How to do a cadet school

Studying in a cadet school is not only prestigious and fashionable, hardened character, feeling of patriotism, courage and rules of conduct in society - the main criteria when deciding to give your child to a similar institution.

In our country, the choice of cadet schools, schools,

corps is quite large. In each institution, in addition to the basic general regulations, there are its features and conditions for admission. In this article, we will look at how to choose the best option from all proposed, how to apply to the cadet school, and for which requirements and documents are needed.


1. Cadet School Selection Criteria
2. Criteria for selecting candidates
3. From which age they are admitted to the Cadet School
4. Exams for entry
5. Required Documents for enrollment
6. The best cadet corps of Russia for boys
7.The best cadet corps of Russia for girls
8. Instead of the conclusion

Criteria for selecting a cadet school

Choosing to teach their children a cadet school, many parents are tormented by doubts.

Consider a complete list of criteria for choosing a cadet school:

  • Location of the cadet school. Everyone tries to choose a school closer to home, so this factor is one of the primary criteria for choosing a cadet school.
  • The child's age , entering the cadet school( the optimal age is the completion of elementary school).
  • Requirements for Applicant ( health status, level of physical and general education, etc.).
  • Terms of filing documents in educational institutions.

Criteria for selecting candidates

The first and the main criterion for deciding to go to a cadet school is a clear understanding of the future of the future and the desire of the child to study in such a place.

Additionally, when selecting candidates for admission, the child's physical condition, absence of any illnesses is assessed, the corresponds to the 1st or 2nd health group:

1 group - absence of obvious physical defects, rare colds or other illnesses, persistentneuropsychiatric development.

Group 2 - healthy children, but with the risk of chronic diseases, often sick( 3-4 times a year), deviation of the cardiovascular system, a small surplus or lack of weight.

A comprehensive medical examination reveals the health of a child by awarding a particular group to him.

If the entrant does not have privileges listed in the special register, it is necessary to have high indicators of school performance, the availability of additional achievements of the child( diplomas, certificates, awards for participation in sports or creative competitions).

How to do a cadet school

From which age are admitted to the Cadet School

. Age restrictions apply when enrolling in a cadet school. The children are not taken there, therefore, even if the child has a huge desire to be a cadet almost from the preschool age, the elementary school will have to attend a general school.

The ideal age for admission to a cadet school - 10-12 years old .If the child is already 16, it is too late to think about admission to the cadet school. The training program is designed for 3 educational courses, and a 16 year old student will not have time to pass it with peers.

Some cadet schools conduct a recruitment of children from the age of 7, where they will study school subjects together with initial military training, and after the 9th grade they will go to the cadet corps without much work.

But still the best and most common choice of parents is the sending of their children to the cadet school after the completion of the elementary classes.

How to do a cadet school

Exams for admission

Admission of children to the cadet school is conducted on a competitive basis. Not all students will be able to attend the training, therefore, good grades in the school should be obtained before entering, and prepare carefully for future examinations.

The following exams are offered for admission:

  • Oral - in the form of an interview with .By means of communication, the general knowledge of the child is assessed.
  • Russian language, mathematics - the complexity of the exam depends on the age group of the entrant.
  • Foreign Language .As a rule, English, but this exam is not required to be passed in all institutions.
  • Physical Training .Only for those who enter the cadet corps after the 9th grade. It is necessary to make a list of tests for tightening, 1 km cross, running 100 meters.

Written and oral exams are usually evaluated on a ten-point scale. For a minimum of three examinations, you must earn 20 points for passing. For those who enter the school with a musical orientation, will have to pass additional exams from solfeggio and solo work.

Necessary documents for admission to

To enroll a child in a cadet school, parents will have to collect a whole folder of documents. In different schools, this list may be somewhat different, so more precise guidance can be obtained directly from the administration, but these differences are not significant, so we decided to give an example of the list.

For admission to the cadet school, the following documents will be required:

  • Statement of parents, possibly legal guardians of the child;
  • A similar statement by the child to the director of the school;
  • A birth certificate certified by a notary public, if the future student is less than 14 years of age, copies of the main pages of the passport must be certified;
  • Autobiography, written by the child, indicating wishes and achievements of the candidate. Composed in an arbitrary form;
  • Portfolio with the added diplomas, certificates, awards, achievements in those or other contests, the description of a class teacher, teachers and coaches of additional electives with personal signature;
  • Excerpt from the school register, including data on physical training provided for in the general school regulations;
  • Recommendations and overall assessment of a school psychologist;
  • A copy of a medical record book with a history of illnesses, certified by the stamp of the clinic, as well as the physician's conclusion about the lack of restrictions for physical education;
  • Medical insurance policy - a copy;
  • Excerpt from the psychoneurological institution about the absence of psychological disorders;
  • For admission after the 9th grade, an extract from the narcological institution that the teenager is not registered;
  • A copy of the document on the presence of all preventive vaccinations certified by a polyclinic;
  • Reference from the passport table( house book), indicating all family members living under the residence permit;
  • Copies of the main pages of the passport of the parent or guardian of the child, as well as a certificate of work;
  • Four photos of candidate format 3 to 4;
  • For entrants who have privileges, relevant documents are required.

How to do a cadet school

Reception of documents in cadet facilities may vary slightly, but basically begins on April 15 and ends on June 10, .It will not be superfluous to consult further about the complete package of documents. Before the entrance exams, you must provide all the possible originals of the documents.

It should be remembered that the overall assessment and decision to enroll in a cadet school or school depends not only on successfully passed tests, but also on the competent compilation of the declared documents and positive characteristics.

