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Best beet table varieties for your household.

The best beet varieties for your table and plot.

I do not think it is necessary to explain that beet varieties are divided into early, mid-late and late, as in all vegetables. Early varieties are not particularly popular. Although matured they are small, from 50 to 80 days, the taste qualities of these varieties can not boast, and the

for long-term storage are unsuitable. And yet, the best varieties of beet dining for each gardener, consider the most common of them.

The best beet table varieties for your city.

Egyptian Flat - one of the most popular early varieties. It has flat roots of dark red color. Priced for high sugar content. The term of maturation is up to 95 days. Can be used for salads, first courses and side dishes. It is not kept well.

Detroit - has round brilliant, even roots of dark red color. The variety is good. Good for cooking, and for marinating. From the early varieties it is easy to use.

Bordeaux 237 - a favorite among many gardeners of the middle aged variety for juicy red flesh. Excellent taste and good yield. Bars of this beet are especially delicious. Suitable for storage for the winter, when stored does not lose its taste.

Bona is another middle-aged variety with a delicate, juicy taste. It is often grown for sale due to the high yield and the appearance of the root crops. From Bonya comes delicious salads, borscht, vinaigrettes. A good variety for long-term storage.

Mulatta - a medium grade ergot of red color with light rings. Good taste, although borsch is not as rich in color as in Bordeaux. The variety is high-yielding and very well preserved.

Unmatched - Medium-grade, which is great for fresh consumption. Root red, juicy, taste without bitterness and astringency, like in Bordeaux. It is also perfectly preserved and yields high yields.

Cylinder is a late-generation variety from Holland. It can be recognized for elongated roots of cylindrical shape. The flesh is dark red, good taste. Great smoothness. The roots of this variety grow not upward, but above the ground, which greatly facilitates harvesting.

How to grow your beet seeds.

Beetroot, as we know a two-year plant. That is, in the first year it forms a rootstock, and the second plant begins to blossom and gives seeds. Therefore, it is easier to grow your beet seeds. Of the sort you like( not a hybrid!) Choose the largest and most healthy root crop, cut the leaves, trying not to damage the skin. Drop it in the cellar with the rest of the beet, only keep it down by sand, sanded it down.

In the spring you will see small green buds on your saddle. When it's time to sow sugar beet, it is possible to dig a well, sized under the root, on the same bed, plant it and moisten the soil.

Take care of planted beets in the same way as the rest. In the middle of summer there will be arrows and flowers on it. It is important not to miss the maturation of the seeds. They maturity depending on the variety, it is best to start collecting them when the first ones begin to fall off. And next year you will have your landing material.