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How to remove wart at home quickly: treat, than cure

There are various methods of removing warts. But here's how to remove a warts at home?

Of course, in any case, self-medication is very dangerous. It is better to go to the specialist, consult with him. After careful diagnosis and detection of

, the cause of the occurrence of these warts will be prescribed by the physician.

Removal of warts at home is categorically contraindicated in the following cases:

  • if unpleasant education appears on the hands, face and other open areas of the skin;
  • in the event that warts occur in children;
  • in case the knot begins to grow fast and at the same time sharply changes its color and shape;
  • if this education begins to bleed.


  • 1 Safe to remove warts at home
  • 2 Traditional medicine recipes
  • 3 Useful tips
  • 4 Therapeutic therapy
  • 5 Recommendations

1 Safe removal of warts at home

Each treatment at home can be not only ineffective or dangerous, but it can bring a lot of newproblems, if you do not know exactly how to handle the procedures and treatments. If a person chooses to treat warts at home, then he / she must remember that there is a certain risk:

  • A person may suffer burns and may develop scarring on the surrounding tissue.
  • When self-healing, the virus that carries the existing education can easily spread to other areas of the skin. In addition, infection of the wound is possible.
  • How to remove wart at home quickly: treat, than cure

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    2 Recipes of folk medicine

    In case a person still decides to withdraw the wartson its own, then you can remove the warts at home with the help of folk medicine. How can I remove wart by folk remedies so that it is effective and safe for health? There are many ways of folk medicine that help in treating warts at home, but the safest and most convenient to use are:

  • Garlic Tincture on apple vinegar. To prepare such a recipe you need to take 4 garlic heads and rub them on a small grater, after which the garlic is poured half a glass of vinegar. It is up to 2 weeks to rely on the received composition. You can begin to remove warts, rubbing the infusion of all affected areas of the skin.
  • How to remove wart at home using a conventional onion bulb? To do this, take 1 middle bow of the bow and cut it in half. After this, the bulb is poured into an acetic essence and is tightened for 2 hours. Then the bulb will need to get and swallow it overnight on the affected area of ​​the skin. This action should be performed several times.
  • Garlic and Acetic Ointment helps to quickly get rid of warts at home. To do this, take the garlic and chop it well. Then take 1 tsp of the received composition and mix it with 1 tsp.pre-melted fat. After the finished mixture, add 4 ppm of vinegar. This ointment should be applied to the affected area of ​​the skin all night.
  • If you've ever treated warts yourself, you should know that one of the most effective treatments for celandine. This medicinal plant is familiar to every person since childhood. Thanks to celandine you can get rid of almost any skin ailment. If there are warts on the legs, then with the help of this plant they can be easily removed. To do this, you will only need to rip the fresh leaf of the plant and its juice to fuse the wart. Such an action should be taken until the wart completely disappears.
  • Vinegar essence. This method of treatment can easily remove even those growths that people have long been unable to get rid of. The vinegar essence of 70% will help to remove the warts on the legs, but for this purpose it must be thoroughly mixed with flour to form a homogeneous mass, similar to the cereal. This mass should be applied at night and spend only a few courses. The rule for using this tool is simple, such a mass can be applied to children from 12 years.
  • As for the treatment of children, it is worth remembering that until they reach the age of five, it is strictly forbidden to remove such lesions with a laser or liquid nitrogen, as these procedures are most often painful. It is best for children to use this method of treatment: every evening, wound the wart in a tub with a soda solution, and then a little bit rub it with pumice stone. After this procedure, weld the wart with a hole plaster, and the growth itself is treated with some kind of folk medicine or medical ointments.

    3 Useful Tips

    To know how to remove a wart on the face, you need to resort to certain methods and methods of folk medicine.

    The first method involves treating warts with cornflower seeds. To do this, it will be necessary to thoroughly grind these seeds and add to the damaged area, from above it will be necessary to glued all the plaster gently. This procedure should be performed every day until the wart does not come down.

