Features of Zolotukhin cells for rabbits

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  • About the invention
  • Recommendations for self-building
  • Care for rabbits contained in cells
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It is believed that cells for zolotukhin rabbits are the most convenient and safe for animals. What is the present invention, how can

build it at home?

Features of Zolotukhin cells for rabbits

When breeding rabbits, the main thing to be foreseen is the cage.

About the Invention

A beginner rabbit is wondering: How to create an optimal environment for their pupils? Specialists advise to pay attention to buildings constructed from the methods of Zolotukhin.

Features of Zolotukhin cells for rabbits

Scheme 1. Zolotukhin Cage.

Nikolai Ivanovich Zolotukhin observed the life of rabbits since childhood. In time, when he started his own farm, Zolotukhin decided to create the most comfortable living space for animals, which would be most close to the natural environment. It was important to facilitate the process of cleaning the space, as well as feeding rabbits. For fifty years Nikolai Ivanovich created and perfected cell models. Soon came the optimal variant for rabbits breeding, which many farmers today use. Such a cell has undergone practical testing, and its creation does not require special financial expenses for expensive materials. Such accommodation for rabbits can be constructed practically by any beginner farm if desired. In addition, such a product can last for many years.

Zolotukhin cell is not equipped with a special matrix. It is made in a common cage. To do this, you need to protect part of the space with a removable wooden board 20 cm from the front to the back wall. The same structures are stacked one by one, treadmills are also moving. For them it is necessary to make a special general door along the entire height of the cells. In the front side, where the matrix is ‚Äč‚Äčlocated, you need to put a board so that the rabbits can not fall through the open door. Instead of the mesh floor all over the space, a piece of mesh is made 20 cm wide. Due to this, the rabbits excretin out through the grid, and the rest of the sex remains clean and dry. To avoid getting feces in other cells, the back walls are made of polycarbonate on the vent. Thus, faeces fall through the wall on the roof of the previous structure, and then on the floor. A fragment of the mesh floor is installed at the wall at the end of the building. The fact is that the rabbits prefer to arrange the toilet in distant corners. In order to teach animals to empty out in one place, straw or hay should be laid there.

Features of Zolotukhin cells for rabbits

It is necessary to place hay in a cage.

The feeder is constructed in the form of a triangular tray. It has a length approximately two-thirds of the length of the anterior wall of the cell. Inside, its bottom is located at an angle of 35 degrees. A feeder is inserted into the anterior wall of the cell, nailed one nail on each side so that it can spin, as on joints. Its front wall is made of a grid that does not reach the bottom of about 2 cm. You can turn the feeder, fill it in the food and do not open the door.

Some recommendations on the arrangement of a cage for rabbits for Zolotukhin:

  • The more spacious the room, the better its inhabitants.
  • It is recommended to use wooden boards or slate for flooring.
  • Be sure to make a place for the rabbit's nest.
  • For best sanitation and for ease of cleaning, the cage for rabbits should be at a sufficient height from the ground.

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    Recommendations for self-building

    Features of Zolotukhin cells for rabbits

    Two-sectional cage scheme for rabbits.

    According to Nikolai Zolotukhin, the creator of these structures, in order to build a cage, no drawings and plans are not needed. It's easy to have general information about what should be the optimal housing for rabbits. For construction, slate, board, metal, polycarbonate are used. Wooden panels construct a frame, door matrix, walls. Doors of the structure and the back of the floor should have a mesh surface, slabs are slabs in the floor. It is advisable to overlay the boards with plaque, so that rabbits do not damage them. Doors for motherfish are made from a solid piece of wood in order to avoid the appearance of drafts. Beginner rabbits can use for building a scheme 1.

    Dimensions can be the most diverse. It depends on how many animals are on the farm. The main thing is to provide them with maximum space.

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    Care for rabbits contained in

    cells Animals living in confined spaces require special care. In order for them to be healthy and admiring pleasure, it is necessary to adhere to some recommendations.

    A cage for animals should be spacious, otherwise the rabbits will start to gain weight, which is very harmful, and also affects the breeding grounds.

    Housing needs periodic disinfection: in diseases, before the onset, moving animals. Before disinfecting, all animals must be removed from the cage. Then thoroughly clean all surfaces with a scraper, rinse with water, and then - apply anti-microbial agent.


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    Let's summarize

    The cage according to the Zolotukhin method is considered to be the most optimal for breeding and keeping rabbits. At the same time, such structures have long service life, and construction does not require special monetary investments. Having tested this method in practice, you can over time ensure its effectiveness. In this room, the most environmentally friendly habitat for rabbits is created.