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Mummies from stretch marks. Helps mummies from stretch marks? Mummy from stretch marks: a recipe

Mummies from stretch marks. Helps mummies from stretch marks? Mummy from stretch marks: a recipe Oh, how hard a woman's lot! Say goodbye to why men do not worry about stretching them, and the new swimsuit can be sharpened in a dark wardrobe forever. Stretching is one of the most sinister enemies of a woman.

Causes of Stretch marks

Stretch marks are a defect in the skin

, which is a narrow wavy band. They may have different widths and shades. As a rule, stretch marks protrude above the surface of the skin, which makes them more noticeable. Among the main causes of such a defect can be identified as follows:
  • 1. Pregnancy. In anticipation of the birth of a child in the body of a woman there is a hormonal reorganization, which adversely affects the condition of the skin. As a result of the stretching effect and stretching appear.
  • 2. Sharp increase or decrease in body weight. If the set or loss of pounds is too fast, then the skin does not have time to adapt to the new conditions. As a result, on it and there are stretch marks.
  • 3. Adolescents may experience changes in the adrenal cortex during adolescence. This leads to excessive production of hormones, which provokes the formation of skin defects.
  • 4. Application of hormonal drugs. For this reason, stretch marks may appear even in men.
  • 5. Genetic predisposition.

Use of mumiyo in anti-stretching

Most affected by such parts of the female body as the chest, thighs, stomach and, of course, our beloved buttocks. Fighting with stretch marks or strias is a holy duty of every woman. In her arsenal there can be a variety of remedies, including herbal baths, essential oils, massage, peeling, wrapping and mummies. Let's dwell on the latter and find out all its basic properties and qualities.

First of all, even asking questions does not help mummies from stretch marks. The fact of efficiency is proven long ago, and it should not be discussed. And women enjoy this, there are many benefits to you: masks of mummies, lotions with the addition of this great product. Our goal is not to succumb to depression, but, armed with mummies, to begin an effective and productive struggle against stretch marks.

Mumiye is a "toroidal resin produced in the mountain caves of Central Asia. It is a natural mixture of organic and inorganic substances, well soluble in water, which concentrates in the cracks in the rocks, cavities, and niches in the form of films, crusts, in the form of black, dark brown and brown resin-like masses, in which there is sand and gravel.

Mummies from stretch marks. Helps mummies from stretch marks? Mummy from stretch marks: a recipe

What mummy benefits?

  • Mummies are of organic origin, therefore, it has a huge amount of trace elements. Especially valuable ones are zinc, nickel, calcium, aluminum and magnesium. In addition, this substance has in its composition a number of essential amino acids.
  • Mumiide ​​has a complex effect on the body. Thanks to its application, you can give the skin elasticity and saturate it with vitamins and nutrients. That is why this substance successfully fights with stretch marks.
  • Mumiye also has a healing and regenerating property. So use it immediately after you notice stretch marks on your body.
  • This substance is completely safe. It can safely be used even by mothers breast-feeding.
  • Muddy-based

    recipes Using mummies is also very simple. Critically inspect your stretch marks, evaluate the level of "neglect" and choose the right remedy.

  • 1. Cream containing mummies. This tool is ideal for ladies who suffer from small scars and thin stretch marks, even old ones. Doctors usually recommend that your daily cream or lotion add a small amount of mummies, about 2-3 grams. The mixture should be mixed and, with special care, once a day, rub the cream in the problem areas with massage movements. In order to re-amplify the effect of such a medium in the process of applying it, you can use a massage roller. It will help to strengthen blood circulation in the problem area. Because of the little time the question, does the mummy help with stretch marks, will not bother you any more, because the nasty runners surrender!
  • 2. Mummies in the form of aromatic oils. Yes, this option also has a place to be. Its effect is that in the composition of natural oils and so is the mass of substances useful for the skin. Plus to everything, you can not worry about the smell of mummies, quite unpleasant! However, in this case, you must be firmly convinced that there is no allergy, otherwise it will no longer be for stretch marks! And now - attention, how to use aromatic oils and mummies from stretch marks. Recipe: 1 gram mummies mixed with 1 tablespoon of selected aromatic oil. A little glad: the smell of mummies is well covered with mint oil, as well as pink. And if you choose orange oil, which is also an effective remedy for cellulite, then the effect will be just awesome! Only left the mixture to be applied to the skin, carefully massaged into problem areas.
  • 3. Oil Cream. Spread 1 gram of mummies in a teaspoon of warm water. In the resulting cereal, add a tablespoon of pink or mint oil. This cream should be rubbed into the affected areas of the skin. But remember that oils can cause allergic reactions, so you should not abuse this recipe.
  • Mummy from stretch marks, the recipe we put in place is an excellent solution for women who do not want to resort to surgery by creating their own spa at home. Agree, the prospect is attractive!

    According to clinical trials, more than 70 percent of women have noted that it is the mummy that gets rid of stretch marks best! The percentage is rather high, and the affordable price is beneficial for shading mummies among other popular means. And do not need the help of a cosmetologist.

    Say goodbye to stretch marks, and tell them not "goodbye", but "goodbye"!