Cadet School for Girls

One of the highest priority tasks of the state is qualitative education, especially at the present time of high technologies. The education of children in the sense of patriotism, nobility, honor, the development of abilities and talents primarily falls on the parents, but the school plays an integral part in the

educational and educational process. In addition to ordinary secondary schools there are cadet schools. It is believed that such institutions suggest education for boys, but this is not the case. There are cadet schools for girls. Each such school trains specialists from among schoolchildren in various fields.


1. What kind of personal and moral qualities are raised at girls in the cadet school
2. Lifestyle of cadet girls in the
school 3. Conditions of girls living in the cadet school
4. Daily classes, subjects being studied
5. Prospects for furtherlearning, employing
6. How to set up your daughter for admission and help her adapt to new conditions
7. Instead of finding

What personality and moral qualities are raised at girls in the cadet school

Nursing school ispurposeful, decent, high-moral, decisive, capable non-standard-minded, competitive citizens of their country. Instilling respect for history and the love of our culture for other students and graduates of schools. Cadet School for Girls

Students of the Cadet School receive secondary education - the development of mental, physical, moral potential, primary skills and skills of military affairs for the subsequent informed choice of the future profession. Pupils have such qualities as a sense of loyalty to military duty, conscientiousness in learning and work, physical stability. The main task facing the school is to find and create favorable conditions and opportunities for the development of students' potential.

The purpose of the existence of cadet schools is the development of patriotic, cultural and moral mood among students, the preparation of fully developed citizens with a reference point for military and civil service.

Lifestyle of cadets-girls at the

School The way girls live in a cadet school is significantly different from that of girls who are studying in high school. Indeed, in such a "school of life," girls get not only secondary education, but also training in military discipline. If we take into account the fact that cadet schools assume round-the-clock residence on the territory of the institution, the girls are somehow limited from the outside world, from ordinary communication. In the shortest possible time they try to teach them to a strict regime, firm and steadfast discipline, obedience, and compliance with subordination.

Due to such serious changes in the life of the girl there are psychological and physiological problems such as:

  • sleep disturbance( as a consequence of drowsiness during the day, poor perception of the educational material);
  • stress( jumps in mood, due to which there are conflicts with other pupils or teachers, an insurmountable desire to throw everything and return home);
  • bad health and colds( against the background of reduced immunity).

This is far from the whole list of obstacles that a college pupil might face. Such a state can last up to 6 months of stay.

Conditions for girls living in a cadet school

Most often cadet schools belong to closed institutions and involve five days, that is, 5 days a girl is in an educational institution and the full responsibility for her is borne by his leadership. On Saturday and Sunday, girls go home to their parents.

Often, such conditions of residence are confusing non-city entrants, as the territorial distance of the place of residence does not allow for a weekend home. But there are also boarding schools - they mean 7 days of stay. For maximum convenience, girls are settled by two people in the room. Thus, nobody distracts from the learning process. The room contains everything you need for a comfortable stay.

All girls are required to keep their room clean and orderly, appearance and shape. Once a week, nurses should do general cleaning of their rooms. All students are in the state's unconditional provision.

A typical mode of the day for students of a cadet school.
6.30 - lifting
6.30 - 6.45 morning toilet
6.45 - 7.00 - morning charge
7.00 - 7.30 - cleaning the room
7.30 - 8.00 - breakfast
8.00 - 8.30 - preparation for classes
8.30 - 11.40 - classes
11.40 - 12.20 - lunch
12.20 - 14.00 - classes
14.00 - 14.30 - personal time of students
14.30 - 16.30 - classes on additional disciplines
16.30 - 17.00 - noon
17.00 - 19.30 - classes on additional disciplines
19.30 - 20.10 - dinner
20.10 - 20.40 - walk
20.40 - 21.00 - personal time
21.00 - 21.30 - self-training
21.30 - 22.00 - Evening check and retreat. Cadet School for Girls

Life in a cadet school may seem like a girl who is too heavy and harsh. Adoption of the regime will not come immediately, with time, therefore, the child, decided to join the military school, you need to support and help him adapt to new conditions.

Casual classes, subjects taught by

The whole educational process is built with the use of advanced world experience. In addition to the subjects of the basic school program, the program includes a large block of additional education: the study of several foreign languages, vocal, dance clubs, sports.

Pupils help master the game on a musical instrument, cut and sew, painting, modeling and design, and many others. In their spare time, schoolchildren are encouraged to read books. Cadet schools often contain libraries. It is there that you can get any literature, from classics to romance novels. Cadet School for Girls

Religious affiliation is not taken into account when forming the day regime and the educational process. According to the results of the school year, girls must pass an examination on the performance, as in any other school.

