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How to quickly restore hair: masks, tested by time

How to quickly restore hair: masks, tested by time
As lucky to those women who by nature have a magnificent copeck of obedient, shiny and healthy hair! But also those who have not received this gift of fate from birth, too, want to shine, to crank the mane, because luxurious hair - an indispensable attribute of seduction, which gives the woman

a unique charm.

There are also situations where a woman loses her hair for any reason, such as after an illness, a severe pregnancy or a hairdresser's mistake.

But, to our great happiness, there are ways to restore hair, their beauty and luster, which are not only available but also easy to prepare at home.

How to quickly restore hair?

There are masks tested over the centuries used by our grandparents, and they already boasted with great hair.

One of the most ancient recipes transmitted from generation to generation, it is a recipe based on rapeseed oil. If you decide to use it, then get ready for the fact that you will have to endure some inconveniences, because the warmed up in a water bath oil is necessary not only to thoroughly rub in the scalp, comb, so that it spreads throughout the length of the hair, but also to sleepin that form all night, wrapping a head with a film, and on top of the binding and even a scythe.

Effect is achieved by the influence of rapeseed oil and warming, enhances the penetration of nutrients in the hair follicles and the structure of the hair. The mask needs to be washed in the morning in order to repeat the next night, and so do about two weeks. Raphael oil has a truly miraculous effect, making the hair alive, shiny and silky. It is possible to alternate the rapeseed oil with other oils, such as grape or olive oil.

Masks of mummies, aloe, honey with cognac, honey with lemon, yeast and egg yolk are very effective, it has a large supply of proteins. Gelatin food not only saturates hair with the same protein, but also adds to its structure elasticity and elasticity.

How to quickly restore hair: masks, tested by time How to quickly restore hair: masks, tested by time

How to quickly restore hair at home and using simple ingredients?

Unfortunately, we begin to care for hair most carefully only in cases when we notice strong damage. Going to the hairdresser's office and divorce the valuable centimeters of length do not dare to all. In order to quickly and effectively restore the weakened curls, you can resort to proven home techniques.

Actually, in order to make a mask for hair, there is no special work, most of the ingredients are always in the fridge. It may also be carrot juice, kefir, onions, vodka and mustard.

  • Healing properties of onion

Particularly restorative properties have onions. It has long been used in the event that the hair lost their original luster and began to crack. Infused with onion boiling water mixed with vegetable or rapeseed oil, and washed to a warm condition, stuck in the hair and scalp at night, and washed away in the morning. Such compresses were repeated during the month and provided excellent results.

The only side effect of the onion mask is the persistent odor of onion, which does not interrupt even a good shampoo, but what you will not do for the sake of the beauty of the hair!

  • Rye bread and oak bark against fall

Occurs and so, that hair starts to drop out. This can happen under the influence of various factors, among which are in the first place age and hormonal changes, the effects of stress and improperly selected hair color. How to quickly restore hair when they fall out? And here comes the help of old good recipes. For example, a mask of rye bread and decoction of oak bark will greatly help with hair loss. This mixture is very simple to prepare, oak bark, bought in any pharmacy, brewed with the added recipe, and still warm, mixed with rinsed rye bread, in such a way as to make pancakes. This mask should be applied to the scalp, rubbing the entire length of the hair. It is necessary to limit the inflow of air to create a thermal effect, which is achieved by wrapping a film and a scythe. With this mask also should spend all nights during the month, but the result is guaranteed, and hair will begin to recover quickly. Incidentally, this recipe can also be used by men for whom the problem of hair loss is much sharper!

  • Mask based on cocoa

If your hair becomes dull and has lost its natural sheen, then you need to have a course of cocoa masks. The basis is kefir( in the amount of half a glass), in which you need to mix well egg yolk and a teaspoon of cocoa powder. The main emphasis in applying the mask should be done at the root. Distribute the remainder on the tips and wrap your head with a warm towel. After 25 minutes, it is necessary to wash the head with a shampoo( it is better to use a soft remedy on a natural basis).Softness and shine will return after the first session.

