What should be industrial cages for rabbits

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Industrial cells for rabbits are an important part of the competent care of these animals when they are breeding in large quantities. Rabbits also require

special meals and everything you need. There is a large variety of breeds of these animals, the choice depends on the breeding region and the benefits of the rabbit.

What should be industrial cages for rabbits

Industrial cages for rabbits are needed when breeding them in large quantities.

Features of the Maintenance of Rabbits

The main task of a person engaged in industrial rabbit breeding is the production of useful dietary meat. In addition, animal skins are used in the clothing industry, especially now. This is due to the high cost of elite fur, and the rabbit - the most acceptable and beautiful option. Pooh also finds application, from it do threads. It is divided into several varieties depending on the degree of vagueness, color and purity. This raw material should be stored in a dry place in specially prepared boxes. When packing raw materials they should not be stuffed, you need to lay down evenly.

What should be industrial cages for rabbits

It is recommended that young children be inoculated from the age of 30 days.

Rabbits - these animals are non-waste, they are profitable to grow. The only drawback is the propensity to various infectious diseases, of which there are few methods of protection.

Body dysfunction is acquired with improper care and feeding of animals. If they consume low-quality foods or products that are not recommended, there are problems with the stomach. It is very important to ensure that the children have enough maternal milk and vitamins.

Retention conditions also affect the health of rabbits. If you do not care about them, poor-quality cell preparation can result in frostbite of animals or their overheating in the sun. Stretches and dirt often lead to the death of animals.

Viral Diseases - a Frequent Problem. The only method of prevention is the use of serum and grafting. Mandatory daily animal review. Special preparations will help to eliminate the number of worms.

Industrial rabbit breeding is a laborious and laborious process. The secrets of doing business properly depend on several factors. The first task is to choose the species of animals, since the immunity depends on the breed in many respects. In volumetric production, of course, are oriented on more meat breeds.

Second - ensuring proper nutrition. A permanent presence of food in animals is foreseen. Do not forget about vitamins and minerals. Be sure to include vegetables and herbs in the diet.

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What should be industrial cells

Cages for rabbits can be placed both on the street and indoors. If you choose the first option, one-way designs( located along the wall) or a closed back wall will be better suited. In this case, the animals will be protected from wind and weather.

Two-way cages are installed predominantly in rooms, they do not prevent the constant circulation of air.

What should be industrial cages for rabbits

Due to tight cages, rabbits often get strokes, stretches and fractures.

Industrial cells are divided into several types:

  • external mobile;
  • stationary;
  • exterior with a seat for walking;
  • for the premises.

The degree of automation of production depends on your financial capabilities. With modest financing of the cell can be made of bars, nets, plywood and metal profiles,.

For adult rabbits, metric cells are 60 cm high and as wide as possible. This is the minimum size to provide the animals with sufficient free space.

Floors should be mesh-like, it is possible to form a grid with rails. Such a floor is one of the ways to prevent infections.

The two-level cells are mostly used on the street. Externally, such a design is a block composed of two cells. They can contain several animals, moreover, this structure simplifies cleaning.

What should be industrial cages for rabbits

Californian rabbits are unpretentious in care.

You will need a double cage with removable compartments. It is used for females, which should appear rabbit, they are with his mother for about a month. The design of the cell involves the presence of large space, its size should not be less than 185 cm, width - 1 m, height - 70 cm.

It is necessary to provide females comfort, protection against drafts and dampness.

Between cells need to create a space of 17x20 cm. For young animals, group cages are installed. They have 8 to 12 rabbits.

Twin mesh cages are used for pregnant rabbits of older age, in addition, they can contain adult rabbits, young rabbits, which can be sucked off from the mother.

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Advanced cells

A novelty that has been developed by specialists - cells with long-term feedstock adaptations. Its feature is that in the center there is a construction for the mother stock, and along the walls is a place for young people.

Such buildings can be multi-tiered. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the bottom boxes do not clog up. The lighter compartment is equipped with feeders, water and hay.

In the motherboard at a distance of 10 cm from the floor set the bottom of the card. Manure must be cleaned as often as possible, since it contains parasites.


Industrial rabbit meat requires a wealth of knowledge about the care and feeding of animals.

The only kind of rabbits that is easy to care for is California. These rabbits are well tolerated by cold. This form can be kept in a specially designed pit.