Correction of eyebrow tattoo - 4 arguments FOR

It's amazing how much the eyebrow tattoo changes the face. A slightly raised eyebrow occasionally brings a zest and dramatically improves the image of a woman. The modernized way of microbanding can be achieved naturally. After the first procedure, the question arises whether correction after tattoo

eyebrows is required? To answer it, one should understand what microblogging is and how it is performed.

Correction of eyebrow tattoo - 4 arguments FOR

Adorable and expressive look of


  • Types of tattooing
    • Hair straightening and laser correction: against and against
  • Causes for correction of eyebrows after tattooing
  • Because of how much to make correction. The duration of the procedure
    • What to do if the skin does not cure a month after correction
  • The correction price
  • Summary: Do you need this procedure or you can do without correction

Types of tattoo

The classical tattoo procedure is not performed on the face as it has the following features:

  • pigmentpenetrates the deep layers of the skin;
  • procedure traumatic and hair follicles are damaged;
  • eyebrows unnaturally stand out on the face;
  • can not withstand the shape of the eyebrow; over time, it spills;
  • under the influence of time, the color of the tattoo changes unpredictably.

Microblacking - hand tattoo is performed by a special micro-body device. The blade corresponds to the thickness of the human hair.

This allows:

  • to avoid strong traumatization;
  • to accelerate healing;
  • shorten the duration of the procedure;
  • to achieve the ultimate naturality.

Correction of eyebrow tattoo - 4 arguments FOR

Eyebrow correction and facial makeup

Hair straightener and laser correction: for and against

In fact, it is a manual work. In microblasted pigment is introduced at a small depth. This gives a number of advantages:

  • thinner needle allows you to perform work gracefully and naturally;
  • eyebrows appear natural;
  • introduces organic pigment into the skin;The
  • job is performed according to a unique scheme that a specialist selects according to your type of person.

Glad! Make sure the wizard uses tattoo, not tattoo paints. Tattooing - cheaper, and the result is worse.

Causes for eyebrow correction after tattoo

Word correction is associated with error correction. The tattoo needs correction for other reasons.

Correction of eyebrow tattoo - 4 arguments FOR

Manual tattoo with special device

  • Microblinding is a less traumatic procedure than a tattoo, but it is impossible to completely avoid traumatism. The shape of eyebrows is changing. The operation site is a little red and swollen. After that, small wounds are formed. Over time, the skin heals, and scratches appear. Falling off, they open up places that are not filled with pigment. Now the islands can be corrected on healthy, healed skin.
  • The final result is noticeable in color a month after the procedure. If the master did not guess the color saturation and the pigment turned out to be too bright for the client, the procedure for correction of eye tattoo, eyebrow, allow the introduction of a more saturated pigment. You may have to align the pigment tone across the entire eyebrow area.
  • Due to the specifics of the skin, the pigment is not fixed, as it should. This is rare, but it still happens.
  • If the customer did not like how the eyebrows were smeared, or it was necessary to remove single lines, make a correction using a laser. Excess items are being deleted.
  • Correction of eyebrow tattoo - 4 arguments FOR

    Preparing for Laser Correction

    Important! If the line of eyebrows is asymmetrical, broken or has some other defects, the work is done poorly.

    Because of how much to make correction. Duration of the

    procedure The cell renewal cycle is 1 month. The natural pigment is eluted for 1-2 months. Therefore, making correction of eyebrow tattoo is necessary through this interval of time. There are recommendations for the timing of the procedure.

    • It's best to plan microblacking at the end of autumn, the beginning of winter. At this time, there is no bright sun and severe frost, everything that can irritate the skin.
    • Correction in this case is required in January or February.
    • A year later, maybe a little later or earlier, you need to upgrade as the brightness of the natural pigment decreases.

    What to do if the skin does not heal in a month after the correction of

    The procedure for manual eyebrow tattoo takes about three hours and is divided into several stages:

    • selection of the desired form;
    • color and tone approval by the customer;
    • anesthesia and time to its complete onset;
    • is microblogging itself.

    Correction of eyebrow tattoo - 4 arguments FOR

    Result after tattoo procedure

    The duration of the correction depends on the outcome of the first procedure. If everything is successful and you need to change the details, it will take up to 30 minutes. If there are a lot of errors, and there is a need to correct the color tone, time will go more.

    Important! Do not hurry with the choice of cabin. Carefully study the offer market and stop your selection for a skilled wizard. This will save you money and help maintain a good mood.

    Correcting Price It is necessary to immediately focus on pricing policies and understand how it is formed. What affects the price:

    • class hairdresser or salon, in which the procedure takes place;
    • qualification and authority of the wizard;
    • quality of equipment, pigment;
    • cost of anesthetic, consumables.

    To pass the microbanding procedure taking into account the above factors the price will vary from 40 to 100 dollars.

    Correction, provided a small intervention will cost from $ 7 to $ 15.

    Updates will work like the first tattoo procedure. Master will have to work his eyebrows completely.

    If you want to learn more about the procedure, watch the video.

    Summary: Do you need this procedure or can do without correction

    Correction of eyebrows after tattooing, the procedure is mandatory. Agree on it without hesitation and get an aesthetic pleasure from your upgraded image.