How to remove puffiness of eyes, eyes and face?

As you know, health can not be bought for any money, which is why you can not close your eyes even for the slightest malaise. Of course, each of us knows that beauty directly depends on the state of the body, and any failure makes itself felt. This is like a well-known ad: the result is on the

face. Incidentally, the person about him today and talk, namely, how to remove swelling of the eyes, eyes and face.

How often happens that in the morning we literally do not recognize ourselves in the mirror. And at times there is so little that you need instant help. And then the question arises: "How to remove puffiness of eyes, eyelids and faces?" It is not necessary to panic, because methods know even more than enough. So, we start.

How to remove puffiness of eyes, eyes and face?

Causes of swelling of the

To begin with, find the root of the problem. What are the causes of the disease?

First of all, swelling means excess fluid in the body, which for one reason or another has not been removed from the outside. Also, the cause may be abusing and generally drinking alcohol on the eve of the day, which is especially unpleasant after large corporate parties and holidays. If puffiness bother you too often - it's an alarming cigan - see a doctor.

The fact is that the removal of fluid from the body corresponds to the genitourinary system and the kidneys, if they fail to cope, there are swelling. But do not panic. In addition, rare edema is observed and absolutely healthy people. The reason for the appearance of edema may be stress - this is especially the case in megacities - and even poor-quality cosmetics or improperly selected cream. Did you know that nightly nourishing cream should be applied to your face for at least an hour before bedtime?

How to remove puffiness of eyes, eyes and face?

In the battle of

Now on store shelves you can find many cosmetic products that help with swelling.

Fortunately, how to remove puffiness of eyes, eyelids and faces, and Mother Nature itself knows.

  • Here, for example, excellent ice cream, made from broth chamomile, pink petals, St. John's Wort or celandine. With such an ice it is necessary to wipe the face with the first signs of edema.
  • Another option is tea. It will not only save you from swelling of the face and neck for a quarter of an hour, but will also increase the skin tone. It is very convenient to tear the puffiness of the eyes: it is enough just to brew two bags and burn them naked, at the same time, carelessly sipping a drink from the cup. By the way, eye tea is better to use black, but for the person it will be more effective green tea without fillers and dyes.
  • A wonderful doctor - potatoes. Stir a small potato on a grater and send the resulting slurry on the face, lightly squeezing the juice. Ten minutes - your face is fresh, but the main thing is swelling. After an emergency potato mask, wash with clean water.
  • Parsley also works great with swelling of the eyes and neck. Enough rub on a grater or a meat grinder a few roots, lay them in a soaked juice wipe and send it to the eyes or neck for 10-15 minutes. After the procedure, we rinse with warm water.
  • If you have time, you can make pumpkin pudding. Sliced ​​pumpkin is cooked in a small amount of water to soften. Then take off the fire and knead it with a spoon. Now you can add a spoonful of honey. Put a warm pumpkin mask on the face and neck and wait for a quarter of an hour. Then rinse with warm water.

Sometimes it is quite enough to restrict contrasting washing in the morning. If you are actively involved in sports, make sure that the body does not suffer from dehydration, do not forget that on the day a person should drink two liters of liquid and do not drink much at night.

Here are all simple secrets. Bless you!

Posted by Oksana Lobastova