Headache in the back

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  • Headache Headache
  • Osteochondrosis
  • Injuries
  • Nail Spondylosis
  • Fatigue
  • Stroke

Headache is a very common phenomenon. It may appear after an overly fun holiday, after

for a long and hard working day, against the background of stress and nerve strain. From time to time, she faces all the people, there is nothing terrible in her, she easily restarts with a full rest or a pain reliever.

At the same time, if headaches began to appear regularly, if they are very strong, if there are other disturbing factors, this may be an alarming sign. In such situations, you should seek medical help, and as soon as possible.

Headache in the back

Neck Headache Features Lightweight neck massage helps with headache

If headache is localized in the neck, it always causes certain diagnostic difficulties. In such cases, it is difficult to determine whether the cause lies in the cervical spine, in the brain or in the vessels.

Identify the epicenter will help light massage, as well as the presence of concomitant symptoms, which the doctor determines the cause of headache in the back.

In such cases, for a more detailed diagnosis, it is necessary to contact a neuropathologist. In some cases, urgent medical attention is needed.

There are dozens of causes of headache in the back, but some of them are more common in others.

Arterial hypertension

The most common and probable cause of headache in the neck is high blood pressure, hypertension. In this disease, the pressure rises gradually and often imperceptibly. In the early stages, the body can compensate for changes, but after a certain moment there are unpleasant symptoms, first of all - headache. Most often it is localized in the occipital area or the hoop covers the head. It may appear after a hard day or in the morning.

It can also be a hypertensive crisis - a sharp, spasmodic increase in pressure. In this case, in addition to the headache, there may be other symptoms: blinking of the flies in front of the eyes, head noise, nausea and so much more.

Check the presence of arterial hypertension simply: enough to measure the pressure. Normally, it should be 120 to 80 units. Pathology is his violation of more than 20 units. When you jump to 30-40 units from the worker need to call for emergency assistance.

Headache in the back

At headache, first of all, to measure pressure


Osteochondrosis is one of the most common diseases of the spine, in which the intervertebral cartilaginous disk is gradually destroyed. This can lead to strangulation of nerves, disturbance of blood circulation. If it is localized in the cervical unit, it may well be the cause of rather strong headaches.

They appear as a rule after physical activity or prolonged sitting in an awkward position. Additional symptoms may include worsening of vision and hearing, blinking of flies in front of the eyes, noise or bells in the ears. It's easy to diagnose this condition - using the cranial x-ray.


Head scuffles, fall injuries or other injuries in the occipital area can lead to severe pain. In such cases, the cause is obvious, but additional diagnosis is needed to determine the severity. With concussion of the brain may appear pain, dizziness, nausea, vomiting. In such situations, urgent medical care is required. An even more alarming sign is the different diameter of the pupils or a different reaction to light.

Thyroid spondylosis

This disease can be localized in any part of the spine, including the cervix. It is associated with the appearance of osteophytes - bone growths on the vertebral roots. They irritate nerve fibers, blood vessels and even the brain, causing severe pains.

First of all, cervical spondylosis is manifested by severe pain. They can be localized in the area of ​​the neck and neck, given to the shoulder blades, ears, and the crown. It is diagnosed as well as osteochondrosis - X-ray.

Cervical spondylosis is a contributing factor to spinal curvature, uneven stress, sedentary work, flat feet, and age. Most often, this disease occurs in people after 50 years, but today, due to sedentary lifestyles and mainly sedentary work, it also occurs in young people.


Fatigue after a difficult day, especially after work at a computer or with paper, sitting in an awkward position with a neck strain, can lead to a headache or headache. It can also manifest nervous exhaustion, overwork, stress.

In such cases, in order to get rid of pain, you need a quality rest, first of all, night sleep. In severe, stress-related work, it is important to learn how to relax, distract from it, and relieve stress. A good solution is a moderate physical activity: swimming, yoga, walks.

Headache in the back

Computer Work - Common Headache Headache


Stroke is a relatively rare cause of headache in the back, but it should also be considered the most terrible. Proponents of a stroke can be a chill of hands or feet, a feeling of their vacuums, sweat. The pains can be localized in different parts of the head, including the neck. The main symptom of a stroke is disturbed coordination and uniformity of movement, complete or partial paralysis. There is a simple mnemonic rule to remember the main symptoms of this disease:

  • U - a smile. Ask a person to smile. In a heart attack, it will be curved, uneven.
  • D - movement. The most obvious is to pull out the tongue or raise both hands. With a stroke, the movement will also turn out to be uneven.
  • A - articulation. Ask people to say a few words. When stroke, heads will change, words will be fuzzy.
  • P - solution. If at least one of several signs is positive, it is necessary to make a decision - to call in urgent help.

A stroke is a very rare reason, but the first signs of this condition should be fully understood by everyone.

Migraine Tumble

This condition shows itself to be a severe pain in the neck or neck region. It appears, if for some reason the blood flow in the neck worsens. Check this diagnosis is quite simple: touch the first cervical vertebra and click on it for a few seconds. When cervical migraine pain sharply intensifies.

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Headache in the back
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So-called condition in which neck muscles are sealed. It can happen for various reasons - the awkward position in a dream, the wrong posture, drafts. This condition is temporary and takes a few days. You can accelerate the recovery process by rubbing your neck with warming ointments.

These are the main causes of neck pain in the head. Independently, it is difficult to distinguish them, so if you have severe or prolonged pains, you should contact the neurologist for an examination and consultation.