Why is runny nose and how to treat it?

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  • Why do I get Rabbits Raw?
  • How to treat rhinitis in domestic rabbits?
  • What are the methods of treating rhinitis in rabbits?

When there is a runny nose in the rabbits, how to treat it can be found by every owner of such a bouncy home


Why is runny nose and how to treat it?

The main reason for the appearance of a cold in a rabbit is the non-compliance with animal retention rules.

It should be remembered that animals, like humans, tend to develop various diseases. If you could not avoid it, then you need to get acquainted with how to treat a sick pupil. Especially in rabbits very often there is an illness, such as rhinitis. In this case, you need to know the best methods of treatment and prevention of this disease.

Why do I get undead inside rabbits?

Why is runny nose and how to treat it?

When a non-ruminant is detected in a rabbit, a vet should be visited so that he will prescribe proper treatment.

In order to start the correct and effective treatment of rhinitis, you need to know that it is the most common ailment in the animals. Of course, no one died of rhinitis, but it has long been known that such a disease can not be started.

It should be remembered that the infection is spreading rapidly, and it can infect all animals living indoors. That is why the rabbit should be treated immediately after the first symptoms are detected.

Most often the main cause of the disease is non-compliance with animal retention rules. It may be that the bedding in the cage or non-ventilated premises has long been changing. The greatest discomfort causes dust, which has the ability to climb when the hay is loosened. It can provoke the appearance of a common cold, which gradually becomes infectious.

Rhinitis can also develop in a completely healthy rabbit after a serious injury that was obtained during a fight with other animals. In this case, a large number of bacteria, living directly in the nasal cavity of the pet, gradually penetrates into the scratch and causes an illness.

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How to treat rhinitis in domestic rabbits?

Why is runny nose and how to treat it?

Treatment of undead in rabbits is most often done with antibiotics.

If the disease is not treated, it has the property to gradually become chronic. And in appearance, the animal will seem quite healthy. However, over time, the owner may notice that the rabbit often has his own spike with his paws, loudly sneezing, and from his nostrils there are purulent secretions that are very disturbing to the nurse. Such a cold brings a lot of inconvenience to the rabbit. And a large number of secretions from the animal's nose gradually freezes and prevents him from breathing.

After the owner noticed the development of an ailment such as rhinitis in the animal, it is necessary to contact a veterinarian without delay. The specialist should take smears from his pet. Their research in the laboratory will help determine the cause of the infection.

Only after this, the vet may prescribe the most appropriate treatment course. Almost all homebirds are treated with antibiotics. Use of these drugs within 7 days. Together with them, animals are obliged to give special medications that improve the intestinal microflora.

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What are the methods of treating rhinitis in rabbits?

Why is runny nose and how to treat it?

A 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide is needed to remove mucus mites in the nose of a rabbit.

In order to heal a home rabbit, it is necessary to treat his nose and eyes a solution several times a day. It should be used as often as possible inhalations. The owner should try to give the nurse only healthy and fresh food.

The rabbit diet should have fresh herbs and vegetables. It is allowed to give the animal a pre-warmed mint or camomile tea. If the beast does not want to use the food offered to him, then you should not force him to eat by force.

Keep a pet suffering from rhinitis in the warmth. For this most often use an infrared lamp or a conventional hotplate. For example, the temperature of the hotplate should be sufficient enough for a person to hold it in his hands without any problems.

But for implementation of inhalation of a sick rabbit should be placed in a special carrier, and a bowl with pre-prepared solution should be placed next to. The bowl and the animal are covered with a clean towel and must leave a crack for air penetration.

Created from the mucus of crust in the nose of a rabbit can be removed using 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide. Several times a day, the nostrils need to be richly lubricated with the most common petroleum jelly, which are sold in the pharmacy.

Suddenly, white discharge from the nose can be eliminated by introducing into each nostril 6 drops of "Hemognocycline".However, this drug should be diluted with boiled water at a rate of 1: 2.

If rhinitis does not pass, and it appears on the background of the development of other ailments, then a specialist can advise a comprehensive treatment. In this case, you can use a solution of penicillin and a 1% solution of furatsillin. In the case of colds that have developed on the background of inflammation of the lungs or bronchitis, in the feed you can enter "Norsulfazol" or "Sulfadimezin".Dosage of these drugs will help calculate the vet.


Chronic rhinitis can be observed in a rabbit body temperature increase. To eliminate this annoyance, the animal intramuscularly injects approximately 20 thousand OD penicillin per 1 kg of pet's weight. You can do this procedure every 4 hours. It is permitted to treat an ill foster child with such drugs as "Biomicin" or "Erythromycin", after consulting with a specialist.