Are pets like pets like decorative rabbits?

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  • The main causes of
  • How to deal with the smell?

Many people who want to raise rabbits are interested in the question: are stinking or decorative rabbits? How to get rid of bad breath? What are his reasons? Answers to these and other questions can be found below.

Are pets like pets like decorative rabbits?

Decorative rabbits require constant and careful care, which is not only in feeding, but also in the timely cleaning of the cells.

What are the decorative rabbits? First of all, these are very cute and friendly animals, which are perfectly alive in captivity. Very often owners are concerned about the content of the pupils, since the smell of urine can be knocked down.

Regarding the unpleasant odor, this is really the case. The smell of rabbit urine is quite sharp and can spread throughout the room. Often, people abandon these animals, fearing for such effects.

In fact, the problem is not in the rabbits themselves, but in the lack of care of the cage and the beast. First, you must identify the cause of the smell.

The main causes of

Are pets like pets like decorative rabbits?

A weak solution of acetic acid is used to clean and disinfect cells.

Unpleasant odor can spread due to irregular cleaning of the cage for the pet. It needs to be done every day. At the same time the cage is enough to rub. If the smell proved to be stable, then you can add a little vinegar to the water. The cage must be protected to a maximum of the use of various chemistry, rabbits are very sensitive to all pairs and weights.

The next reason that these pet pets smell is uncanned male. He, like all the representatives of a strong sex, thoroughly labels his territory in order to show who is at home the main.

This problem is solved very simply: it is enough to spend castration or sterilization. These two operations, by their nature, are simple and will not bring a special discomfort to the pet. Soon, the famine will diminish, it will be less aggressive and health problems will occur much less often.

Ironically, rabbits are animals that are no worse than other pet cats. They are quite smart to go to the toilet in a specially designated place for this. Rabbits can also use a tray. If you are very worried about the smell, then in the cage you have to put a few trays with a filler.

Are pets like pets like decorative rabbits?

After castration, rabbit males cease to label the territory.

The smell, color and texture of the filler can be picked up by yourself. After this procedure, you can understand that the smells are not like rabbits, but their urine. It is important to ensure that the pupil does not feed the granules of the filler. They can damage its digestion.

There are cases when the bad breath of the cage speaks of problems with the kidneys. If the color of the urine has changed and the intensity of the smell has intensified, in this case it is better to refer the animal to the vet.

Among other factors that indirectly affect the intensity of smell, there may be age, breed, size, and quality of feed.

In pubescence, rabbits are actively starting to develop glands that secrete a special secret. It even exacerbates an unpleasant smell. Animals can spread their own faeces over the cell, so the lower part of the cell is better protected to avoid unnecessary surprises.

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How to deal with the smell?

There are few ways to fight odors, but they are all simple and very effective.

The main thing is to constantly clean the damp and periodically change the tray filler. As filler can serve as special mixtures, and natural materials: hay, sawdust, shavings.

Are pets like pets like decorative rabbits?

Manganese solution is suitable for daily processing of the tray.

It is strictly forbidden to put on the bottom of the rabbit hangar of the newspaper. The chemistry contained in them has a detrimental effect on the health of the beast.

It is necessary to carefully approach the issue of choosing a litter, because it is she who will muffle the bad smell. It should absorb urine and prevent it from spreading throughout the entire cell. The tray should be washed at least once a day, optimally - 2.

The more often you clean the pet's cage, the better. Also, everything will depend on the overall dimensions and seasons.

In hot weather, it is best to clean the cage as often as possible, since urine can be a catalyst for the development of various pathogenic microorganisms and fungi. The decomposition processes are accelerated, and this causes the appearance of an unpleasant odor.

When cleaning, it is strictly forbidden to use those chemicals that are used in everyday activities in an apartment. They can affect the health of the pet and even cause some allergic reactions.

Disinfection can be done in vinegar or manganese. After disinfection, the cage must be dry completely. Simply put it in the battery or in the sun.


If the cell is used for a long time, a plaque may be formed at the bottom. From it it is better to get rid of, as it can also inhabit bacteria that enhance the smell. Everything is done very simply. Enough to apply lemon or acetic acid to the bottom and hold for 30-40 minutes. After that, everything is easy to clean, and the bottom is flush. If you do this regularly, then the bottom is cleared much faster.

An unpleasant odor can also cause pet food. If the animals periodically give green juicy herbs and vegetables with abundant drink, then there will be no significant smell.


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In addition to the separate disinfection of the cage, the rabbit can be bathed. This should be done gradually and without fanaticism. Verification should be dipped in warm water and kept on the surface. After pouring it with a special hypoallergenic soap or shampoo. Now the pet smells pleasantly.