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Cellulite stages. Methods of fighting cellulite

Well known folk "orange peel effect", cellulite. Theoretically, according to doctors, it is only a cosmetic defect, because in the international classification of diseases in an independent disease it was not passed. But to eliminate it, somehow using medical procedures, the

is licensed as a therapeutic. The fact is that cellulite is, in essence, an imbalance of the work of all organs and systems.

Cellulite stages. Methods of fighting cellulite

Causes and Stages of Cellulite

It all begins with a disturbance of the carbohydrate metabolism when a woman allows himself too much sweet, first of all, white bread and buns, which leads to a digestive system failure. This entails a disturbance in the functioning of the kidneys - the fluid begins to stay in the body, the weak kidneys knock out the normal rhythm of the adrenal glands and appendages - there are hormonal disorders as hormones are called to regulate the state of the internal environment of the organism.

Experts distinguish several stages of the process. On the first cellulitis is not noticeable. It can be detected only by collecting the skin with your fingers - it's already talking about fluid retention. At the second stage, "orange peel" is already visible with the naked eye, even in the fold it is not necessary to collect. At the third stage, the skin no longer resembles an "orange peel", it reminds, rather, a quilted mattress. On the fourth - the seals are already visible through clothing.

In battle!

In order not to lead to trouble, it is necessary to address this issue at an early stage. As with any problem that occurs in the body, cellulite requires an integrated approach. In addition to the procedures offered today in salons, it is necessary to normalize nutrition. To exclude or at least limit carbohydrates, to enter in a diet of more raw vegetables and fruits, seafood, grain bread, cereal. Meat, fish must be eaten with vegetables, raw or stewed, and, preferably, in the ratio of one( protein) to three( vegetables).Such nutrition, as a rule, relieves cellulite, of course, not a week. Restoration of the body lasts for a year. But also "orange peel" you have not been formed in two days? !

A variety of salon treatments can help today in the arsenal of tackling the problem of the century.

  • Mesotherapy - a method of subcutaneous and intravenous administration in certain areas of certain drugs. As a rule, not drugs, but their mixture. Which exactly, the doctor will determine, based on the features of your body.
  • Ozone therapy - exposure through the ozone-oxygen mixture. Preliminary procedures - massages, manual and hardware. After a course of metabolism, as a rule, it increases, the connective tissue softens, the skin becomes more elastic and soft.
  • Ultrasound therapy is aimed at increasing the activity of the enzymes of the adipose cell, which leads to the withdrawal of fat, as well as the destruction of the structures of pathological connective tissue.
  • There are also drainage procedures - thalasso and presotherapy, the main task of which is to remove excess fluid from the body and toxins.

What procedures will suit you - the doctor will decide.