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Treatment with bee mall: infusion and recipes


  • Features of Bee Moth Larvae
  • How is a tincture of wax moth prepared and where it is used?
  • Treatment with mold larvae extract
  • Application of tincture and extract from larvae of wax moth
  • Useful properties of tincture from larvae of wax moth

Wax moth is very useful, because it has a rich biological composition, it is appreciated by folk medicine as a medicine. The bee moth is also called large wax mall, beeswax or wax fire, which is a pest, a night butterfly and belongs to the family of firefighters.

Features of bee mosquito larvae

The flame fills the beehive at night, there they set up their eggs in honey, the larvae live together with bees, eat honey, then begin to eat pepper, wax. But, in addition, this type of moth destroys the family of bees, it is used as a reliable and effective medicinal product, because it contains a large number of beneficial natural ingredients.

Treatment with bee mall: infusion and recipes

Pests for beekeeping

The main food product of larvae is wax is not pure, but the on

e that is made by bees, it contains a large number of useful properties of trace elements, vitamins. Waxy moth is a powerful biological medicinal product that can help you to heal the human body. Treatment with this tool brings only benefits to humans.

How does tincture of wax moth be prepared and where is it used?

This medicinal product is able to relieve a person of severe illness.

Cook the infusion as follows: collect fresh larvae, then pour them with alcohol and infuse it in a cool place. It is used as one of the most powerful antibacterial, antiviral agents, especially well it struggles with tuberculosis, fungus of the respiratory system, lungs, protects against allergies when treated with antibiotics. Reviews about her are only positive, people appreciate her for the fact that it can quickly and reliably cure severe diseases - bronchitis, pneumonia.

Treatment with

Moth Larva Extracts In addition, the beneficial properties of an extract based on the wax moth larvae have been investigated, but in addition to the amino acids, it includes disaccharides, monosaccharides, nuclides, fatty acids, vital macro-and trace elements. It also consists of magnesium and zinc. Tincture of bee moth has such beneficial properties as stimulation of growth and the emergence of new cells at the expense of a rich biological composition. It contains an enzyme like cerase, it can help clear the respiratory system, thus, fire is one of the best healing remedies for bronchi and lungs; it needs to be taken with an inflammatory process; treatment with this device is not harmful, just like chemicalantibacterial drugs.

Treatment with bee mall: infusion and recipes

After the waxy larva extract has been studied, scientists have come to the conclusion that it is not very toxic, it can be stored for a long time and very rarely there are severe side effects that often occur after the use of various medications.

Application of tincture and extract from larvae of wax moth

These funds are used to treat various bronchial and lung diseases, they help when antibiotics are inactive. For a long time, tincture, cooked on the basis of the larva of the firefighters, is used by gynecologists and obstetricians, with the help of which it is possible to cure infertility, miscarriage, disorders that are characteristic of climax. They have positive reviews about the extract, they believe that it is with his help can help a woman to get pregnant. Therefore, it is recommended that they be mandatory for problems with the reproductive system.

Treatment with bee mall: infusion and recipes

Pharmacists do not yet prepare their own extract of larvae of a wax moth, since they are not specifically divorced. On the contrary, beekeepers constantly destroy it, because it damages beekeeping. When a parasite is started in a hive of bees, the larvae begin to gradually destroy the cells, then honey. It is proved that one generation of larvae of wax moths can be damaged to 20 kg of bee honey.

In addition, a drug based on moth larvae helps to get rid of insomnia, invigorates, quickly restores the body after a disease, increased physical activity, it can improve memory, is always in tone.

Particularly positive reviews of people who have suffered from such diseases as bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, pleurisy, persistent colds. They were convinced with the help of tinctures on the basis of fireworks can protect the respiratory organs, strengthen the bronchi, its use is justified, because it has anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator effect. The extract helps to quickly remove rashes and bronchospasm, especially useful for children.

Thus, wax moth is not only a pest but also a useful medicinal product, its application is due to the natural rich biological composition and its beneficial properties. Therefore, fire is appreciated by people's healers, and only positive reviews can be read about it after the course of treatment.

Useful properties of tincture from wax moth larvae

This medicinal product has been used since the 17th century, with the help of which it is possible to cure tuberculosis, the aging process will stop. In ancient times, tincture was considered one of the best rejuvenating agents, popular among women, it is recommended to use it in order to rejuvenate the body.

Wax tincture has a rich composition, it contains amino acids leucine, valine, isoleucine. Scientists in Italy have proved that the combination of these amino acids makes it a real youth elixir.

Extract, for the preparation of which is used fireball, establishes many vital processes in the human body. Scientists have proven that the extract in its composition has up to 28 amino acids.

Aminopropanoic acid is produced from three important amino acids such as leucine, valine, isoleucine. Due to its brain and central nervous system are constantly filled with energy, alanine is also responsible for strengthening the immunity, it can maintain the level of glucose in the blood in the normal state and protect against such a dangerous disease as diabetes mellitus, so it needs to be taken for preventive purposes.

In the 19th century, seriously began to use the extract of larvae of the bee moth, I. in. Mechnikov worked on the creation of a special tuberculosis vaccine. The scientist knew that the larvae of the wax moth can actively transform the wax produced by the bees, therefore, it concluded that using this means to overcome the cells causing tuberculosis. Indeed, many studies have been carried out and they have proved this fact. It turns out that the flame has a stable immunity in a tuberculous pathogen, also a diphtheria , that causes the plague. Its larvae are capable of destroying different pathogenic microflora in the human body.

In the 20th century, one of the Moscow doctors, who was additionally engaged in folk medicine, tested the wax moth extract on his personal experience, he escaped from tuberculosis who fell ill at a young age. S. Muhin for a long time conducted experiments using drugs based on bee moth and came to the conclusion that with their help can be quickly recovered after suffering a heart attack, the extract is capable of resorbing scars that appear after the disease, in their place a contractilemuscle tissue. Also, scientists have proven that the tincture on the basis of a wax moth helps in the treatment of caverns that are formed in the lung after the transmitted tuberculosis.