Potato on indoor plants: struggle and prevention

Potato on indoor plants can bring a lot of trouble. Sometimes getting rid of it can be very difficult. How to save domestic flowers and get rid of this pest? Information about this will be provided in our article.


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  • look like? 2 Where does the
  • aphid take? 3
  • prophylactic measures 4
  • 5 ways to fight

As the aphid

looks Like the aphid belongs to the group of smooth-hole insect pests. There are many kinds of aphids, so it can be very difficult to sort them out. The look depends on the appearance. There are other factors that equally affect the development of aphids. This is the rate of reproduction, the type of plants in which it lives, variability depending on the season. All house and house plants can be affected by this pest. Potato on indoor plants: struggle and prevention

Large aphid settlements can be located on the roots and leaves of plants. Attack of the aphids can also be flowers. The fertility of the aphid is very high, and it multiplies at a rate of 25 larvae per day. The pest lives a sedentary life, spends most of his life on the lower flowers of plants and the side of the leaves, completely covering the shoots. When treating the family of blueberries, aphids pierce the proboscis cells of the leaves and the epidermis, sucking the young juice.

It is important to know that damaged houseplants, after infecting white aphids, look roughened and deformed, dry and do not dissolve. If the pest feed is very intense, excess juice accumulates on plants in the form of syrup. As a result, a flower can become ill with another disease - on the remnants of syrup divorced black-green fungi, which slow down photosynthesis and do not allow to develop. Together with them, the appearance of a home plant is spoiled. Potato on indoor plants: struggle and prevention

Where does the

  • aphid take? Apples in the flowers can appear even before you have planted it. When buying, check all flowers for its availability.
  • If you often bring your flowers to air on the street - be vigilant.
  • The first two paragraphs indicate that the pest has fallen on your flowers due to your negligence. But this is not the only way to come home one day, and will be surprised by the appearance of previously beautiful indoor plants.

    Most infections occur on the initiative of female aphids. She gets into the house through the window or balcony door, and begins to actively put off the larvae. One female can produce from 140 to 170 larvae. Small pests can be harmless to everyone without exception. The only tree that an apple does not like is a palm tree.

    Preventive Measures

    Potato on indoor plants: struggle and prevention Preventive measures are needed to keep your home plants healthy. Constantly check the appearance of aphids on indoor plants necessarily from the beginning of spring and before the fall. If ants appeared near your home flowers - you should show attention. After all, ants fight with white aphids, it attracts them stands out with sweet mass, syrup. To protect against insects, cut leafy leaves, ventilate the room, warm the place of the plant. In the cold, it's difficult to develop any tree, moreover, to fight insects. Potato on indoor plants: struggle and prevention

    At careful care, the appearance of females immediately noticeable. If she only appeared and did not have time to make offspring, to fight it is very simple - the pest should simply crush. If one or more buds are covered with eggs or small insects, such buds can also be removed. If the other indoor plant is clean, you have protected the plant from insects, and then you should control their appearance in the future.

    Apples on flower flowers spread very quickly. Therefore, it is important to frequently carry out a detailed survey of planting plants.

    Only the purchased green plants are exposed to the highest risk, since they are brought from the street to the room, they can attract both colonies of ants and females of pests. Even a single pest, if not taken, is able to infect all indoor plants, so actions should be urgent.

    Ways to Fight

    Prophylaxis by home-made infusions: prevention can begin even at a more dangerous stage. If you have not noticed the appearance of the female, and the whole flower is covered with clusters of these small sosons, measures for their removal should be more resolute. For people who, to my mind, are simple and accessible methods of expelling a colony, you can try to fight the aphids on indoor plants folk way.

  • The easiest way to fight insects with other plants. To do this, you need to put a pot of peanut butter near the plant. The aphid will disappear in a few days. Potato on indoor plants: struggle and prevention
  • Another drive out of a pest can help 50 gr.mahogany or tobacco. A broth brews, one liter of water at 50 grams of tobacco, and it is given time to insist. Having passed the tincture, it is sprayed with an infected plant.
  • The third method, effective in severe infestation of aphids, also belongs to simple and home. Fill a stronger tincture, consisting of garlic, onion husks, tomato leaves, and such a decoction sprayed plant once a week. The procedure should be performed for three consecutive weeks.
  • The last thing you can do to protect your flowers from pests is a soap. If you wash everything completely, then at one time you can get rid of half the insects of aphids on indoor plants.
  • There are other ways to deal with the aphid. All of them work without fail, you can guess this, understanding what is going on. Let's consider two methods that are in no way inferior to classical home decoilers, but differ from the usual spray rinse.

    • Biological method

    Provides an invitation to your living creature in your home garden. It can be both insects and birds. Among the small beetles and insects feeding on aphids, it is necessary to name the sun, zlatoglazki and even some species of oats. Potato on indoor plants: struggle and prevention A natural way to call in your garden individuals who are struggling with aphids - to plant it attract the attention of the necessary creatures with flowers.

    • Chemical method

    In simplicity and essence of application, it differs little from spray by brooms. The difference in the composition of the cleanser - soft natural insecticides, pesticides do not cause serious damage to the environment. But soft influence is not the last role, and it is necessary to use such means more often. Means are divided into categories, depending on the composition: on pyrethrins, on vegetable oils and on the basis of fatty acids.

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