Hair Care

How to align a beard with a typewriter itself


  • Why it's worth taking up the beard design by yourself
  • What you need to level the beard
  • Preparatory stage
  • How to align the beard step by step
  • Beard Beard Rules

How to align a beard with a typewriter itself A stylish and precise beard can become one of the most important components of your

charismatic courageous appearance. But that the vegetation on the face caused the right impression among others, you need to get a habit of regularly taking care of her, otherwise you can be called non-gay.
Just stop shaving and be content with what nature has given you, not enough, because the beard will reflect your unique individuality only in harmony with the features of the face and appearance in general. Fortunately, today it's easy to achieve this, at your disposal there are plenty of tools and tools that will allow you to adjust the grown and provide a healthy look of the hair.

Why It Should Be Bead Been Designed By Yourself

Of course, if you are new to this business and have never grown beard before, the services of a hairdresser or even a stylist may prove to be very helpful: after learning the basic beard care you can move on to self-acting.

How to align a beard with a typewriter itself If you decide to contact a specialist, the most important thing to look for is his experience. A rare hairdresser is recognized in its incompetence, and you have unpleasant surprises like flattening beard with iron for anything. So it's best to take advantage of the recommendation of friends, and not choose a beauty salon at random.

The best option to care for a beard is an independent haircut and design at home. This will allow you to maintain a stylish appearance without special temporary and financial expenses, the only thing - you will need some precision along with patience. Getting the right tools to care for vegetation on your face - this attachment will soon pay off, and you can deserve to be proud of the work of their hands.

What you need to do to level your beard

First of all, you will need to have a suitable place for hairstyle:

  • Take care of good lighting - this will prevent cuts and get a good beard without missing long hairs and bald.
  • Use a beautiful mirror, preferably three-layer, to see all areas of the face well. If you do not have a hold, a normal wall in combination with a small portable will fit. The latter is good to take with increasing effect, so you will not miss any hair even on remote areas of the person.
  • Provide an easy way to get rid of shredded. The ideal option is to take a portable mirror and look after the beard in the street, where the unwanted hairs will carry the wind. And going to do the beard at home, put on a hairdresser's cape, if you do not have How to align a beard with a typewriter itself in it, turn it into an old sheet or strip to the belt, then flush your hair under the shower. If you are going to trim the hair over the sink, close it with a drain hole so that it does not have to be cleaned.
  • Prepare all necessary materials and tools: a hair clipper or trimmer, optionally a full hair removal shaver, sharp scissors, a small comb comb and detergents.
  • Choose the tool carefully. The best option is a wireless professional trimmer or a machine with lots of nozzles that will allow you to do hair simulation. It's a good idea to choose a tool with ceramic knives that do not need to lubricate. It is also useful to work from the network at a discharged battery, so you can always finish the haircut without unnecessary waiting.

Preparatory Stage

To ensure that the result of a haircut is always pleasing to you, remember that all manipulations must be carried out with a clean, dry and combed beard. Do not try to level even wet vegetation: wet hair longer, it is easy to overdo it and cut off excess.

It's best to shave your hair with the same shampoo you use to wash your head. Soap or other unusual cosmetic products can cause dryness, irritation or even an allergic reaction. In addition, washing with warm water will make the hair softer, which will help to make the vegetation on your face more accurately.

Wash the beard with a light toothbrush, and then loosen it, moving from ear to chin. Do it better in the direction of hair growth. Get used to combing correctly, otherwise you can confuse, squeeze hairs or even cause the appearance of nodules on the hair. Comb your beard, lightly flush it with your hands and wait for a complete drying out. How to align a beard with a typewriter itself

Make sure you have everything to prevent pausing in a haircut. So, if you have a thick beard, you may need to clear the trimmer or machines in the process, so be sure to use a special brush. Also, check that the battery is charged in the device.

If you are not going to leave a small bristle around your neck, and your machine will not allow you to handle the small details with the right precision, you will need to work with shaving foam shaving razor to simulate these areas.

How to align the beard step by step

After preparing everything you need, you can begin to correct the beard by following the following simple steps:

  • Adjust the tool. If you are using a typewriter or trimmer for the first time, pick up the attachment that leaves your hair a bit longer than necessary. A little shortening of hair will be easy, giving the beard a basic shape, but to grow the beard will take much longer.
  • Begin from the neck. Pointing the imaginary line around your neck, slip the bristle below. A good tool in this case will be a machine equipped with a laser pointer. Move along the direction of hair growth, so as not to twitch and not break them. How to align a beard with a typewriter itself
  • Treat the mustache area. Here you will not be disturbed by the exact nozzle or razor. First remove excess under the nose, gradually falling to the corners of the lips. Make sure your movements are symmetrical. Excessive hairs above the upper lip gently shred down with scissors. How to align a beard with a typewriter itself
  • Handle the entire area. The nozzle will not allow you to damage the skin, so smooth, but confident movements handle the entire inner part of the beard. It is not necessary to go one place several times in a row, it is better to break and go on comb again, to reveal individual uncut hair. They can then be captured with a trimmer or cut with scissors, if there are not many.
  • Be careful with the lines of the cheeks. Remove the attachment from the machine and, using it or a razor, remove any excess that spoils the look of the upper part of the beard. Move as much as when combing, from ear to chin. How to align a beard with a typewriter itself
  • Beard Beard Rules

    Be careful to keep your beard at your home in good order at all times. This is achieved through regular washing and combing. Spend the last about 10-15 minutes a day, use a comb with wide teeth to keep your hair out too much. To wash a beard with shampoo every day is not necessary, so as not to damage the natural fat layer of hair, gives them softness and healthy shine. Although vegetation on the face is usually much tougher than on the head, also use air conditioning and do not interfere with it, it is easier to achieve obedience and get the desired shape. In addition, it will help avoid static electricity on excessively clean hair.

    As you can see, taking care of your own beard is easy. The right tools in hands and athletic mood are enough to look courageous, assembled and attractive.