For admission to the cadet school, the following categories of entrants are used for privileges:

  • child soldiers;
  • Orphaned children without adult care;
  • children of servicemen who are active or dismissed for state redundancy;
  • children of servicemen killed in the performance of official duties;
  • children of servicemen who died of a disease resulting from service;
  • children of servicemen, officers in the zone of military conflict;
  • children of the military, who have distinctions of the standard sample( Hero of the USSR, Hero of Russia, Knight of the Order of Glory);
  • high school students( have the right to choose to pass one of the three examinations.) When an exam is passed, 9-10 points from the remaining exams, the applicant is released and enrolled in a cadet school, otherwise he will have to pass and the examinations left).

For children of the privileged category will have to collect additional documents for entry, confirming their belonging to the beneficiaries. The list can be found at the admissions committee of the cadet school or on the official sites of the selected educational institutions.

The best cadet corps of Russia for boys

If you and your child are determined to join a cadet school, you need to decide with the institution itself. For residents of cities where such schools are located, the choice of institution is obvious: children go to those schools that are in their hometown.

If the child is waiting for a move, you should familiarize yourself with the list of cadet corps in advance and choose the best one. Below are some of the best cadet schools to teach boys.

St. Petersburg Kronstadt Marine Cadet Corps

The St. Petersburg Kronstadt Marine Cadet Corps is considered to be the institution with the best military training;a fairly young corps in seven years of existence was marked by a large number of victories at nationwide competitions. Released more than a thousand military experts.

For more information, see the official website of the Cadet Corps, located at http://kmkk.edumil.ru.

How to do a cadet school

Omsk Cadet Corps

Omsk Cadet Corps, for its long history of its existence( opened since 1813), boasts the best indicator of not only the number of graduates, but also the quality - 280 generals, 140 St. George's Knights, 80 Heroes of the Soviet Union.

In the Omsk Cadet Corps students are trained strictly according to the traditions of the military establishment, in addition, they study in depth natural sciences and the humanities.

The official site of the Omsk Cadet Corps is located at http: //www.omkk.ru/.Here you can find an address, contact phone numbers, enrollment conditions, accommodation of cadets and much more.

How to do a cadet school

St. Petersburg Cadet Corps of Railway Forces

A unique cadet corps of multidisciplinary education and upbringing was created in Petrodvorets. Attracts housing and living conditions( equipped with 2-3 rooms in the hostel, 5 meals a day).Students have the opportunity to choose a more appropriate direction of study - physical and mathematical, sports or social and humanitarian.

Official site: kadet-zhdv.spb.ru.

How to do a cadet school

Cossack Aksai Corps named after Efremov

Cossack Aksakaysky Corps named after Danylo Efremov was opened in 2005.Ataman Vodolatsky and Colonel Dontsov opened an institution in the Rostov region aimed at educating genuine future Cossacks, with the traditions and customs of the dawn of the Don Cossacks.

The maximum useful information for future cadets and their parents can be found on the official website of the corps http: //akkk.ucoz.ru/.

How to do a cadet school

Moscow Musical Cadet Corps

The Moscow Musical Cadet Corps is aimed at pets with good musical data. The institution has two separate buildings for girls and boys.

Buddhist students are undergoing intensive training, sporting and musical training. Despite the tight schedule( from 8 am to 7 pm), the corps is popular and in demand, a big competition for the introduction speaks of it. The set lasts from 5th to 11th grades.

Cadet School Official Site - http: //www.1770.ru/.How to do a cadet school

Crimean Cossack Cadet Corps

The Crimean Cossack Cadet Corps in the city of Simferopol was opened in 1920, but experienced a lot of difficulties, several times reformed and closed.

In 2004, after a long 60-year break, it again opened its doors. Today it is developing rapidly and has only positive feedback.

With them and many others you can get acquainted with the official website http://www.cadets.crimea.ua.

How to do a cadet school

Moscow Cossack Cadet Corps

The Moscow Cossack Cadet Corps was opened on the basis of a boarding school for orphans and children from a low-income family. One of the most innovative cadet corps in Russia, whose main goal is spiritual, patriotic and physical education in the best traditions of military training. Also, as well as the previous educational institutions, there are a lot of merits and awards.

Official site: http: //www.moskadet.ru/.

It is obvious that this is far from a complete list of cadet schools for boys, if you wish, you can choose your own institution, read the testimonials of parents and actual students and graduates and make your choice.

The best cadet corps of Russia for girls

For girls, there are also several cadet corps, where girls will receive military education and can devote their lives to a further civil service.

Moscow Boarding School of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The Moscow boarding house for students of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is the only one of its kind. Students of the corps are girls from 5 to 11 classes, mostly children of servicemen or children who have lost breadwinner in hostilities.

On the territory of the corps involved about 700 pupils. In addition to high sports performance, girls have great success in exact sciences and creative disciplines. Constant victories of corps students at all-Ukrainian Olympiads and competitions show the professional level of the institution.

The official website of the boarding house - www.pansion-mil.ru. How to do a cadet school

Krasnoyarsk Mirianin boarding school for gymnastics

Krasnoyarsk Mirian women's gymnasium-boarding school was founded in 1999 by the decision of the governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory A.V. Lebed. Now this state-owned educational institution, where about 300 cadets are brought up. Girls are trained as a general education profile, as well as on profiles with in-depth training.

Official site: http: //www.kmariinka.ru/.How to do a cadet school

Instead of the conclusion of the

Life in the cadet corps is a great opportunity to bring the child the best quality. Graduates of the institution know not from the rumors that such a feeling of friendship, respect for the elders, courage and true love for the Motherland. A comprehensive knowledge, spiritual and physical achievements will help to achieve great success on the vital path.