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Yorkshire Terrier: price of a puppy, peculiarities, temperament, origin

Yorkshire terrier: price of a puppy, peculiarities, temperament, origin

People who first encounter a breed like a Yorkshire Terrier often take them for decorative dogs. Many perceive them as complementary to fashion things - bags, belts and even a mobile phone. This idea is not entirely correct.

  • The emergence of the amazing breed
  • The role of york in the modern age
  • How to buy a pupil
  • Useful video on the topic
  • Temperament of the puppies of the breed
  • Features of care and feeding Yorkshire terriers

The emergence of the amazing breed of

In this article, we will consider the photo of the Yorkshire Terrier,the price of the puppies and the breeding characteristics, but the history needs to be started. For the first time this breed appeared quite recently - about two hundred years ago. Unfortunately, there is no confirmed information about exactly where the breeding was taking place. One of the versions of the emergence of the breed is that it was withdrawn by the mining workers in the Yorkshire County in the Nottingham Coal Basin. Contributing to the appearance of such a breed was the excessive number of rats that interfered with the work of coal miners. At first, it was thought that these dogs would catch the rats.

The Yorkshire Terrier emerged as a result of the interbreeding of three other breeds of dogs. Again, it should be noted that the data on which breeds were used for cross-breeding has not been preserved.

According to one version for cross-breeding,

  • was used as a breeder-terrier;
  • bottle sight
  • classroom.

At the present time, such breeds do not exist anymore.

As a result, it turns out that the Yorkshire Terrier does not refer to the decorative breed of dogs, but to the hunting, since the fight against rodents is also a kind of hunt. The reasons for the loss of breeding data are unknown.
Yorkshire terrier: price of a puppy, peculiarities, temperament, origin
There are three varieties of Yorkshire terriers on the globe. The main differences between them are in weight and size:

  • Standard Yorkshire Terrier weighs from two to three kilograms.
  • Dwarf Terrier( another name for the mini terrier) - weighs from one and a half to two kilograms.
  • Tiny Terrier - weighs less than one kilogram. Quite often, such a variety of Yorkshire terriers is called "pocket" dogs, it can easily be worn in a woman's bag.
  • The coloration in all types of Yorkshire terriers is approximately the same. At the birth of puppies Yorkshire terriers have a dark color, but after several months, there is an appearance of fire. The color starts to change from the head of the dog. According to the opinion of some veterinarians in these dogs there is a connection between the color and the state of the wool. If the pupil has light shades, then he has a milder hair. In dogs with dark color, wool is more rigid. The Yorkshire Terrier puppy price is directly dependent on these factors.

    The role of york in the modern era

    In the modern world, this breed is no longer used for its original purpose - the catch of rats. This situation is due to the fact that in the modern world there is a huge amount of chemical agents for the control of rodents and there is no need to use Yorkshire terriers. In addition, people began to perceive this breed as decorative. Today, this breed is very expensive.

    This dog is not suitable for people with low incomes, because it requires a large amount of money to buy it, and then you need to put it as much as care for it. Therefore, a dog of this breed can afford only rich people.

    Now the presence of such a pet also strongly emphasizes the richness of a person, like a fashion phone, car or expensive ring. As a rule, the cost of puppies of this breed can range from about two to three thousand dollars.

    The minimum price for buying these dogs is one thousand dollars. The amount of purchase depends entirely on the place where puppys are bought. For example, buying a puppy of this breed in Ukraine is much cheaper on the territory of Ukraine than in America and Europe. The cost of such a puppy in Ukraine can range from four thousand hryvnia.

    How to buy an


    After a person has decided to buy a Yorkshire Terrier puppy, he immediately faces a lot of questions related to the look of the dog, his age. These questions are very important because the early tearing of the puppy from the mother can lead to problems with his health, and in worst situations, the puppy may even die.

    The minimum length of stay of this breed from the mother is one and a half months, but most experts recommend this process when the puppy reaches the age of three to four months. This is also due to the fact that exactly at the age of 3-4 months you can see the puppy meets all breed standards, and accordingly it is purebred.

    Another problem when buying such a puppy is that a simple person( without an education veterinarian) can not independently determine whether a healthy dog.

    Yorkshire terrier: price of a puppy, peculiarities, temperament, origin

    Therefore, when buying a puppy terrier it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  • The state of the body and the presence of secretions from the ears. The dog is obliged to have as much fat as possible( it is better not to buy a thin or thick puppy), the ears and other openings should be different. For example, if puppys have a discharge from the ear holes, he always itches and curls, then most likely he has an infection with an ear tick or, in general, is a disease of the middle ear.
  • Condition of eyes and nose. Eyes must be clear and shiny. Nose in healthy puppy soft and wet, on it there are no different cracks and roughness.
  • Desing and Language. Be sure to look at the gums and the language of the puppy, with good health they are pink.
  • Mobility. If the dog is healthy and it is about one to two months old, then it is very mobile and interesting, so when the dog at this age is experiencing lethargy, this is the first sign of health problems and the purchase of this puppy should be discarded.
  • If you look at these things, the probability of buying a sick puppy is greatly reduced.

