Sanitary Engineering

How to pick a bath mixer with a shower?

Bath, like other rooms in the living room, serves for comfort and relaxation. To shower the shower was nice, you need to buy bathroom faucets with a shower. Modern shower faucets will eliminate the need to constantly change the gaskets, cranes and

hoses for them. The best bathroom faucets with a shower are considered to be german and italian.

How to pick a bath mixer with a shower?

The difference in mixers

The mixers differ in size, shape, design and design. Very popular wall cranes, which are located just above the side of the bath. Less popular, but more prone to design design - this is a mortise mixer. You can choose variants of cranes with one, two or more apertures for installation of nozzles, cranes and other things. You can attach it to the side, headboard or side.

Double-acting bath mixers.

Modern bathroom faucets have many different functions. They can regulate not only the temperature and pressure of water, but also the shape of the jet. They are also equipped with massage nozzles, which allow you to increase the tone while bathing in the shower cabin.

Single-use bathroom faucets.

The faucet in the bathroom with a shower must fit with a shower or bath model. Its crane should be not too long or short, and water should not splash on the floor.

Two-way mixers are considered a classic option. They were used everywhere until monogamous twins appeared. The two-choice version has a pair of crane-boks, which are located in the body. Turning these crane-booms, there is a pressure and temperature control. Now these models are popular for designing a bathroom with a retro-style shower. In relation to other mixers, they have a low price, but rubber linings in the cockpits are often torn, resulting in the flow of water.

Single and Two-Way Options

One-way mixer for a shower cubicle instead of a crane boom has a lever which is pressed by a blocked or supplied water stream. For this shower cubicle, these faucets are a more appropriate option. They are user-friendly and have better quality than double-sided.

In addition to the valves in the selection, it should be borne in mind that the water entering the apartment contains chlorine. Chlorine is introduced into the water to disinfect it, as it is a chemically active substance that kills harmful bacteria and other harmful creatures. But when it enters the apartment, chlorine remains chemically active and reacts with the metal. In addition to chlorine, through the crane undergo various salts and other substances, which also chemically affect the surface of the mixer. This results in corrosion of the metal and its damage. Sanitary technicians sometimes recommend two-valve variants, since they are more unpretentious to water quality and with them easier to regulate the flow of water. When choosing such a mixer in a bath with a shower, you need to look at the shape of the pens. They must be made of non-slip material with low thermal conductivity.

How to pick a bath mixer with a shower?

Thermostatic mixers with two knobs are becoming increasingly popular. One handle controls the pressure of the water flow, and the other - the temperature. In this case, the machine independently determines what volume of water can be applied, and the thermocouple maintains the desired temperature. In addition, such shower faucets at an extremely low or high temperature automatically block the flow. Such a shower faucet has a special lever, which will not set the temperature too high or too low for a person.

If the mixer is selected in the form of a pouring( long or short), then everything depends on the planning of the shower cabin itself and the bath. Long nose spills are mounted where the faucet is installed only with the sink or where the bathroom design does not allow for short pouring. Short-pouring devices are mainly used in shower cubicles or in conjunction with baths made of acrylic. A mixer for a shower cabin is installed on the side, mounted on a wall or bath. When using such spills, the hidden lining is usually set. And in a shower faucet usually set the wall away from the entrance.

Now there is a tendency to refuse from the universal mixer in the bath with shower and use of separate faucets for a sink and a bath. Because of the transfer of pouring into a sink or bath with a shower, its durability is reduced, therefore two separate tap of hot and cold water can be installed in the bath.

The set for the shower cabin in the bathroom consists of a shower switch, funnels, hoses, etc. The shower mixer is adapted to control the flow only for the funnel. But in the market such details do not use success, therefore it is difficult to find them. The mixer may have a switch that is located on the body. Or a variant with a separate switch may be offered.

Installation of a bath mixer with shower

Once the mixer type has been selected, it can be started to install it.

Important! When buying a device, you need to make sure it is fully equipped, for this you can use the list in the product's passport or on the box.

No special skills and abilities are required for installation work. The entire procedure from the beginning to the end can be done with your own hands.

For work, you need:

  • pair of split keys;
  • gas key;
  • FUM tape;
  • pliers;
  • mixer.

Installation Instructions

  • Overflows the supply of water. Very well, if the pipes have valves that can easily block water. However, old houses often have old valves that can not hold water. It is better to replace them or to block water throughout the riser in the basement, but in this case, all work must be carried out quickly, otherwise it will not avoid dissatisfaction with the neighbors.
  • It is necessary to remove the stubs from cold and hot water pipes.
  • Brass adapters are fastened to the drains. This is done in order to mount the mixer on them later.
  • All threaded joints are better to wind the FUM tape.
  • A hole in the wall is closed with a part called a reflector. It must be tightened to the adapter.
  • After setting the reflector, the mixer itself is tightened.
  • A shower stand is screwed in. In order for the stable soul to hold stronger, it is necessary to use a fixing holder.
  • To the rack, the shower disk is screwed in.
  • The hose from the shower is spiral and fixed with a clamp. If necessary, it can be removed and used, for example, to wash the bath. That's all, the installation is complete.
  • The life of a bath mixer depends directly on the metal from which the body is made. Mixer in a bathtub with shower can be made of metal alloys, as well as silumin, brass and stainless steel. The siluminous types of bathtubs and shower faucets are cheaper and manufactured in Chinese factories. Brass shower faucets make up the bulk of all that are on the market. The durable shower cabin is made of stainless steel. More about the choice of bath mixers see here.