In addition to the educational process in schools, participation and holding of creative contests and events are encouraged. Pupils take part in city, district and other competitions, competitions, festivals. They also visit museums, theaters, exhibitions. They take a lot of useful and interesting from these visits.

Prospects for Further Training, Employment

All the titanic efforts that pupils make when they get their education in a cadet school bring their fruits. Graduates of these institutions have a certain priority when joining higher military educational institutions. Further employment will not be accompanied by any difficulty. Graduates have a goal, endurance, patience, self-control. Such personnel are highly valued in the labor market. It is very important to determine your life path and follow him.

Graduates of Cadet Schools receive one more benefit from their education: civil service skills right after graduating from a military school. These include civil, military and municipal services. Graduates of such schools may move in these directions. Cadet School for Girls

Immediately after graduation, girls can be enrolled in civil service for junior posts. It may be clerical, archival( paperwork), personnel service. It is also possible to have service on street posts. In addition, they can enter higher military educational institutions for further education and higher education, both on-day and on-the-job training.

How to set up your daughter for admission and help her adapt to the new conditions

When entering the educational institution of this type of parent it is important to understand that the girl will be subjected to psychological, mental, physical activity. The girl falls into previously unknown conditions. This can be attributed to the relocation, strict regime, unfamiliar girls with their habits and character, distance from their relatives and friends.

The child has to adapt to independent life without the help of parents. Such a revolution in the life of a child requires a lot of resources - a dynamic non-standard thinking, can find a quick and convenient way out of the situation( maybe even conflict) situation, the flexibility of nature and a great supply of patience. The faster the girl understands the situation, the easier and more painless will be the habituation of the place and the environment.

At the time of living and studying at a college, the process of puberty usually disappears. This circumstance for many enhances addiction. Changing the hormonal background in the girl's body is accompanied by sharp jumps of emotional excitement. This situation helps to cope with a psychologist. The psychologist applies an individual approach taking into account all the peculiarities of the girl's personality, revealing those qualities that inhibit the process of becoming addicted.

Everything is important: the psychological climate, traditions, relationships in the team. When entering such a facility, it is necessary to determine honestly with respect to your child the personal qualities of the child, which may subsequently interfere with the adaptation and the whole stay at the school.

If a girl is conflicted, she can not build friendly, trusting relationships with others, is not sociable, self-asserting at the expense of others, then it is worth refusing to send the child to study in a cadet school. From the very first days the girls will be watching a psychologist to detect inappropriate qualities. Many feel stressed by the collapse of the usual way of life, stereotypes are broken.

Parents should help their child and prepare him for admission to an educational institution. In any case, it is not necessary to nourish the feeling of guilt and dissatisfaction. Guilty towards daughter, and dissatisfaction with leadership and teaching staff.

There is nothing shameful that parents will seek specialist help from a psychologist. Only then will the adults be able to correctly explain to their child the eating and the tasks of her stay in the school. This applies to those adults who have a pronounced increased sense of anxiety. At times, this feeling can hurt your child. The psychologist will give special recommendations for the behavior and support of his daughter. We need to learn to listen and hear your child.

Sometimes due to lack of understanding between parents and daughter and all problems arise. It is worth showing your attention and interest in the life of my daughter. Do not hurry to give advice or to comment and critique the situation.

Instead of Conclusion

In order to understand whether a particular girl needs to study at a cadet school, it is worth taking care of. First of all, it is necessary to objectively assess the degree of readiness for a severe psychological climate, total control and subordination. Not all will be able to pass this school of life dignified, without receiving a heavy psychological trauma. Cadet School for Girls

Identify the presence of volitional qualities in a child, stability and patience. By studying at a cadet institution, the strengths will be even stronger, and the weaknesses will only cause mental injury. Parents should consult a psychologist with a child. A specialist after the conversation will be able to evaluate the actual readiness. And of course you need to get the girl's consent to study exactly at this institution. After all, one way or another after graduation, the girl will have to link her life with the military service.

Forced to send a child to study is not worth it, as there is a big risk of breaking a girl, causing a protest in her. It is necessary to go on a tour with the future trainee in the school, give the opportunity to chat with the girls who live there. Tell us about the benefits of studying in a cadet school for girls. It is there that the girl will have a powerful base for her future life. The residence will individually teach the daughter independence, a strong inner core will not allow problems to break it.