    How to remove wart at home quickly: treat, than cure

    No less effective in the process of withdrawal of warts is the use of quicklime, which should be applied to the damaged area of ​​the skin. Just remember that before you apply lime, it should pre-moisten with water.

    If the wart is dry and does not contain any drop of liquid, it can be easily greased with ordinary chalk. It is very important that the unwanted growth is constantly covered with them. If you follow this simple rule, then the annoying wart itself will disappear in just a couple of weeks.

    If there are warts on the face, the treatment involves rubbing them with a stem of celandine, apple juice or onion. Remember to rub several times a day. With this method you will not notice when this wart will leave your face.

    You can fight warts with the help of tincture of lemon zest. To prepare such tincture you will need to take only 2 lemons and thoroughly clean them from the skin. The skin that you managed to separate will need to be crushed as much as possible and put in a jar, after which pour the cedar 0,5 cup of apple cider vinegar. This composition should be infused within 1 week. After the necessary interval of time you can take this tincture and soak it with warts. The procedure should be performed several times a day.

    4 Therapeutic Therapy

    At any pharmacy in the city, today you can find a lot of drugs that can relieve warts from adults and children, and in any area of ​​the skin. Among these medicines include all sorts of alkalis and acids, and besides this, various creams and ointments, which have an antiviral effect.

    Remember that each chemical must be taken in accordance with the instructions. It is necessary to carry out a procedure with such means very carefully, with the use of gloves. In the case of acids and alkalis, they are undesirable to use in the treatment of very young children.

    Among these medicines are:

  • VERRUCCID.The composition of this drug includes metacresol and phenol. With the help of the applicator, this remedy should be applied precisely to the wart and try not to get into the skin around it in any way. The fact is that when you hit on intact areas of the skin, you can even more harm to yourself and get a lot of unpleasant burns. To avoid burns, before applying this medication, grease your skin around the warts with any oily cream. After the main procedure, the remnants of the cream can be removed with a bandage or a cotton roller.
  • Super Clean. This is an alkaline solution consisting of a sodium and clear solution. Before proceeding to the procedure, it is necessary to determine precisely whether the given growth is a wart or any other pathology of the skin. Use of such a preparation is required solely by the appointment of a specialist. Before applying Super Celandine to the wart, the skin around the onset should be sufficiently greased with a greasy cream to prevent unwanted burns. After that, the applicator must be carefully applied to the wart itself and allow it to be worn. In order for the growth to completely disappear, to apply such a drug requires only 3 days in 1 drop.
  • Mineral Crystal. This drug is considered natural, since its main components are: juice celandine, cocoa, teryl, as well as rhododendron. Unlike the previous version, the mountainous celestial is much darker in color. Not only that this medication helps to get rid of warts forever, it has antiviral actions. In order to properly apply the remedy to the wart, you must use an applicator or a normal cotton wand, after which you will need to wait for 7-12 minutes. This procedure should be carried out for 3 days. Remember that before you start this procedure, the wart should be as it should be roasted and remove the keratinous layer.
  • Cryopharm. Such a preparation is one of the most common variants of cryotherapy. This spray contains a coolant temperature of -57 degrees. After the spray is applied to the wart, a person feels some sense of burning, and the growth itself at that time whitens. After that, the whole skin in the area of ​​application of the drug slightly red, and in a few hours there will be a small blister, which will then need to be treated with a special antiseptic throughout the next week.
  • Allomedin. This drug is antiviral. It can be used to remove accretions for adults and children. This gel should be applied to warts twice a day. The required course of treatment is 21 days.
  • Salicylic acid. Before starting to use this product, the wart should be pre-boiled and then dried. After that, you can easily begin to apply salicylic alcohol or stick a plaster on its basis in such a way that the wart was completely covered with it, and the sticky tape that is present on the patch could fix the whole bandage fairly firmly. After 2 days the bandage can be removed. Such a procedure should be carried out until the wart completely disappears.
  • 5 Recommendations

    Burning a warfare is an old folk remedy that should not be used. This can be very dangerous if scalding is not correct. Treating warts at home is possible, but do not practice self-medication. It is best to contact an experienced specialist for help.