Chemical peeling at home: rules of conduct, reviews and results


  • Features of home peeling
  • Precautions
  • How to choose a peel depending on the type of skin?
  • Chemical Peeling with Calcium Chloride
  • Boric Acid and Camphor Alcohol
  • Peeling Balboid and Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Peeling Fruit Acids at Home
  • Contraindications to the

Procedure Peeling is one of the main procedures that are included in the complex of skin care products. Especially popular recently was chemical peeling. Thanks to active substances, the skin is deeply cleaned and completely refreshed. In a salon, this procedure is quite expensive, because of which it is not available for all women. But this is not an occasion to despair, a similar face care is quite possible to do at home. Of course, the result of home treatments can not be compared with the effect of salon funds, but if you follow the condition of regularity, the skin will always be in excellent condition.

Chemical peeling at home: rules of conduct, reviews and results

The peculiarity of the

home treatments Despite the fact that home remedies for chemical peels are at times less aggressive than salon, they also need to be subject to extreme caution. They include various acids and other elements that, if used improperly, can affect not only dead cells, but also damage healthy skin. That is why, even if you do not do the procedure in the cabin, be sure to consult with a dermatologist about the use of these or other means beforehand.

The main task of chemical peeling is, of course, cleansing. Nevertheless, it still has a number of useful properties, which consist in rejuvenation, lighting, regulation of the allocation of fat, as well as significant narrowing of pores. In addition, such procedures contribute to the flow of blood to the surface of the skin. As a result, the cells are saturated with useful substances and oxygen, which helps accelerate the processes of regeneration.

It is worth noting that after chemical peeling, the skin becomes more sensitive to solar radiation and ultraviolet radiation at times, so this procedure can be performed only from the middle of autumn to the middle of spring. If you decide on the procedure in the summer, then within 10 days after it you should protect your face from direct sunlight( stay in the shade, wear hats with wide fields, etc.).Also, within two weeks you must necessarily use special means with a high level of protection from the sun. In this case, it is also worth the treatment of the skin around the eyes and lips.

Precautions Since the composition of the chemical peels is quite aggressive, the following steps must be taken in the process of the procedure:

  • - Before the procedure, conduct a test for the presence of allergies to certain components of the peeling;
  • - in no case do not expose the skin to exposure to sunlight after the procedure( in the summer it is better not to resort to chemical peeling);
  • - the tools are applied as thinly as possible, otherwise it can burn;
  • - Before you start the procedure, the face should be well cleaned;
  • - chemical substances are not allowed to enter the area around the eyes;
  • - at the slightest discomfort during the procedure, the composition is immediately necessary to rinse with the face with running water;
  • - Minimum intermission between procedures is 10 days;
  • - chemical peeling is contraindicated for owners of sensitive skin;
  • - during 1-2 days after chemical peeling, you must exclude any manipulation of the skin( touching hands, applying make-up, washing with detergents, etc.).

Chemical peeling at home: rules of conduct, reviews and results

How to choose a peel?

There are many recipes for home-made chemical peels, but you have to be very responsible to choose your remedy. Be sure to take into account the type of skin, otherwise you risk becoming allergic or face other serious problems.

  • Salicylic acid can be considered the most suitable remedy for oily and mixed skin. This procedure can be performed every three days, because this type of skin more than any other needs constant deep cleansing.
  • Dry skin owners should not be abused by chemical peeling. The effect of one procedure is quite enough for two weeks. During this time the skin will be completely restored. Ideal active ingredients in this case are alpha-hydrocarbons, which not only improve the condition of the skin, but also contribute to better absorption of beneficial components from nutritional creams.

Recipes for home-made chemical peels are very numerous and diverse, and in their effectiveness they are not inferior to salon procedures.

Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride is a commonly used substance for chemical peeling. In cosmetology, he uses his five percent solution. However, despite the low concentration, there is still a need for an allergic reaction test. The best part for these purposes is the area of ​​the inner flexion of the elbow or under the knee, where the skin is as gentle as on the face. If after 5 minutes you will not feel anything, except for slight tingling, you can safely proceed to the procedures.

First, wash and rub your face with cleansing lotion or milk. Open the ampoule with calcium chloride and use a cotton wool to put it on your face( for convenience, you can pour the liquid into a glass bottle).During the first procedure, it will be enough to apply 4 layers of substance. In the future, you can increase the number of layers to 8.

