How to treat an overgrown nail in a baby?

How to treat an overgrown nail in a baby?

Faced with the fact that the child should begin treatment of the ingrown nail, the reviews have experienced something similar, mummies read necessarily. Without consultation of a doctor, it is not recommended to try "proven" methods at your child.

The kid started chattering, ceasing to get up in the crib, the

pushes one leg. Mom worries what happened? When looking at a child, the doctor finds irritation on the fingers of one of the legs, a blister around the nail. With the problems of an ingrown nail, even babies face! Rather, their parents.

There is nothing strange about it. The defect of the nail plate development can be inherited. The needle should lie exactly on the nail bed, and grow forward, but instead he grows down, crashing into the edge of the nail roller. In this case, it is not a pity for the baby, the treatment of the ingrown nail is impossible - a surgery is required.

Modern operations are not so painful, and the rehabilitation period after them takes no more than 5 days. Nobody removes a nail plate completely, while the operation destroys only the growth zone of the nail and changes its direction. If the parents can keep the baby from sharp movements, then not even need general anesthesia. Yes, laces need only two - right after the operation and the next day.

Fortunately, an adult nail is inherently rarely transmitted. Much more often, nail growth in children occurs because parents are wrongly caring for their legs in childhood. Teens are already caring for their feet, and the nail growth in this age is due to the fact that the boys have little time to pay their feet, and girls - too much. If the nails regularly cut off incorrectly, it is impossible to protect the nail plate from ingrown.

Nail growth in children also provokes a tight, wrongly selected footwear and nail disease, often avitaminosis and metabolic disorders, even fungal. The latter is rare in children, but unfortunately it happens. It's very annoying for the children, if the adults were more attentive and precise, the problems would have been avoided and onycho-cryptosis - nail growth, it would not have happened.

How to treat an overgrown nail in a baby?

If the disease is detected at the very beginning, then it is possible to cope with it independently, if the infectious process does not develop around the nail. Have to learn how to nail properly. It is believed that on the fingers of the hands nurses need to cut the nails, giving them a round shape, and cut the legs straight. About the pens the thought is correct, and nails on legs on a straight line can not be cut off in children in any case. The sharp edge injures the leg.

Scratch the nails on the legs not very short, barely rounded, and gently cutting the edge. At the end of the nail should always be visible white edge. If they have been seen at an early stage, treatment of an ingrown nail in children can be done at home.

Two or three times a day, soak the baby's legs in warm water, which can be added to sea salt, manganese, furatsilin, soda or ordinary soap. What the baby does not cause is an allergy or discomfort. Very little kids will gladly clap in the water, older children will have to explain the importance of the procedure.

It's easier to let a child run a barefoot, so as not to allow friction of the patient's place in the toe or even comfortable - shoes. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the child does not catch cold!

If the edge of the nail plate is bluish or constricted, then without an antibiotic ointment can not do. It is better to consult with a specialist, but if it is impossible for some reason, then you should do bandages - in no case do not crush - with tetracycline ointment, syntomicin emulsion or something like that.

If it comes to rash, you can apply an ichthyol ointment or a liniment balm of Vishnevsky, but still at this stage it is necessary to consult a doctor. Self-treatment, when there was an infection, threatens sepsis.

How to treat an overgrown nail in a baby?

For the treatment of an ingrown nail, tools from the arsenal of folk medicine are very often used. The napkin is softened with lamb fat, laying a bandage for several hours. In the baths add infusion of herbs, which have antiseptic and regenerating properties: herds, chamomile, wood, calendula.

The infusion should be saturated with color, and water in the bath only slightly change the color. The quantity of grass for infusion is taken, assessing the color of the visually received liquid.

Use a medium made from aloe leaves to remove inflammation. If there is no pre-prepared sheet stored in the refrigerator in dark paper, you can cut it fresh. Remove sprouts, make a puddle and put a bandage. It is practically impossible to use folk medicine with young children - they will hardly tolerate the bandage on their legs.

If you decide to start treating an ingrown nail yourself, you should read the responses of those who have already encountered this problem. Find out how this or that tool for children depends on age, how to teach teenagers to take care of their own feet.

There are many tips for treating - to the edge should be put on a cotton gauze or turunochka, lifting a nail. According to reviews, children do not allow this method to be applied to themselves, it is very painful. Also, you should not follow the advice of "folk healers", who advise to treat the ingrown nail with solidifolia or ash.

Very good reviews on the method of correction of the ingrown nail using special staples. For those who have a nail sprout inherited, this is the only way to avoid surgical intervention. Clamps can be installed in children aged 5 years.

How to treat an overgrown nail in a baby?

Treatment of ingested nails in children should start immediately as soon as the problem is detected. If the inflammation is repeated, then you should always consult a doctor to find out the cause of nail growth.