The most common breeds of decorative rabbits

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  • Rex breed rabbits
  • Dwarf rams
  • Germelins - ermine rabbits
  • Fox and rabbits
  • Colored dwarfs
  • Angora rabbits

The first breeds of decorative rabbits were brought out at the beginning of the last century. At that time, Europe was embracing fashion on the decorativerabbit meat Breeders have taken a great interest in bringing out cute little animals of tiny size, with beautiful hair, original shape of the head, ears, different proportions of legs and trunk. In our country rabbits for a long time were perceived only as a source of dietary and inexpensive furs. But now, for more than a decade, little animals become pet animals, an object of adoration, a source of joy for many people.

The most common breeds of decorative rabbits

The first breeds of decorative rabbits were brought out at the beginning of the last century. The

European Standard defines five breeds of decorative rabbits, which include rexes, dwarf rams, hermelins, fox rabbits and colored dwarfs.

Each breed has its original appearance, length of wool and special character.

Rabbit breeds of rex

The most common breeds of decorative rabbits

"Royal" rabbits - the owners of the most short-haired fur.

"Royal" rabbits are the owners of the short-coat shirt itself. In appearance, it really resembles a royal velvet robe. The peculiarity of the fur of these animals is the lack of longevity. Wool hair that grows upright, at a height of more than a feather undercoat only 2 mm. Because of this, the rexes look like trimmed. Very thick wool is incredibly soft to the touch, silky, shiny. The color of the rabbits may be spotty or monochrome, of any color. It is up to the quality of the wool of these animals to be subject to the highest requirements, because it is the main distinguishing feature of the breed.

Weighing Rex breeders up to 1.5 kg. The shape of their body is rather elegant, they do not look massive, heavy.

In reks, elongated long ears, a length of not more than 6 cm, a slightly pointed head, large rounded eyes.

The breed has another characteristic feature - a distorted, poorly developed mustache, through which you can learn rex at an early age.

It is interesting that the rabbit looks completely royal: weak, thin-witted, with liquid hair. Rex have very affectionate and calm burrows, do not show excessive activity, although among them you can find a true hooligan.

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Dwarf rams

This breed is one of the most popular. A smart muzzle with lowered ears does not leave anyone indifferent. Rabbits quickly mastered, get used to the owners. Due to the fact that the eardrum covers the eardrum, the animals hear a bit worse, but they are not afraid of every sherk and behave much more calmly than other species.

The most common breeds of decorative rabbits

The expressive rabbits are very neat and unpretentious.

Different kinds of decorative "rams" are distinguished. For example, English rabbits express themselves, French - have a round head and a dense body, they are often called rabbits-bullteries;the Dutch are the smallest of the "rams".

Of all the decorative dwarf rabbits, it is the largest breed.

Weight of animals can reach 3 kg. The average length of the ears, measured from one ear to the other, is about 22 - 28 cm, although it may be much longer. Thus, in the Guinness Book of Records, the length of the ears of the rabbit, the World Megacity Star( English Throat), has increased to 72.4 cm.

Wool in medium length rabbits, very thick, with dense undercoat. It can be gray, white, blue, black, peach color.

The expressive rabbits are very tidy and unpretentious, so they do not require special care.

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Hermelins - ermine rabbits

The most common breeds of decorative rabbits

Species of hermelin, or an ermine rabbit replaced ermine fur.

A hermelin breed, or an erminean rabbit, was introduced to replace the expensive fur of the ermine with cheaper and more affordable rabbit. The hermeillins are very dense, soft, which delivers a lot of inconveniences in the heat to animals that they are badly tolerated. Rabbits of this species are also called Polish, they became the ancestors of dwarf breeds of rex, colored, fox and very young breed of satin dwarfs.

Externally, these are animals with a short body, thin, straight paws and a developed rear part. They are characterized by a circular form of the head, a slightly curved nose, very short, almost imperceptible, neck, large, slightly elongated eyes, short( up to 6 cm) ears.

Interestingly, the representatives of this breed may have a red or blue eye color. The color of the hermelins is always perfectly white, and the claws are colorless. Weight of rabbits - up to 1.5 kg, in the litter is usually only 2 rabbits.

Character in females and males is different. Males, as a rule, are calm, peaceful, lazy and do not like excessive attention. Females are often nervous and even aggressive. Because of such an uneasy nature, they are recommended to start with rabbits with experience.

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Fox and Lion Rabbits

The most common breeds of decorative rabbits

Fox Bunnies are representatives of the long-wavering group.

Fox rabbits are representatives of the long-range group. The creamy body covers the wool, whose length is 7 cm, and on the head is a smooth short coat. Despite a decent length, the wool is not confused, since it consists of a hard, hard hairs. Care for the fox rabbits is very easy.

Weight of this type of rabbits is 0.7-1.5 kg, the body is tight, shaggy, the neck is almost non-existent, the head is short, round and large, the front legs are shorter than the rear. The ears are erect, rounded and short - approximately 5.5 - 5 cm. The color of the fur is chinchilla, brown and agouti, the color of the eyes corresponds to the color and may be blue, red and brown.

Levonel decorative rabbits look even more spectacular. Their body is covered with short hair, but on the head - a real mane. Due to this feature, the head of rabbits looks very large. There are varieties of lion rabbits, in which long wool grows not only on the head but also on the sides of the body, which only enhances their decorative character. Long hairs are rigid, not tangled and do not get bogged down, making caring for animals easy and simple. The body of rabbits is rather crunchy, the average weight is about 1.2 kg, the ears are short and standing, the paws are strong, small.

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Colored Dwarfs

The most common breeds of decorative rabbits

Colored dwarfs - a tiny copy of a wild rabbit.

They are very similar to the outside on the hermelins, only having a different color of wool. They were taken by crossing wild rabbits and hermelins, which gave light-gray coloration of fur;Then the breeders managed to get the rabbits in black color, and then there were many colored dwarfs. There are about 60 colors in total, but the main ones are gray, honey, black, blue, brown, yellow and orange. Otto colored dwarfs look very original: they have white wool and black spots around the eyes.

= Colored dwarf rabbits quilts, have a short cylindrical body, short paws. Their head is round, the neck is short, almost imperceptible, eyes are large, rounded. Weigh adult specimens about 0.7-1.5 kg. The wool is smooth, dense, shiny. A feature of this breed is a rather short standing ears, whose length is 4-5 cm.

These dwarf rabbits have a peculiar character. At a young age, up to one and a half years, they can be aggressive, scratch and bite, beat their paws. When the period of puberty passes, the colored dwarfs become good and gentle - beautiful home pets.

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Angora rabbits

All types of Angora rabbits are the most impressive. Animals with subtle angora hair look very exotic. Due to the fact that the length of such a wool reaches 20 cm, a rabbit can be taken for a large lump of cotton wool. However, such decorative features require regular care. Rabbits should be combed at least 2 times a week, and during molting - every day. If you do not adhere to this rule, the home pet will lose his beauty very quickly - the wool will simply collapse and get confused. There is another variety of Angora rabbits with fur, the length of which does not exceed 5 cm. They are much easier to care.

Dwarf fluffy rabbits have a strong and light skeleton, a round head with a short neck, shallow eyes. The weight of adult animals is 1 - 1.6 kg. By standard, the ears have erect, short, with long wool shears, which makes them even more moving. The coloration is often white, the eyes are red, very rarely can be blue.


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Rabbits, like cats, lick their wool. To avoid the accumulation of lumps of wool in the stomach, Angora dwarfs must be introduced into the diet of hay and grass. Angora rabbits have a consumable, calm character - they can be safely wound up in the house where there are children.