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    Puppy Temperament

    Yorkshire Terrier refers to the smallest breeds of dogs that have ever been taken out by humans. Despite the fact that the size of such a dog is quite small in nature, its representatives are rather blistering and mobile. If a dog of this breed recognizes in the person of his master, then she will stand for his protection in any dangerous situations. This breed is considered a wonderful guardian, and in advance inform its owner about the approach of strangers.

    Frequently, terriers are compared to taxis, since both those dogs can easily find a common language with their children. For children, the Yorkshire terriers can be companions in games, grownup companions during jogging, and elderly people - others, which brighten gray and gloomy everyday life.

    Yorkshire terriers have all the features of the usual terrier - mobility, fun, playfulness. Among other breeds of dogs are distinguished by very good health.

    If you properly care for this dog, then she is able to live for a long time, and even until old age, they remain mobile and playful. Typically, their life expectancy is ten or thirteen years.

    Features of Care and Feeding of Yorkshire Terriers

    Since this breed of dogs refers to long-haired, special attention should be paid to its cleanliness when caring for it. As a rule, such dogs do not like water, but if they bathe them regularly, then the dog will get used and will tolerate this process more calmly. It is worth noting that it is strictly forbidden to bathe a dog in the basin on the hill, as the dog can break out, which will lead to injuries. Therefore, it is recommended to bathe Yorkshire terrier in the bathroom.

    Care should be taken to ensure that during swimming, the puppy does not mucilage foam. If the intestine of the puppy gets an excessive amount of shampoo, this can lead to serious disorder. In addition, you should not pay attention to the eyes and ears of the puppy, getting into them soap, too, will not bring benefits.

    In order for the dog to be silky and shiny after bathing, it is recommended to rub it with oil. After swimming, this breed of dogs must be dried, if not done, then the dog may have a cold or even an otitis. For drying, you can use a hair dryer or a dry towel.

    If a dryer has been selected for drying a dog, then it is imperative to check the air temperature, too hot or cold air is unacceptable. In the process of drying it is necessary to comb the dog. Regardless of the acceptance of water procedures, the Yorkshire Terrier requires daily combing. In veterinary clinics you can buy special shampoos and masks to care for the wool of the pet. It is worth noting that when changing the shampoo the pet may scared of an unusual flavor and will break out, but after several baths with this shampoo the dog will get used.

    In addition to wool, special attention should be given to the teeth of the pet. In this breed, the change in the teeth on the root occurs at the age of 4 to 6 months. If it has been observed that the puppy's teeth have not fallen off yet, but they are already starting to grow indigenous, then you should definitely go to the veterinary clinic, an urgent removal of the milk teeth will be made. It is recommended to buy a special brush for teeth cleaning in the Yorkshire terrier.

    In no case can we forget about the periodic removal of a dental stone in dogs of this breed. If you do not pay due attention to this process, then the dental stones that have accumulated before the onset of the moon will begin to cut the gums of the dog, which can lead to problems with nutrition. In addition, you need to pay attention to trimming the claws otherwise your pet will start to refine their furniture.

    Typically, nail clipping should be done once every two weeks. It is important to understand that daily walks on the asphalt will not clean your pet's claws to the desired length. Cutting of claws can be carried out both at home( it is necessary to buy special scissors), and in the cabin. It is strictly forbidden to cut a claws in a dog very briefly, as it can injure it. If during the pruning of the claws there was blood, then this place must necessarily be sprinkled with streptocide or at least ordinary flour.

    A large number of modern girls are very fond of coloring their pupils' claws with varnish varnishes. If we look at the situation on the one hand, then it looks very funny, but if, on the other hand, it can damage the health of the dog. This is due to the fact that almost all the dogs love to bite on the lacquer on the claws( if it is), as a result it gets into the stomach and may even lead to poisoning.
    Yorkshire terrier: price of a puppy, peculiarities, temperament, origin
    As far as nutrition is concerned, this is a rather individual issue, since most people feed their puppies in different ways. Some prefer to cook, while others feed their dogs with dry food.

    But there are products that breed more and less acceptable. For example, any dog ​​loves meat, but to give the dog of this breed all varieties are forbidden, especially the pig and ram. These types of meat are very heavy for the liver of the Yorkshire Terrier, moreover, it is in this meat that most often contains the dog's plague virus. It is best to prefer beef. It is also recommended to give the dogs boiled liver and various cereals.

    This dog breed insanely loves, is raw potatoes, so if during a week she will eat one raw potato, then nothing terrible will happen. Concerning the use in feeding bones is rather ambiguous, it is impossible to completely exclude bones from the diet, but it is impossible to give such animals difficult to shake.

    It is not allowed to give these dogs chicken bones because they are tubular and may well be sharp edges to seriously damage the stomach of the pet. If you still prefer dry fodder, then at worst you need to buy medium quality feed.

    Given careful care and proper nutrition, this dog will long enjoy the liveliness and activity of the hosts for a long time.