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Steroid Acne - Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, Photos

Acne, pimples or acne are all terms that mark one skin disease, which manifests itself as the appearance of inflammation in restricted areas. Appearing pimples may be for various reasons, but steroid acne is a consequence of the use of hormonal drugs.


is not particularly harmful to acne, but looks pimples extremely unattractive and greatly distort the appearance of the patient.


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Causes of development of

Steroid Acne causes, symptoms, treatment, photos

Accepting testosterone can cause the development of steroid acne.

The emergence of steroid acne contributes to the following drugs:

  • Systemic corticosteroids;
  • Local use of corticosteroid drugs;
  • Anabolic Steroids;
  • Testosterone;
  • Gestagens;
  • Some types of progestins.

Why does hormonal medication cause acne? The fact is that taking corticosteroids in some way affects the production of insulin. Anabolic steroids, in turn, enhance the action of the pancreas and enhance its function

Thus, hormones modulate the production of insulin, and excessive production of insulin contributes to the formation of acne.

The property of steroids to strengthen the pancreas is well known, so in the endocrinology, this type of hormones is actively used in the complex of treatment of pancreatitis, diabetes and other diseases.

Produced by the insulin gland is required for the utilization of carbohydrates. The utilization is carried out by penetrating into the cells of simple sugars and converting them into glycogen. Glycogen in skin cells is a normal phenomenon, but a large number of simple sugars helps to create acne. After all, sugar is one of the most beneficial nutrients for different bacteria.

In addition, insulin promotes the conversion of excess carbohydrates in the liver tissue to fatty acids. These substances stimulate the functioning of the sebaceous glands, up to the hypertrophic development of sebum, which leads to the development of excessive fatty skin and the appearance of acne.

Moreover, the skin has cells that destroy androgenic hormones, which are normally contained in very small amounts of skin. In those cases when hormones come from the outside, that is, the use of hormonal drugs, the concentration of hormones in the skin increases. Cells do not cope with their functions, and these circumstances lead to increased reproduction of bacteria. When this situation develops in conjunction with the increased work of the sebaceous glands, the risk of acne becomes extremely high.

Clinical picture of

Rashes with steroid acne appear suddenly. On the skin are small humps of bright red color, on the surface of which pustules and boils can be formed. After resolving the elements of acne( acne, keloid, exocrine acne, pustular acne, cystic acne), pigmented spots remain on the skin, and surface scars are less common.

Steroid acne is localized on the skin of the chest and on the shoulders. Less pimples appear on the face and neck. A characteristic feature of steroid acne is monomorphism( monotony) rash


Diagnosis of acne, as a rule, does not cause difficulties. An important difference in steroid acne from vulgar acne is:

  • Monomorphic formations. With steroid acne, the elements of the rash are on one, common to all stages of development. When vulgar acne, the elements are always heterogeneous, one patient can see pimples, both in the initial, and in the final stage of development.
  • A characteristic feature is the absence of comedones on the skin.
  • Admission of hormonal drugs in the history. When canceling the appointment, rashes pass independently.

Treatment for

For the successful treatment of steroid acne, it is necessary to exclude the use of hormonal drugs.

Steroid Acne causes, symptoms, treatment, photos

A tetracycline ointment is used for steroid treatment of acne.

In addition, external and systemic drugs may be used to treat acne. This, first of all:

  • Benzoyl peroxide. The drug is used in the form of a gel with 1-10% of the active substance. The drug is used once a day, applying to the location of acne with a thin layer.
  • Salicylic acid solutions are used to wipe the skin with acne twice a day.
  • Antibacterial ointments( tetracycline, erythromycin, lincomycin, etc.) are used to suppress the reproduction of bacteria. Use drugs twice a day.

If the use of local therapy does not provide the desired effect, additionally, systemic drugs are used. Patients prescribe ingestion of isotretinoin, spironolactin. Probably, it will be necessary to use systemic antibacterial therapy with the appointment of taking tetracycline, doxycycline, co-trimoxazole. Antibiotics are prescribed intermittent courses.

In the complex treatment of steroid acne, immunomodulators, angioprotectors, vitamin therapy, in particular, the intake of vitamins of groups B and C, can be prescribed. In addition, the treatment of biologically active substances provides a good effect, it is recommended to receive tincture of ginseng, eleutherococcus, aralia.

Treatment of folk remedies

For the earliest disposal of acne, you can also use folk remedies.

  • The disinfectant and anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil. The butter can be added to the body cream or body lotion and use the prepared formulation for application on the skin, covered with acne.
  • Cranberry juice will help in the process of acne treatment. Juice should be soaked with gauze napkins and applied to the skin in the location of acne.
  • Calendula tincture on an alcohol softens and soothes the inflamed skin. To treat acne, you should rub the skin in the places of acne several times a day.
  • Cleaner can be used to prepare compresses that are used in the treatment of acne. Brew dry grass with a small amount of boiling water, then steamed grass spread on a napkin and applied to rashes on the skin.
  • Help fight acne and green tea compresses. It is necessary to buy a leaf( not in bags, but pouring) green tea without aromatic additives. Brew tea as usual. Infusion can be drunk, and steamed teapotki laid on a napkin and warmly applied to the skin in the location of acne.
  • Well-assisted anti-acne mask with cosmetic clay. Need to pour a portion of clay with warm water to get the creamy mass. Add a drop of rosemary and tea tree oil. Apply to acne affected skin. Wash the mask with a damp cloth.

Forecast and prevention of

Forecast for steroid acne depends on the possibility of refusing the use of hormonal drugs. At the discontinuation of the administration of hormones comes the recovery of the skin.

With the impossibility of canceling the administration of hormones, patients are advised to follow a diet with a sharp restriction of simple carbohydrates and spicy foods. You will have to remove sugar from your diet, all confectionery, avoid sweet fruits. You can also try and laser treatment for acne.

In addition, preventive measures include hygienic measures. The shower should be taken twice a day, rinsing with an antibacterial soap place where the most probable formation of acne.

Skin-friendly bathing, moderate tanning. As a prevention of acne formation, it is recommended to make masks from clay regularly( once a week).


Steroid Acne causes, symptoms, treatment, photos Steroid Acne causes, symptoms, treatment, photos Steroid Acne causes, symptoms, treatment, photos Steroid Acne causes, symptoms, treatment, photos