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Ointment for hemorrhoids

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Ointment for hemorrhoids

As we would not have liked it, but even in the 21st century, when technological progress has practically reached its peak, and science shows just incredible results, the problem of the occurrence of various chronic pathologies of

is still relevant. And one of the most important and widespread pathologies is the emergence of hemorrhoids in the anal canal. According to statistics, every eight people are diagnosed with this disease. To get rid of this problem as quickly as possible, you will learn from this article.

Ointment for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are probably the most unpleasant disease, and if you do not apply timely treatment, then it's guaranteed to provide a lot of trouble and inconvenience in each patient's life. Despite the fact that as a pathology it is not so dangerous, all its progress and development can transform the life of an ordinary person into a real nightmare. First of all, the peculiarities of the location of hemorrhoids cause most people to be confused, resulting in treatment being delayed, and the state of the disease is exacerbated, as a result, getting rid of it becomes more difficult. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you contact the proctologist, as a leading specialist in this area, for consultation and diagnosis, only on the basis of a thorough examination, the proctologist can determine precisely what and how to treat hemorrhoids and to determine the most effective treatment.

Pathological features of the disease. What is important to know to quickly overcome the disease

From a medical point of view, the cones of hemorrhoids are a kind of formation around the anus, or outside the hemorrhoidal nodes dropped out. As a rule, the appearance of the first signs of the disease in the anus zone indicates that the disease is in the second or third phase of development and start treatment is immediate. Additional symptoms of this disease may include the following:

  • persistent itching and pain in the anal canal;
  • difficulties with the chair( unpleasant sensations during the act, often small bleeding);
  • pain sensation not only when tactile contact with nodes, but also with sharp movements and tension;
  • constantly feels the feeling of a foreign body in the anus;
  • feels pain when walking and sitting;
  • may, in some cases, increase body temperature.

The peculiarities of the occurrence of hemorrhoids in each person will be individual in nature, but the above features are most common. It is also important to understand that the emergence of cones has contributed to a number of certain causes, including sedentary lifestyles, malnutrition, alcohol and smoking, and even excessive coffee, is considered one of the factors causing hemorrhoids.

Ointment for hemorrhoids

Effective treatment for hemorrhoids. How to choose the most effective ointment to cure an illness.

At what stage there was no illness, it can eliminate the correct treatment if you come up with this issue wisely. Initial treatment of this ailment consists in the most effective use of conservative methods of treatment, at this stage, anti-inflammatory creams, ointments and candles are prescribed, which they help to eliminate the symptoms of the disease and restore the healthy state of the mucous membrane of the rectum. Also, often in conjunction with ointments from hemorrhoids, drugs with a venotonizing effect are prescribed, this is required in order for the state of hemorrhoids to be normalized and they do not fall out of the anus. Often used folk remedies for the disease, which involves treating herbs, although modern medicine does not welcome such an approach to the treatment of the disease.

Many patients are often asked the question: "What ointments are best suited for the treatment of hemorrhoids?"To answer this question, it is necessary to study in detail the formulations of anti-hemorrhoids and determine the degree of their effectiveness. For example, very often for the removal of inflammation from the cones appoint:

  • homeopathic ointment. Its main advantage is the absence of chemical elements. This cream-gel can be used even for pregnant women and nursing mothers, it is absolutely safe.
  • Ointment Levomekol, which is very effective at the stage of exacerbation of the disease. Due to the active components - levomitsetina and metiralucyl, the drug as a whole has an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, hypertonic and regenerating effect. Also, this medicine prevents the risk of infection and infection of the wound through the microcracks on the anal canal.
  • A device called Aurobin, for rectal and external use. This tool is used to remove all signs of the disease at the initial stage, itching, burning, unpleasant sensations in the back passage. This drug stimulates the healing of microcracks in the anal canal and removes inflammation from the cones of hemorrhoids, thereby reducing their size until complete disappearance.
  • Ointment Proctosedil is one of the few remedies that have a complex effect. The effectiveness of this cream is due to the fact that it not only eliminates the symptoms of the disease, but also the very causes of inflammation. As part of this drug is a substance hydrocortisone, which actually has an anti-inflammatory effect on the wound. In addition, Proctosedil prevents the appearance of blood clots and other complications of hemorrhoids.
  • Chinese Ointment. This tool certainly will not force you to endure all the inconvenience of this unpleasant illness for a long time. In classical medicine it is one of the most popular means of rectal application. This ointment based on musk has many advantages - the removal of pain syndrome and edema from cones, as well as a powerful hemostatic effect. It is enough to smear twice a day and the illness will go on as soon as possible.
  • Ointment for hemorrhoids

    The above mentioned medicines have proven to be one of the most effective in medical applications, but this does not mean that other creams are less effective and should not be used. The fact that one patient may have one ointment and the other one. In any case, the optimal variant of the remedy should be determined by the doctor. In some cases it will be possible to combine creams and candles from hemorrhoids, so the result will be even better, and the disease will retreat much faster.

    Most doctors recommend ointments in the treatment of hemorrhoids, because they are easy to apply, do not require placement of a patient in a hospital and 100% give a positive result. In choosing a better remedy, we recommend that you not be guided by the price or popularity of the drug, but based on the prescriptions of the doctor. Only in this case will be able to avoid complications and overcome the disease at an early stage.

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