Is it possible to wash the house of decorative rabbits

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  • Necessity of rabbit hygiene
  • Bathing process
  • Warning for owners

Few people know if you can wash decorative rabbits. It is advisable not to buy rabbits from your hands, since it is not known what kind of breed they are, who their parents are and how healthy they are.

Is it possible to wash the house of decorative rabbits

A decorative rabbit is a great option as a pet.

In the store, too, not all rabbits have a good pedigree, but at least they are properly cared for there before the sale. This means that the bought rabbit will be healthy, he has all the necessary vaccinations, and he has a passport in which all the necessary information is given.

Individuals of decorative rabbits are distinguished from ordinary individuals with small sizes, easy-to-learn abilities, and unpretentious nursing care.

Is it possible to wash the house of decorative rabbits

A food pyramid of decorative rabbits.

These animals are able to bind to their owners like dogs and cats, be loyal, devoutly love their friends, especially children.

Daily communication with them will bring a lot of joy, happy moments and positive emotions.

In their care they are very simple, they do not have to go out for a walk, as with dogs, they do not harm home furnishings, household shoes and clothes.

If you plan to travel somewhere around the whole family, you can easily transport a rabbit in a cage or box.

Necessity of rabbit hygiene

As a rule, decorative rabbits are bought by residents of multistory buildings, which means they live in ordinary apartments. In the house, the animal can climb anywhere, so it is not insured from dust and dirt. No matter how the rabbit owners tried to keep the whole house in perfect order, there would still be a place where there is dust and dirt. Since rabbits are obedient animals, many hosts prefer not to keep them in cages or cages.

The animal moves freely in the apartment.

Although rabbits are cats that like cleanliness, cats occasionally encounter situations when they need an extra sink.

In normal life, they purify themselves, constantly licking their bodies. If the rabbits incorrectly arrange a diet, gastric disorder may occur, resulting in stomach upset. Can I bat decorative rabbits? There is no single answer. On the one hand, the rabbit is able to clean himself. He only needs his wool to be constantly and regularly shaved. Then the wound ends of the wool will be removed in the process of scratching.

On the other hand, because decorative rabbits live with their masters in the apartment, sit on sofas, stay with them in rooms and even beds, have to think, first of all, about the hygiene of their pet. One solution to this problem can be a regular cell or some kind of enclosed space in the apartment, which will become a home for the rabbit. And then dirty paws and an unpleasant smell coming from a beloved pet, do not contribute to good mood and relaxation.

Is it possible to wash the house of decorative rabbits

Rabbits are better to bathe in cool water, as they can have a heat stroke.

Accordingly, if there is such a problem, it is not easy to wipe, but to bathe the animal so that this odor disappears. In addition to dirty paws and other parts of the body, the rabbit can get a heat stroke, in which loss of consciousness and even death can occur. The fact that these animals do not tolerate hot weather and high temperatures. A temperature of 40 ° for dwarf rabbits can be fatal. Therefore, it is necessary, with a strong curiosity, to help the rabbits to survive the stress, cooling them by bathing in cool water. If there is no air conditioning in the room where the rabbit cell or its home is located, then it is possible to use improvised means for cooling.

For example, plastic bottles with ice water can be placed around its cells, or to include a fan in the room to allow air to circulate constantly. But in no case do you need to send a fan of a fan to a rabbit, otherwise it is cool. Wiping with wet towels is also an effective way to combat heat. You need to rub the head, neck and trunk, but not the wool, namely the skin. Rabbits have very thick wool, so you need to try hard to get a towel to the skin of the pet.

Veterinarians do not give an unambiguous answer to the question of bathing, but you can say with certainty that washing is a huge stress for the rabbit. Rabbits, like cats, do not like to swim too much, because they are afraid of water. This is against nature. Therefore, first you need to evaluate the condition of the wool of the pet. If only paws were exposed to contamination, then it is possible to wash them. If the rabbit has a stomach upset, it's easier to just wash it up like a small baby.

It will be much more humane to wipe the wool and rub the muzzle, feet and belly of the rabbit with a damp cloth. If there is no other way out, then, of course, you will have to bat a decorative rabbit. In advance, you need to stock up with a special shampoo, which is sold in any veterinary pharmacy, specially for decorative rabbits.

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Bathing Process

Is it possible to wash the house of decorative rabbits

Baby Soap easily and carefully cleans the fur of a decorative rabbit.

It is clear that the animal is very scared to swim, so the first time, and the next, bathe the rabbit is recommended together so that one man holds the animal and the second wash. It is not necessary to fill the bath, it is enough to pour water of room temperature into a small basin or pile. Toilet cuisine can not be used in any way, it is better, a special remedy for rabbits like a shampoo. If there is no special remedy, then you can use baby's soap. It easily and carefully cleans the wool of the animal, at the same time, without causing inconvenience and anxiety.

After soaking, it is advisable to thoroughly rinse detergent, and in no case do watering the animal's ears. If water enters the eardrum, then there is a risk of developing an ear disease that will lead to chronic inflammation and hearing impairment. After washing, you need to wipe the rabbit thoroughly, practically dry. If necessary, you can change some towels. Because the animal's wool has a very pleasant density, it should be dried as soon as possible.

If the rabbit is not afraid of a hair dryer, then you can dry it. But more often, rabbits are sensitive to loud sounds, so the easiest way to use a towel. With fairly frequent bathing, the color of the rabbit's hair may change, as the detergent is washed away with natural protection, and the color gradually dims. Therefore, it is not recommended to wash the rabbit more often than is necessary. So it is inherent nature itself. After bathing, put him in a cup to feed anything tasty, because such a procedure will spoil his mood. And for harmony in the house, it is necessary for all households to come into contact with each other.

Launch it in the cage or cage. Let him dry himself on his own space, licking his wool. Decorative rabbits, like little kids, are cold and drafts. Before batting an animal, you need to close all the doors and windows in the house so that the rabbit does not catch cold. Once the rabbit has gone crazy and walked away a bit from a stressful situation, one should not be surprised that he does not want to come up or play. His image can be so strong that he will hide himself from the owners for a few days, especially from the one who bathed him. So you have to find ways to make amends, and he will forgive you.


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Warning for owners

Because decorative rabbits are tender and thin feel the creatures, they need to be properly and carefully cared for them. If they provide decent care, like any family member, then they will give a response to the owners with a good mood, healthy look and funny way. If a person is ready to take a shower or bath every day, or even several times a day, then the nature of the rabbits is contrary to this. In numerous observations of the life of rabbits described cases where after bathing or other external influences rabbits died from fear and stress.


In any case, you can wash decorative rabbits, each owner decides for himself. After all, he bears full responsibility for the life and health of his pet pupil. Perhaps you should provide a rabbit a clean cell, its daily cleansing, always fresh food and clean water.