Kefir Mask After painting even the most expensive and high-quality hair on the hair, it will surely become more dry. In this case, kegs will help the curls. Wash your head and apply slightly warmed kefir. So that the beneficial substances get better in the skin, spend a light massage. Warm your head with a shower cap and a terry towel and leave the mask for 40 minutes. Rinse kefir better without using a shampoo.

  • Laminating at Home

One of the most popular hair salon treatments, at the moment, is lamination. Its essence consists in the fact that with the help of special means to create an invisible film on the skin, which performs a protective and aesthetic function. But since this procedure is quite expensive( and especially for long hair), then for the beginning you can try the home variant.

To prepare a laminating composition, you need to pre-soak a spoon of gelatin in half a glass of water, and after half an hour to warm up to complete dissolution. When the liquid cools down a little, add 2 tablespoons of balsam or air conditioner and spread the hair over the hair. Now put on your head a polyethylene ball or a cap for a shower and leave the mask for 3 hours. Wash off the stock with plain water without a shampoo.

It is worth noting that a really visible effect will come only after 3 procedures. Frequency of their conduct - once a week.

  • Aloe Restore Mask

Most people aloe are known to be a great remedy for colds and various skin problems. However, do not forget about the benefits that this plant can bring to your hair.

For cooking masks, you will have to mix the aloe juice, honey and castor oil on a table spoon. When the mass becomes homogeneous, rub it in the root, and also divide by the strands. If you have long hair, then make a bigger amount of mask. After half an hour, wash your head without a shampoo.

  • Colorless henna

Colorless henna has renewal and strengthening properties. The packaging of this product specifies a method of use, but in its pure form, it does not always produce the desired effect. So, if you want to not just return the hair to a vibrant shine, but also give them an impressive density, replace the water with a decoction of nettle, preparing a mask. If you use this tool regularly, your hair will change from the outside, and also become much denser, stronger and thicker.

  • Argan Oil

This is one of the most valuable oils that Moroccan beauties have been using since ancient times. The most effective it will be in the summer, protecting the hair from ultraviolet radiation. Also, if you live in a big city with a huge number of machines and industrial enterprises, argan oil will not allow toxins to damage your head. It should be noted that this remedy effectively combats with a magnifying glass.

As for cosmetologists, they advise to alternate three masks for a week: mask with onion, mask with honey and mask with oils. These masks require the warming of the head, but they can be done for only half an hour, which is much more convenient. After washing the mask, it is necessary to apply on hair conditioner and rinse thoroughly. The result will be noticeable in two weeks of regular use, and you will be able to walk with a proudly raised head!

How to quickly restore hair: masks, tested by time

Quickly restore hair helps liquid keratin!

Keratin for the repair of highly damaged hair

Unfortunately, in some cases, when the hair is badly damaged, home recipes may not have the desired effect. In this case it is better to resort to the store and pharmacy drugs, which more actively affect the curls.

Keratin is one of the most widely used substances that quickly restores hair. Damaged hair has scales, which greatly spoil the appearance. Keratin, due to its protein nature, is embedded in the structure of hair, making it even and smooth. Therefore, when buying shampoo, balm or any other means, make sure that they contain keratin. Due to this component, the hair will straighten, become brilliant, and combing them will be much easier.

Sea salt

Sea depths melt down a lot of useful substances that have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole and on hair in particular. They normalize the work of hair follicles, nourish the scalp, and also improve the appearance of the hair. The largest concentration of marine minerals is found in sea salt. That is why it is recommended to use this product when looking after the hair. The best option is peeling the scalp.


Unfortunately, in some cases, neither home nor shop cosmetics are not able to provide the proper effect. In this case, medicine will come to the rescue. Yes, one of the most well-known methods of hair treatment is mesotherapy. It represents the introduction of skin-dasg preparations containing high levels of vitamins and minerals. The final composition is determined by the physician, based on the current state of hair. Most often it is zinc, vitamin B, various amino acids, copper and other substances that stimulate the growth of healthy hair.

Head massage

A good blood circulation is the key to thick and beautiful hair. This provides an inflow of oxygen and nutrients to the roots. If this process is broken, then you can partially correct the situation by using regular massage. It can be done with your fingers using special oils, as well as using a regular comb. In order for the effect to be noticeable, do not stop at one session, and carry out procedures every day.

Take care of your hair and be beautiful!