When all layers of the preparation dry, you need to wet your fingers in the water, lubricate them with ordinary toilet or baby soap and gradually remove the face mask by downloading it. You will notice how the honeycomb cells will begin to come along with the granules, and after washing the skin will completely become fresh, soft and refreshed. Before skin after peeling it is necessary to treat very carefully, therefore it is not necessary to wipe it with a towel. It's better to just get wet with a paper napkin, after which it is necessary to apply a cream.

If your skin normally carries calcium chloride, then after several procedures its concentration can be increased up to 10%.It is a marginal concentration that is safe. Otherwise you can get chemical burns.

Camphor and boric acid

The next chemical peeling recipe involves a combination of 10 g of boric acid and 30 ml of camphor alcohol, as well as some of the auxiliary components. To begin with, in a ceramic or glass container, you need to rub baby or toilet soap in a grater, add 30 ml of glycerin and hydroperite, 10 ml of ammonia, and also the previously mentioned amount of boric acid and camphor alcohol.

When you mix well the composition, the peeling mass will look like a homogeneous cream. Apply mask to your face and wait for it to dry completely. Then remove the film from the face with a cotton swab moistened in a ten percent solution of calcium chloride. At the end of the procedure you need to wash. In no case do not apply this formulation to the skin if it has inflammation or ulcers.

Honey with hydrogen peroxide

To prepare the remedy, take two tablespoons of shredded powder and start gradually adding hydrogen peroxide to it( 3%) until the mass is similar to the porridge. Now you have to prepare your face before the procedure. To begin, wash and spread the skin over a jar of hot water, which can add a little dry flowers of chamomile. You can also make a warm compress with a towel.

Apply face mask using a cotton disc. If it is more convenient for you to work with your hands, it's best to first put on gloves. When putting the composition on the skin, rub it with light circular motions. After 20 minutes, the mask should be removed using a gauze wipe soaked in warm water.

This mask should be used every day until peeling occurs on the skin. This will signal that dead cells have started to separate from healthy tissues. The number of procedures depends on the type of skin. Yes, normal or dry skin clears up to 2-3 days, but fat skin may require up to 5 treatments.

Chemical peeling at home: rules of conduct, reviews and results

Acid Peeling

Because dry skin also requires regular peeling, it is important to pick up an effective and, at the same time, a sparing remedy for it. Fruit acids can be such a way. Such procedures not only cleanse the surface of the skin, but also saturate it with a lot of useful substances. The main advantage of such peeling is that it uses natural ingredients.

To prepare a cleanser, you need any fruit( preferably seasonal), among which at least one fruit should refer to citrus fruits. All components need to be thoroughly washed and shredded to make mashed( it is better to do this with a blender).Fruit gruel need to be applied on a thick layer of the face, and after 15 minutes to rinse. Be sure to moisten the skin with a cream after the procedure.

The simplest acid peeling recipe is a mixture of lemon juice with water. The composition should be applied to the face with a cotton swab and left for about 5 minutes. After that you need to wash and smear your skin with a cream that contains no vaseline. This tool not only clears the skin, but also lightly illuminates it and even struggles with wrinkles.

A great tool for fruit peeling is strawberry. In a blender, mix a small apple and three large strawberries in puree. The remedy should affect the face for no more than 5 minutes, since it can pinch the skin.

If your skin has come down with fruit peels, you can add some exotic treatments. Take Equal amounts of pineapple and papaya, add a little honey and mix thoroughly with a blender. The duration of the mask on the skin is also 5 minutes.


Chemical peeling is undoubtedly a useful procedure. Nevertheless, it has a number of serious contraindications:

  • - the presence of viral diseases;
  • - skin problems;
  • - allergy to drug components or hypersensitivity to them;
  • - the presence of wounds, scratches and other damages on the surface of the skin;
  • - Pregnancy and breastfeeding period;
  • - Herpesvirus infection;
  • - increased sensitivity of the skin;
  • - less than six months after the end of roaccutane intake;
  • - Propensity for pigmentation and scarring.

Chemical peeling, carried out at home, is not inferior to the efficiency of salon, and its cost is several times smaller. In addition, all components are available in pharmacies or stores. If you follow all the rules and safety measures during the procedures, then the result will be beautiful, clean, shiny and smooth skin.