off once a year. Following these simple rules for taking care of a drazen compact, she will delight you for many years with her beauty and look like a photo in the magazine.

Video "Dracena Compact: Conditions of Maintenance"

This video deals with the main aspects of the care of the dracena Compact.