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Treatment of external hemorrhoids

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Treatment of external hemorrhoids

People in modern society are very often suffering from an illness such as hemorrhoids. This can be explained, in most cases, by malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle and

in the presence of harmful habits in the patient. In medicine to combat this disease, an entire industry, called proctology, has been developed. Any colon disease should be treated by proctologists.

This insidious disease appeared more than a millennium ago, it was the doctors of antiquity who identified varieties of hemorrhoids, describing more than 25 forms of the disease. Treatment of one of the types, namely external hemorrhoids, we will try to disassemble in this article. How today we treat hemorrhoids?

Why does a person develop hemorrhoids?

Just because this disease does not develop, there are some factors and special conditions for this.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids

  • As mentioned above, the most common cause of hemorrhoids is sedentary work. Today, most women and men spend whole days doing computer at their offices. Yes, and in the street prefer not to walk on foot, and drive on the car.
  • also promote the development of hemorrhoids and occupations associated with weight lifting. This applies more to men, although in the modern world, and for women, there are such professions. This is also possible to include professional athletes.
  • A bad chair, triggered by malnutrition, also creates conditions for external hemorrhoids to unfold freely. Long-term constipation should be treated immediately - this is the first one recommended by the proctologist. This reason today is widespread among men and among women.
  • Also in women, external hemorrhoids, in most cases, develop during pregnancy or after childbirth.
  • Hereditary predisposition.

Development of external hemorrhoids can talk about the presence of other diseases in the body, though, it can exist as an independent disease. To cure hemorrhoids, you have to re-examine your lifestyle.

How to treat an external form of hemorrhoids?

How To Quickly Cure Hemorrhoids: It's Naturally An Appeal to the Proctologist. Signs of this disease can occur with other proctologic problems, so the diagnosis is mandatory. What to treat hemorrhoids? As a rule, the treatment of external hemorrhoids is the same for men and women. These can be medical preparations in the form of ointments, candles( in the form of a form), tablets, creams or gels. The choice of drugs depends on the symptoms and neglect of the disease. However, the most effective treatment for hemorrhoids is always in the complex, so you can always add folk recipes, therapeutic exercises and the diet to medical products. The right choice of this complex, in each individual case, can only specialist.

Pieces Against External Hemorrhoids

One can not touch the method of treating external hemorrhoids leeches. Already for one thousand years people use these small blood-sucking for medical purposes and very successfully. The essence of the treatment with leeches is as follows: this small worm, attaching to the victim, does not simply suck the blood, but also highlights saliva, which includes substances that provide such a high therapeutic effect, in particular, this enzyme - hirudin. That is why treatment with leeches has a second name - hirudotherapy. After the procedure, the place of the suction pump may bleed for a long time, not one day, because hirudin does not allow the blood to coagulate, but the patient does not feel pain at all.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids

Treatment with leeches provides anti-inflammatory action, the pain also goes very quickly, in addition, hemorrhoidal nodes themselves are significantly reduced, since leeches can be placed directly on them. Treatment with leeches can prevent relapse of the disease, remove stagnant blood in the veins, normalize the stomach through the resorption of the cones. Though this method also seems unusual, many people just do their hemorrhoid treatment and quite successfully.

How to treat pregnant women and nursing mothers?

Hemorrhoids - What to Treat? Treating external hemorrhoids in pregnant women and during lactation is a task that should be solved only under the supervision of a doctor. To cure the disease in the fastest and easiest way, you should start treatment at the first signs of hemorrhoids( itching, burning in the anus, bloody discharge from the rectum. ..). So, How To Treat Hemorrhoids In Pregnancy? What methods of treating hemorrhoids in women are the most popular and harmless?

Medications that are most commonly used in the following situations:

  • External hemorrhoids are treated with ointments. Heparin ointment with the main component in the composition - heparin. It is able to quickly cure inflammation, relieve pain, and remove hematoma formation. At the first stage of hemorrhoids, this ointment treats the disease rather quickly.
  • Ointment "Troxevazin" is also able to quickly cope with pain, cure swelling after several applications, reduce the secretion of mucus from the anus. Usually prescribed for poorly healing and wet hemorrhoids.
  • "Relief".The composition of the ointment includes such a natural component as the liver of the shark, through which they treat such unpleasant symptoms: the appearance of blood in the feces, puffiness in the anus, pain during bowel movement and itching in the anus. Completely cure hemorrhoids using the ointment "Relief" can only be at 1, 2 stages of its development.
  • Successfully used for the treatment of external hemorrhoids in pregnant women and during the period of lactation, the following drugs: ointment "Levomekol", Ichthyol ointment, Vishnevsky's ointment, "Aurobin", "Drinkil" and others.

Remember, hemorrhoids are heavily cured much more complicated than their early stages of development. It is very important to treat this disease during the lactation period in the complex, for this it is necessary to follow a diet that supports the permanent and correct chair of the .Also developed a whole range of special gymnastics, which successfully eliminates the stagnation of blood in the organs of the pelvis and is not contraindicated for women during pregnancy on any terms and especially, especially during lactation. Therefore, we actively treat the disease by physical education.

Folk Medicine

It is always better to use natural remedies for the treatment of diseases. During pregnancy and lactation, hemorrhoids can be treated with ointments of their own, for example, from propolis. To do this, the dry product must be chopped on a grater, then add 1 to 10 vegetable or olive oil and melt it in steam. When the ointment is cooled, it can be applied several times a day to a sick spot. This method effectively treats begins with hemorrhoids.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids

Folk hemorrhoid treatment methods offer a greater effect of ointments on taking steam or water baths; during lactation, such procedures are not contraindicated. The basis of the procedures can include such herbs, such as wood, sage, St. John's wort, chamomile, oak bark, plantain, chamomile, celandine. .. From herbs do a broth and sit in it for 15-20 minutes. It is best to make the broth temperature as hot as possible. Treatment should be continued for a long time, not less than a month, and it is effective only in the first stages of development.

There are methods of treating a disease in women during lactation and during pregnancy with honey. Everyone knows that honey is a natural antibiotic, and it is completely harmless if there is no individual intolerance. Honey is well treated by such symptoms as inflammation, itching, burning, puffiness and pain. You can simply grease honey in a sick spot, and for internal hemorrhoids mold from candied candle honey.

But it's better not to get sick at all. After all, in most situations, the disease can be prevented, for this it is necessary to remove from life the causes of the development of hemorrhoids. Even during pregnancy, avoiding such troubles is possible. If a person eats properly, moves a lot, makes special exercises for blood circulation, then it is likely that he will not be able to get acquainted with hemorrhoids. And that's great, it's always easier to prevent the disease than to get rid of it!

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