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Heartburn: causes and consequences, treatment by folk remedies

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Heartburn, the causes and consequences of which are familiar to many, is characterized by a sense of burning in the field of the esophagus and in the throat. For some people, this is a temporary phenomenon, while others suffer from such an attack all the time. Neither in any other case can not leave the appearance of heartburn without attention. It is necessary to understand what caused its causes and to take urgent measures. After all, such feelings can signal serious violations of the gastrointestinal tract.

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symptom appearance Most often, unpleasant sensations may appear after eating. Their appearance can be a consequence of the use of fatty and spicy foods. Less burning in the esophagus can provoke serious physical activity.

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Heartburn: causes and consequences, treatment by folk remedies

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burning in the throat As a result of the frequency of attacks and their severity, 3 degrees of heartburn are distinguished: moderate, moderate and severe. A moderate degree of malaise is manifested by attacks no more than once every 30 days. With an average degree of seizure occur 1-2 times a week. In severe forms of heartburn, they make themselves felt every day, causing discomfort in the usual way of life.

The burning sensation in the esophagus most often indicates the presence of various pathologies in the body. These include stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer, gastritis, cholecystitis, diaphragmatic hernia, inflammation of the duodenum or gall bladder, intolerance of some products, oncology of the internal organs. In patients suffering from these diseases, heartburn is accompanied by pain in the stomach. Pathology can develop as a result of surgical intervention aimed at removing part of the stomach or duodenum, gall bladder.

It is quite common that heartburn is accompanied by pregnancy. During this period, the body of a woman is undergoing a serious reorganization. The hormonal background changes, the uterus is enlarged, internal organs are displaced, which leads to increased pressure in the peritoneum. An unpleasant burning sensation can also cause toxicosis.

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2 Etiology of Nausea


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There are various causes for heartburn. One of the most common is acidity.

However, in patients with increased sensitivity of the mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus, burning may occur even in the background of low acidity.

Major satellites of heartburn - pathology of the gastrointestinal tract. In some cases, it can cause neuropsychiatric disorders: neurosis, stress, constant anxiety and fear.

Not only provoke but also increase the appearance of bad symptoms bad habits and inappropriate nutrition: the use of fried and greasy food, fresh baking, citrus, various saltines, spicy seasonings, a large amount of strong coffee and tea, and sweet fizzy drinks. All these products have an irritating effect on the mucous membrane of the stomach, which leads to an increase in the amount of produced acid.

Some types of semi-finished products may also accompany the appearance of an unpleasant symptom. As a result of special industrial processing, these products acquire certain properties. Getting into the stomach, they can cause a feeling of gravity and discomfort, which is accompanied by the appearance of heartburn and burping.

Heartburn: causes and consequences, treatment by folk remedies

The same effect has a constant overeating, especially at night. Specialists recommend to refrain from resting in a position lying immediately after a meal, so that there was no unpleasant sensation in the stomach area. In addition, the use of a large amount of food leads to stretching the stomach and, consequently, to excess weight and increased pressure on the internal organs.

Increased intraabdominal pressure may be caused not only by excessive kilograms. Strong loading of the organs of the digestive tract experiencing as a result of physical exercises, lifting heavy things, wearing tight corsets and belts. All these factors can also cause heartburn.

People who are accustomed to taking food at one and the same time often complain about heartburn, and then for some reason they betray their habits. The reason is that the stomach of such people is accustomed to producing May juice at a certain time. And if there is no food in the stomach, it causes some discomfort, the symptom of which is heartburn. The same pattern is observed in cases where food enters the stomach in an unusual time and the person is not ready to receive it.

Burning sensation may lead to excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking. The same effect is provided by some medications. They provoke active development of acid in the stomach and its thrown into the esophagus.

Heartburn: causes and consequences, treatment by folk remedies

Most causes cause short-term, fast-burning burns. And the constant occurrence of such symptoms after each meal or due to other reasons - a serious reason to seek consultation with a gastroenterologist. Self-medication is unacceptable. This can lead to irreversible consequences.

3 What is it threatening?


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Burning sensation occurs due to gastric juice on the mucous membrane of the esophagus. With a normally functioning digestive system, this does not happen. On the way to the contents of the stomach is a sphincter, which acts as a partition between the esophagus and the stomach. In the case of violations in the work of this partition, as well as in the motility of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, the contents of the stomach is thrown into the esophagus, burning and irritating the mucous membrane. This condition leads to dehydration, poor appetite, overall weight loss.

Heartburn: causes and consequences, treatment by folk remedies

Permanent presence of acid causes the development of inflammatory processes, the result of which - the appearance of ulcers and erosions on the walls of the esophagus. If you do not start treatment, there may be severe bleeding. In particularly difficult cases, everything can end in the rupture of the esophagus walls. And this poses a serious threat not only to health, but also to the life of the patient.

Over time, ulcers were scarred. Some parts of the esophagus are charged, which leads to its narrowing. The patient is constantly disturbed by the feeling of a tangle in the throat, difficulty in swallowing food. Prolonged exposure to the acid leads to spontaneous esophageal contractions, accompanied by severe pain. The appearance of such symptoms is a serious reason to think about surgical intervention. Timely treatment can provoke development of cancer.

A constant burning sensation leads to the fact that a person stops feeding normally. It serves as a reason for weight loss, worse teeth begin to appear, a bad breath appears.

In addition, persistent heartburn can provoke the development of colds. There are cases where burning sensation is accompanied by severe coughing. In this situation, there is a high probability of getting acid in the bronchi and lungs, and then the development of pneumonia and even bronchial asthma is possible. In some cases, damage to vocal cords is observed.

Since burning sensations are a consequence of the disease, then it is possible to get rid of them only by treating the disease that provoked their occurrence. You need to consult a specialist, go through the examination and start treatment. To alleviate the patient's condition and neutralize the acid, irritate the mucous membrane of the esophagus, use special medications and folk remedies.